Monday, December 31, 2012

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100th Post & A Very Happy New Year

Wishing all wonderful people who liked and admired my blog 
                                         A Very Happy New Year

Friends I have made a new header for my blog please let me know how do you find it. And............
It's my 100th post on blog and time to check out some flashbacks from year 2012: 
* Most Popular post: New Found Love:Canopy Bed
* Post that I heart: Unconditional Love
* Most loved DIY: Wall Makeover
* Most read Indian Art: Kalamkari
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I have a News for all of you that I am starting new series on my blog called 'Inspiring Eminent Bloggers' from first week of January 2013 so please stay tuned.

May this year bring you whatever you dreamed of!!!
Keep pouring your love! Thanks. 


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ring In The New Year

I am all set to enjoy New Year eve with my family at home sweet home.
How you have planned to ring in the New Year. Are you ready with your New Year Resolution list. If still not then here are some wonderful ideas on how to set goals and how to make New Year's resolutions stick:

1. Begin it with hope and enthusiasm.
2. Set realistic goals and believe that you can do it.
3. Begin with the end in mind.
4. Plane well, then practice slowly and become pro.
5. Talk about your goals with friends & family and ask for support.

Now if you already have decided to stick to your resolutions, its time to make a list of New Year Resolutions. Here are some ideas:

1. Get organized.
2. Get some exercise and try to stay fit.
3. Quit smoking/drinking.
4. Spend more quality time with family.
5. Learn something new you never learnt as a child.
6. Sort out financial worry, get out of debt.
7. Mend broken relationships
8. Choose good food, be vegan.
9. Take a trip where you have never been before.
10. Meditate everyday for 15 mins.
11. Overcome your fears.
12. Volunteer for an NGO.
13.  Do something nice for others everyday, help others.
14. Do something for your country, fight against corruption.
15. Last but the most important 'RESPECT WOMEN'.

With hope in my heart that someday we all people around the world will make our countries a safe and better place to live.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sharing Spreads Love & Happiness

Heard and believed that 'sharing' spreads love & happiness. So sharing today a very well written, lovely post. As I read the post and saw beautiful painting made by Ritu Dua who blogs @ Beneath My Heart Art I wanted to share it with all my lovely blog readers.

Please go through the post : 'When God Created Mothers' and let Ritu know your views through comments and show some love by following her blog.
Her post made me feel so nostalgic that I took out socks knitted by my Mom, wore it and yes while soaking in sun I clicked a picture just to share with you all. Mothers are great!!!

Socks Knitted By Mom For Me
I feel so proud of my Mom. She is a versatile,very talented lady and my continuous source of inspiration. 
Mother's Love is Unconditional Love.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend and stay creative friends!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Interiors: Tuscan

When you see images of these gorgeous houses you know its Tuscany, but can you tell me Why??? Leave your answer in comment box!!

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Image Source: Click Here

Image Source: Click Here

Image Source: Click Here

Image Source: Click Here

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter and Warmth Of Sunlight

Its not very chilled weather in my part of the world but there is a feel of winter all around. Warm soft sunlight streaming into the living room and making my Buddha more bright and  tranquil.
My Home

Room filled with warmth of sunlight on a chilly morning. I just love this picture wall ..brings lot of memories back.
My Home

Love the ambiance created by warm sunlight. Seems Sunlight pops in to say Good Morning!!!
My Home

All images are mine and are subject to copyright. Please do not copy without my permission..

Linking it here :                                                       
                                        Adventure Into Domesticland

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Design Decor & Disha wishes Merry Christmas to all the people around the world.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Craft Ideas & Inspirations

Christmas is just around the corner and I know everyone is looking for easy and quick Christmas crafts. So here I am sharing some very easy, beautiful and fun crafts. 


1). Want to make this cute little fairy ornament find tutorial here.
Image Source: Click Here

2). Very beautiful tear-drop ornament, for DIY go here.
Image Source: Click Here
3). Easy and lovely dry pine cone ornament.
Image Source: Click Here


1). Find tutorial for these beautiful paper bells here
Image Source: Click Here
2). Quick and fun paper cup bells.
Image Source: Click Here

1). These lanterns are super easy and fun to make go here and make one for you.
Image Source: Click Here
2). Simple and amazing wine glass lantern tutorial.
Image Source: Click Here

1). Learn to make loads of snowflakes here

2).This priced and sparkling snowflake is must have for this  Christmas.
Image Source: Click Here

3). Snowflake Ballerinas tutorial.
Image Source: Click Here

Christmas Tree: 
1). Find tutorial for this paper Christmas tree here.
Image Source: Click Here
2). This felt tree looks so beautiful and easy to make. Find tutorial here

Image Source: Click Here

3). A tree that you will definitely going to love: Acorn Christmas Tree 
Image Source: Click Here


1). Wreath made of paper rosette.
Image Source: Click Here
2). Pompom wreath tutorial
Image Source: Click Here

Hope you all will going to enjoy these Christmas crafts. Have a very happy & creative weekend.

Friday, December 7, 2012



Image Source: Click Here
Ikat is the method of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process used to pattern textiles that is almost similar as tie & dye method either on the Warp or Weft fibers. Image below is to make you understand what warp and weft fibers are.

Image Source: Click Here

Origin:  'Ikat' is an Indonesian word which means 'to bind' or 'to dye'. origin of this weaving technique is unknown. It probably developed in several different locations independently but is practiced across the globe.

