Thursday, June 16, 2011

Views to die for

Today I am sharing some pictures of the views from my balcony. Its a bliss to see the weather changing its mood right from my balcony. During rains it looks so beautiful that I couldn't resist taking pictures of ever changing views, overcast of dark clouds and sun playing hide and seek.

On sunny days it looks so warm and bright that I just love to sit on terrace and sip my cup of tea while watching birds and sunset.

And in the night it looks just wonderful with all twinkling stars and moon in the sky and hundreds and thousands of light glowing on the earth.

I really love all the views I see from my balcony from dawn to dusk and even in the night.


  1. oh lovely!! the view is gorgeous!! Where are you based?

  2. @Emreen: Thanks Emreen!!
    @Patricia: Thanks Patricia I'm staying in Pune. Pune is known for its pleasent weather.


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