Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vastu Gyan: Orientation

Earlier I have done one post on Vastu that you can find here. It was an introduction to Vastu. today I am taking this Vastu series forward and this second post will throw light on 'Orientation'. 

As it is believed that Vastu Shastra is a perfect understanding of geography, direction, environment, physics, and topography and is a art of placing the correct settings in a manner that yields the maximum benefits.

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  • East (Poorva) : It should be open, being the source of male issues.
  • South-East (Agneya): Source of health, place of fire, cooking and food .
  • South (Dakshin): Source of wealth, crops and hapiness.
  • South-West (Nairutya): Source of character, behaviour, cause of longevity and death.
  • West (Paschim): Source of name, fame and prosperity.
  • North-West (Vayavy): Source of change in course of business, friendship and enmity.
  • North (Uttar) : This should not be blocked, being the source of female issues.
  • North-East (Eshanya) : Source of health, wealth, prosperity and male issues.

With a little care in the relative positioning of different rooms in a house one could expect to live a peaceful, happy and prosperous life.

Next post in this Vastu Gyan series will describe about ideal locations of different rooms in house. So do drop by and check out my next post of this series.

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