Saturday, May 28, 2011

Unconditional Love

I have been waiting for this mother-baby framed sketch for a long time now. I have mentioned it in my earlier post here. Now this framed beauty is ready to take place in my baby's room.

Mother Baby Sketch
Unconditional Love
Though it's not a perfect picture but what I love about it is that one can see calm and feel of being secure in mother's arm on baby's face. Mother looks so satisfied and filled with love while holding her baby. Have a closer look.......

Happy & content mother

Mother Baby Sketch
Reposed & calm baby
This portrait I made during my teenage & little did I know at that time that it will be a part of the decor in my baby's room. I swell with pride whenever I see this picture.

Mother Baby Sketch

This Picture has enhanced the beauty of my baby's room and affection between both of us is roaring high by the day. Being a mother is sheer bliss and I am enjoying every part of it.

Mother Baby Sketch

Happy weekend to all lovely blog readers.

Note: All images are mine please do not copy without my permission.
P.S: Please forgive me for my photography skills. I am not a good photographer just trying my hands at it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tale of real beauty...eternal beauty

Ever since I read about the 'yahoo real beauty' contest  I have been musing on what does real beauty mean to me and wondering why didn't I think over it before. Suddenly my mind started flooding with thoughts of 'what does real beauty mean to me' and here I am pouring few of them drop by drop.

                                                            Real beauty is eternal.
For me real beauty is present in nature everywhere. When I open my eyes in the morning & step out of my bedroom pleasant & fresh breeze embraces not only my body but also my soul, chirping of birds around is music to my ears, warmth of emerging sun makes me feel like I am lying on my mother's lap, fragrance of flowers, rustle of leaves, play of colours uplift my spirit. Everything present in nature looks just beautiful.

Image Source: Click Here
For me real beauty is present in every human being man or woman, boy or girl, kid or elder though its not rrecognizablein disguise. Real beauty is a reflection of soul, a glow that comes from within that comes from kindness, gentleness, Love, sacrifice, serving others, good deeds and virtue. Its not physical appearance that makes us beautiful. All that glitters is not always gold. Fair complexion, sharp long nose, big sparkling eyes, fuller pouted lips, bow like eyebrows, silky shiny hair, tall & slim .....that's definitely not a definition of real beauty.
It is said that "Tailor makes you look gentleman and beautician makes you look beautiful but truth is that character makes you look real beautiful".

There are lots of people who served entire humanity and tried to make Earth a better place to live. Those people in my outlook are blessed with real beauty...eternal beauty. Few of them are:-

Mother Teresa
 Image Source: Click here

Mahatma Gandhi
Image Source: Click here

Anna Hazare
Image Source: Click here
Baba Ramdev
Image Source: Unknown

Last but not the least for me real beauty is simulacrum of God. One who imbibes the virtue of God is blessed with real beauty.
Image Source: Click here
This is my outlook toward real beauty.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend Lovely Weekend

Happy weekend folks and here are some more sketches to show all of u. Hope u all will going to love it.
My dear Ganesha....always in my mind, heart & soul. Looking leaner here but forgive me please b'coz I made it when I was beginner.

Image Source: By me

This Lady looked so beautiful that I couldn't resist to make a copy of it from a sketchbook.

Image Source: By me
This is inspired by Aishwarya Rai's get up in 'Nimbuda' song and a mix of my imaginations.

Image Source: By me
This came out as a result of my attraction towards 60's bollywood beauties. I love the innocence on the face of this portrait.

Image Source: By me
Wishing all of u a very happy weekend.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Artwork

Today I stumbled across these sketches that I drew during my college days. They are 10 years old now. Some are my imaginations and some inspirations. The below one is one of my favorite. This is an inspiration from an old newspaper. 

Image : By me

This Krishna sketch is completely my imagination and I love this too. Though it has some dirty spots on it now, soon I'll do something of it.

Image: By me
I love portraits so I created this one of famous writer....any guess. 
Image: By me
I have special space in my heart for Ganesha. I saw a very beautiful sculpture of Ganesha and instantly fell in love with that I created this one.
Image: By me
One of my favorite "Mother-baby" sketch I've given for framing so not able to post it right now but whenever I get it back I'll sure upload.

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