Saturday, October 8, 2011

Festive Blitz

Festive season brings lots of energy and enthusiasm. I become bundle of energy during this part of year. I love to do all those things what my mother used to do & I have seen as a kid. I just want to imbibe all these things into my kid. Well thats an another is what I did during this festive season. Three things that I consider as the most important for festive decor are ........
1 Some bling
2 Some green &
3 Some colors
I added lot of bling to my decor for Navratri.

Can you spot lovely reflection of fairy lights :-))

Mesmerising view in the night.

I added green too........
Pots are result of my imaginations & creativity.

And I added colors too.....

At the entrance.....

Wishing very Happy and prosperous festive season to all my lovely friends out there!!

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  1. Oh ! i love the way the fairy lights look at night , the rangoli and the entrance...Thanks a lot for linking in to the blog party ;-) ;-) ... Hope to see you coming in with more and more entries and make the party even more fun ... !!

    Enjoy the weekend !

  2. Hi Disha how have you been?:)wishing you all the happiness on this festive your puja mandir.I have a kind of similar one.

  3. Disha.. this is very very pretty.. Hope you are having an amazing festive season!!

  4. Thanks Emreen!! Sure I'll come up with more n more entries. This party is such a fun.

  5. @Nayana: Thank u very much Nayana waiting for ur entry on festive decor :-))

  6. @Sarmistha: I'm fine dear and wishing u the same. Thanks for lovely words...want to see yours pooja mandir too.

  7. @Patricia: Its very motivating to get appreciated from the talented ppl like u. Thanks....Yes I'm enjoying this festive season a lot.

  8. Very nice Disha..your light looks very beautiful, I do not have fairy lights and I want one this festive season:)

  9. Very nice decoration dear. I like the way you painted the pot.
    The cute little rangoli.
    so nice.


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