Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When Creative Juices Flow

Something comes out very interesting and amazing whenever creative juices flow in our lives. This happens in everybody's life at least once but for we creative peoples it happens every now and then. So in case of mine. I have to admit that I am obsessed with DIY projects and specially using aluminium foil. I have made lot  and lot of things using waste aluminium foil.

Today I'm sharing my latest DIY. In this project I used an earthen pot, most popularly known as Kulhar which is used as a cup for serving tea on railway station in North India and Maharashtra.
I covered this pot completely with left aluminium foil. Then made some designs by rolling foil and glued them on pot. This is how it looks

And now its adorning one of the corner in my living room.

This looks perfect with Krishna Radha statue.

Earthen pot + Aluminium foil = A beautiful art piece

One more DIY(aluminium foil) I have to show you so please wait and do frequently visit this space.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wall Decor

Hello! dear readers. Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend at its fullest and mine was a very creative one. My hubby and I created a gallery wall  in our living was fun drilling the wall and then hanging our memories in the form of lovely pictures. Then in the evening, we just sat on the couch, sipped a cup of ginger tea, kept looking and admiring the pictures that brought back so many memories.

Our living room has got a new look now. It looks so lively with all those pictures. I really loved the idea of putting up our family photographs, looking at those pictures brings a smile on our faces and relieves all the stress.

Here are before and after pictures.

Dull space

Now looks lively and cheerful

one more view
I am quite happy with it. As we bought this apartment 3 months back so it's like a big blank canvas that I have to fill with my imaginations and colours. Lot more to come this space frequently and leave me some encouraging and inspiring words.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Floor Lamps

While searching for lighting ideas for my living room I came across these very beautiful floor lamps.
Here is glimpse of few of them.

Image source: Click here

Look at this below antique one isn't it beautiful

Image Source: Click here

This wooden lamp has rustic look and definitely goes well with solid wood furniture

Image Source: Click here

Metal lamps add difference to decor in a dramatic manner

Image Source: Click here
 Now some contemporary and stylish floor/desk lamps

Image Source: Click here

Image Source: Click here

Image Sorce: Click here
This ibolili tiki-inspired lamps topped the list and look wonderful in garden. Lovely lamps have left me all confused let me find out which will go well with my decor till then............

Enjoy weekend friends and stay creative.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Proof Decor

This weekend I'm having guests over and I wanted to display few things from my collection but my baby didn't allow me to do so. My decor remains only for few mins and after that I find things lying here and there. All my centerpieces and knick knacks are still packed and lying in a cartoon :-( . I'm dying to see them and to take them out of that box.
But me being me I can't see my home in such a dull mood I decided to go baby proof decor :-))
Have a look......

Center table without any centerpiece or vase :-(
How empty my center table is get a better overall look I kept a picture, a fish clock and  vase made out of ordinary glass bottle (filled blue color in it) with gerbera in it on side table. This is how its looking...and I'm bit satisfied.

Kept in corner so that lil' one can't reach there

My decor is always incomplete without Ganesha so here he is....

Sitting silently under the Croton
Not able to figure out where exactly he is...... have a closer look...

If you have some more nice and beautiful ideas for baby proof decor then please share with me...... all ideas are welcome.
Enjoy your weekend freinds and stay creative!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Views to die for

Today I am sharing some pictures of the views from my balcony. Its a bliss to see the weather changing its mood right from my balcony. During rains it looks so beautiful that I couldn't resist taking pictures of ever changing views, overcast of dark clouds and sun playing hide and seek.

On sunny days it looks so warm and bright that I just love to sit on terrace and sip my cup of tea while watching birds and sunset.

And in the night it looks just wonderful with all twinkling stars and moon in the sky and hundreds and thousands of light glowing on the earth.

I really love all the views I see from my balcony from dawn to dusk and even in the night.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Thanks Weekend

What a lovely weather and I am all set to go green. I have posted about growing my dream terrace garden earlier.A big big thanks to this weekend it gave me lot of time to fulfill my dreams. I wanted Gerbera, Carnation, Palm, fern, Petunia, Jasmine and lots of ornamental plants in and around my home and this is just first step I took toward growing that garden of my dreams.

Gerbera is my all time favorite plant and icing on the cake is its blooming. It comes in wide range of colours orange, peach & yellow are my pick. Have a look.......

Jasmine and night flowering jasmine (parijat/harsingar)

Croton and Aloe vera

Unfortunately I don't know the name of this plant with pink flower it looks beautiful. If anybody among my blog reader knows the name of this plant then please let me know.

As I said this is only the first step toward growing a garden and its just a series of pots that I kept on my terrace. Lot to do.... I am going to create a landscape.... everything is on my mind and slowly I am going to execute it.
Loved this weekend as I indulged myself doing what I enjoy most.
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Green green everywhere

As monsoon has arrived here in Pune, I can see lot of green everywhere. I am so in love with this lovely weather and greenery all around.

These days I google a lot about container gardening and planning to grow small but lovely terrace garden. My heart skips a beat whenever I see lot of green and lovely planters. Planters of various kind and colours add so much fun. Lot of planters and container gardening images are so beautiful that I just want to share them with all my blog readers. While searching for fancy planters and gardening I came across a master gardener Michelle Derviss's blog . She with her team creates magic in gardening world. Do check her website here.

Gardening is so much fun, you can place a series of pot

Image Source: Click here

 or you can just grow few different kind of plants in a same container

Image Source: Click here
or use completely different kind of planter like this, ceramic head pot

Image Source: Click here
or even you can use log also as a planter and believe me it looks just perfect.
Image Source: Click here

I have found lot of inspiration and can't wait till Sunday so I'm gonna start my work tomorrow itself and let me tell you friends that once I start my gardening project it will be a great fun and I am sure that I'll grow my dream garden though it will take time. Till then all ideas and inspirations are welcome to help me growing my dream terrace garden.

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