Monday, June 13, 2011

Thanks Weekend

What a lovely weather and I am all set to go green. I have posted about growing my dream terrace garden earlier.A big big thanks to this weekend it gave me lot of time to fulfill my dreams. I wanted Gerbera, Carnation, Palm, fern, Petunia, Jasmine and lots of ornamental plants in and around my home and this is just first step I took toward growing that garden of my dreams.

Gerbera is my all time favorite plant and icing on the cake is its blooming. It comes in wide range of colours orange, peach & yellow are my pick. Have a look.......

Jasmine and night flowering jasmine (parijat/harsingar)

Croton and Aloe vera

Unfortunately I don't know the name of this plant with pink flower it looks beautiful. If anybody among my blog reader knows the name of this plant then please let me know.

As I said this is only the first step toward growing a garden and its just a series of pots that I kept on my terrace. Lot to do.... I am going to create a landscape.... everything is on my mind and slowly I am going to execute it.
Loved this weekend as I indulged myself doing what I enjoy most.
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  1. Beautiful post! Loved those greens and flowers! Nice blog:)

  2. Good start Disha, look forward to see the progress of your garden!!

  3. @Neha, Sanghmitra, Anu: Thanks a lot
    @Ambika: Thank u very much Ambika will keep u updating about my garden's progress....btw I liked ur blog very much and enjoying ur posts as well.

  4. Oh lovely!! thats a huge garden.. Good luck!! I'd love to see the progress of all your work.. and how beautiful it will look all done up.. wow!!

    The flowers & plants are gorgeous.. a nice way to start your end..

    Thank u for linking in to the weekend wrap up... Brings a huge smile to my face.. :-)

  5. Oh Patricia, I feel honoured when a bunch of talented ppl drop by and leave such wonderful comments. You all talented fellow bloggers are my source of inspiration.
    Thank u all for ur encouraging words.

  6. wow.. your weekend was a lovely one. I always love gardening. those plants, flowers looks awesome. good going..

  7. good start disha...loved those lovely flowers...plant some spinach varieties too...i do have many without pesticides healthy too

  8. Nisha I'll definately going to plant spinach and other veggies too as I am planning to grow one kitchen garden also. Thanks dear for suggestion.

  9. Lovely !I love greens .looking forward to them all blooming gloriously :)


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