Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Proof Decor

This weekend I'm having guests over and I wanted to display few things from my collection but my baby didn't allow me to do so. My decor remains only for few mins and after that I find things lying here and there. All my centerpieces and knick knacks are still packed and lying in a cartoon :-( . I'm dying to see them and to take them out of that box.
But me being me I can't see my home in such a dull mood I decided to go baby proof decor :-))
Have a look......

Center table without any centerpiece or vase :-(
How empty my center table is get a better overall look I kept a picture, a fish clock and  vase made out of ordinary glass bottle (filled blue color in it) with gerbera in it on side table. This is how its looking...and I'm bit satisfied.

Kept in corner so that lil' one can't reach there

My decor is always incomplete without Ganesha so here he is....

Sitting silently under the Croton
Not able to figure out where exactly he is...... have a closer look...

If you have some more nice and beautiful ideas for baby proof decor then please share with me...... all ideas are welcome.
Enjoy your weekend freinds and stay creative!!!

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