Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vastu Gyan: Introduction

Vastu Gyan (Knowledge Of Vastu) is a new series that I am adding to my blog for all my blog readers out there. This series is my endeavour to make Vastu bit simpler than what its in present days. Many fake experts and those having half cooked knowledge have made it a business to dupe the gullible masses. Deep study of the teachings of Vastu Shastra has therefore become very important and relevant today. Besides design & decor knowledge of Vastu is also very important to transform our home into a peaceful place.

Our life is sensitive to not only the ambience around but also the structure and design of residence we live in.The science that deals with the knowledge of architecture, interior and exterior design of residence is known as Vastu Shastra. There is no point if someone believes in this ancient science or not, there are lot of examples are present around us, many of the ancient temples, monuments built according to vastu shastra are still existing and standing tall against all odds.
According to 'Vrahad Vastumala' - a scripture of Vastu Shastra says-
" House(Home) is that which offers the worldly joys of having a family, keeping pets, cattle, etc; which protects from cold, heat, storms and other external hazards and which facilitates the proper performance of dharma (righteous duties), artha (attainment of wealth/material power and progress) and kama (fulfillment of desires).

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