Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rugs......handmade unbelievable!!

As winters are here and I am looking for everything that keep my family warm and keep them away from cold. So I just wanted to spread lot of rugs here n there in my home my kiddie doesn't like wearing socks or slippers. Thus I just googled and came across a very nice site where I found handmade rugs and couldn't resist to share all these with my blog readers. Here are some nice rugs. Below is crochet rug.

Image Source:

This one looks like real grass and is made up of three almost similar color of yarn.

Image Source:

This rock pool candy rug is just awesome.

Image Source:

Now this one is again of crochet and kids will going to love it.
Image Source:

Nice purple crochet rug for bedroom.

Image Source:
And now this is juat an eye candy its not handmade but can be a gr8 inspiration.

 Image Source : Click here

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hanging Magic!!

Today I m gonna show u sumthing I'm crazy can be hanged in kitchen, dining, living or even in bedroom, just hang them n see the magic. Yesssss I'm talking about hanging lamps or pendant lamps.
Just choose right one for right place and this will add splash of light and create an exquisite ambience.
Image Source: Click here

Image Source: Click here

Image Source: Click here

Image Source: Click here

Image Source: Click here
Now here is the pic of pendant light that I've chosen for my dining looks simple and stylish.

Image Source: Hotel Taj Mahal
Pendant lights are in and go well with any kind of furniture, any kind of decor. Try hanging some around ur home and smug on what u've done  ;-)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Kantha is extremly simple yet beautiful style of embroidery. Stitch is simple running stitch that gives very beautiful. This is very popular in West Bengal & Bangladesh. Embroidery vastly used in quilt and sarees but could be made into different objects like bags, cuhions, curtains, toilet accessories holder. Kantha means rags. Precious silks and expensive clothes on becoming old were piled into layers and stitched together.
As I said style is simple running stitch but can be differentiated into aligned and non-aligned kantha.
Below I've given simple illustration of 2 types of kantha and some kantha patterns.

Kantha can transform a simple and plain thing to stylish and beautiful one. Below is the before n after effect of cushion and curtain (funny though...I just tried my hand on photo editting s/w) its just an illustration but by little creativity n good imagination u can do wonder.
Look at this beautiful kantha shawl.

Image source: click here
Even I also made sarees and Salwar kameez using kantha. Kantha work is also used to depict the life story of an artist.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Waiting for right time...

Lot of things to, craft & decor ideas are what I think day in and day out. Just waiting for right time when all my craft material will be with I'm staying in Pune and all my things lying back in Delhi, where I spent 3 yrs.
Once I get all that I need to start my passion then I'll keep posting interesting things one by one.
Waiting desperately for my colors, brushes, hardboards, clays, glue and lot of things.
As of now enjoy some Diwali clicks..............

My Diwali decor @ home

Rangoli I made during festive season

Wish u all a very happy Diwali!!

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