Friday, September 16, 2011

Peacock on a pot

As I promised in a last post so here I am with an inspiration for u all lovely friends to transform those boring and dull pots into chic and beautiful planters. Sharing pics of few pots that I have done last week.

For second pot I chose to draw a in progress.....

And here is the final product......

Image is not doing justice as this pot is looking more b'ful than this pic. Now my heart is dancing like a peacock in rains :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rain, Sunshine & Blooming Beauties

Please friends forgive me for not talking about design, decor and related inspirations. Actually I'm lost in beauty of nature. My heart leaps with joy whenever I see how nature changes its mood in a jiffy.
Sometimes only dark overcast of clouds and sometimes it mixes with sunshine.

 And thats not enough, what makes me more happy is view of my garden..........blooms and plants sunkissed and completely drenched in rain...what a lovely combination.

Sunshine & Rain .............

I really feel blessed. Here I am making a promise that next post will be an inspiratinal one. So freinds do visit this space.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Breathtaking Views From My Balcony

I am back after a few months' hibernation. 
Here is the reason why I was away from my dearest blog. I was enjoying the weather and was lost in these breath-taking views that I get to see from my lovely balcony.

Indian Rains

Indian Rains

Indian Rains

Rains In India

Everyday a new, refreshing, enchanting & cherishing view. This lovely weather has given me the opportunity to click a lot of wonderful pictures of mother nature and I am enjoying every bit of it. Besides this, I was busy doing some DIY projects that I'll be going to show you soon. Do visit this place frequently for some lovely inspirations :-)

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