Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Found Love: Paper Lamps

Floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps, sconces....paper lamp comes in vast variety n gives u opportunity to b more creative with one existing  old paper lamp....confused ....n thinking how???
Be lil creative...u can paint it, can draw something over or do some crafts work over it..Have a look.....

Image Source: Click here

Image Source: Click here
Above one is the creation of very talented lady here u can find her DIY project.
Now the below one is combo.....get light as well as some green thing in ur room...its just different.

Image Source: Click here

Or just use floor lamps n pendant lamps both at one place....believe me it looks so elegant

Image Source: Click here

Hope u've got some idea to transform that boring white paper lamp into eye popping thing :-)
Do visit this space frequently as I'll come up with something very interesting.
Till then take care.


  1. Hi Disha, thanks for your lovely (and very thoughtful!) comment on my blog. You have such a lovely space here--I'm a big fan of paper lanterns too!

  2. Thanks a lot Gagan for visiting my space and leaving some encouraging words.


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