Saturday, July 23, 2011

Light Up Your Space With Candles

Candles add warmth to your space and enhance the beauty of room and to hold these lovely candles we use candle holders. That comes in myriad variety in terms of material, design, shape, size & color.
Wrought iron candle holders are my pick for today. These holders look elegant and add charm to your decor. They catch instant attention. Their intricate designs give a sophisticated look to each and every room where they are used. So why to use ordinary things .....choose something special, something different.
You can use wrought iron sconces outdoors as well as indoors they look wonderful.

Image Source: Click Here

Put them on your table and your table will look chic then.

Image Source: Click here

If you already have some decent and simple ones then use your creativity and hang colourful beads and crystal on them and I'm sure your efforts will be appreciated by everyone who will get to see it.

Image Source: Click here

Image Source: Click here
Believe me friends little transformations of existing things using your creativity can bring about a touch of class to your decor.
So keep transforming and stay creative............Wishing all of you happy weekend!!!!


  1. first one, I have seen in stores here...was thinking of buying it...may be I should..hmm

  2. disha awesome the rose candle...more than candles i enjoyed ur writeup which is quite interesting...

  3. an AWARD for you Disha...
    visit my blog for details...

  4. Very pretty!! I like the first one!!


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