Image Source: Click Here

Style: Depending on the resist dying technique on warp and weft fibers, there are mainly three types of Ikat
Warp Ikat: Ikat created by dyeing the warp are the simplest form of Ikat. First the yarn bundles are tied on warped strings of the loom. Then the bundles are covered with wax or wrapped tightly with thread or some other dye-resistant material- to prevent unwanted dye permeation. The resist dye procedure is repeated until the desired result is achieved. 
Koyalagudum, Andra Pradesh specialize in warp ikat particularly suitable for furnishing fabrics made from cotton. 

Image Source: Click Here
One can see the pattern on warp even before weaving. Refer the image below.

Image Source: Click Here

Weft Ikat: Weft ikat uses resist dyeing for the weft fiber. This type of ikat is very difficult to weave. Weft ikat are commonly employed where pattern precision is of less aesthetic concern than the overall resultant fabric. Pattern is visible only after weaving.

Image Source: Click Here
Double Ikat: Both warp and weft are tie-dyed in this kind of ikat. This form of weaving requires lots of skill for right patterns to be woven and is believed the best form of ikat. The amount of labour (A sari length takes two men seven months to complete) and skill required also make it the most expensive. Gujarat, in northern India is home of one of the most famous ikat traditions called the Patan Patola. These silk fabrics are double ikat, traditionally done with vegetable dyes, but now using chemical dyes. The complexity of having both the warp and weft resist dyed makes the actual weaving much more demanding of precision. The intersection of these threads must be precise or the design is lost. 
Process: Bindings, which resist dye penetration, are applied to the threads in the desired patterns and the threads are dyed. Great care must be taken in tying resist areas with water repellent material such as bicycle inner tubes cut into strips. Alteration of the bindings and the dyeing of more than one color produce elaborate, multicolored patterns. When all of the dyeing is finished the bindings are removed and the threads are ready to be woven into cloth. Designs generally are worked out on graph paper. Great care must be taken in putting the warp on the loom, keeping all the threads in position is necessary for the design to work. The natural movement during weaving gives ikat designs a feathered edge which characterize this technique. Some styles of ikat favor a blurred appearance.

IndiaJapan and many South-East Asian nations such as CambodiaMyanmarPhilippines and Thailand are famous for their ikat production.

Ikat fabric is timeless and is used in many forms from furnishing to clothing. I also love ikat fabric for its feathered edge designs. Do you have something in ikat at your home lets share with us here at my Facbook page. I would love to look at those eye candy.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Weekend

Leaving you all with this beautiful picture of bedroom designed by Derrell Parker and photographed by KuDa Photography.

Image Source: Click Here

Have a very happy weekend and stay creative friends!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012


Why I like shopping at Jabong

There are hundred and thousand of  merits of internet but the biggest one is online shopping. I prefer online shopping because you can easily avoid crowd while you shop and during festivals and special occasions, the crowd can really give you a bad headache, forcing you to make hurried purchases often times and you have a hard time to find parking space also.

One of my favorite online shopping destination is Jabong. Why????   Let me take you on a virtual tour of shopping online on Jabong with me. Lets start......
Following things I found the best on this portal.

1. Well Designed:
The very first thing that is striking about this site is that the entire website is well designed and you need not to struggle to search something specific. Home page has a big search button (highlighted in red) right after company's name. There is information about new arrivals and Jabong street market on top of the left panel.

2. Hassle Free:
I liked the way they have categorized all the products in three main categories....Men, Women & kids.  Under each category there are sub categories like shoes, clothing, bags and lot more. Hover your mouse on sub category and there will be a systematic list of  products like I hovered mouse on 'Home & Furniture' and  list of Furniture, Home Accessories, home Furnishing & Brands appeared. Choose your product from right here no need to open page after page. See it's hassle free.

3. Vast Collection:
After clicking on 'Wall and Table Decor' from the list under 'Home Accessories' I landed directly on the page shown below. Can you see I found 900 Items. There were so many good possible choices available that it was difficult for me to make a decision. I am sure you will be spoiled for choice. Name the brand and it is available Also one can get the latest trends from around the world without spending any extra money on airfare. 

4. Time Saving:
The best part was that I could narrow my search by clicking on the options given on left panel. Shop according to your budget click on price range given on left panel. No need to scroll down a long page of products those are not of your interest or are heavy on your pocket. 

 Simply choose your product, brand, color and price range from the left panel to narrow your search and save your valuable time. There is one more option to save your time is 'Quick View' to see the product description and its price quickly.

5. Product Display:
The next thing that amazed me on this site is the product display. As soon as I clicked 'Quick View' a pop-up window appeared with all the details about product. Everything about product was given here like brand, price, availability, size, payment options and most importantly pictures with different views and all the dimensions.

This is the another view of product with dimensions. 

6. Multiple and Secured Payment Options
Now when I was fully satisfied with the description and images of product I chose the next button I clicked was 'BUY' and they have various mode of payment.  Pay through :
Credit Card/ Debit card
Net banking and 
Most popular in India COD (Cash On Delivery) 
You need not worry about your confidential information as their payment gateway is secured by RapidSSL and Norton  powered by VeriSign.
So no worries go ahead and pay without thinking twice.

Place your order just in few clicks. Then you'll be ask to sign up for a permanent online account so that some or all of your information only needs to be entered once. Enter shipping address and then pay. That's not all you will receive some discounts or offers also while checking out. You will receive an e-mail conformation after transaction is complete. 

7. Good Delivery Services
After putting your order you will receive your order within 5 working days through reliable courier services with proper packing.
It was my wonderful experience with Jabong from start to finish.

Now my request to all the bloggers and shoppers 'Go on shop on Jabong and speak your mind'.

This post is a part of Jabong Bloggers Contest. A pioneer in online shopping in India, promises to fulfill all your style based needs through its wide range of lifestyle products for men, women & kids.

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