Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vastu Gyan: Entryway/Foyer or Main Door Vastu

Entryway/Foyer and main door are the first thing anybody will going to see while entering your house. The visual beauty of the main door is of supreme importance in Vastu. Decorating and painting the door with bright colors can inspire positive emotions upon entering the home. Main door in east or north-east is considered to be auspicious as it brings sunlight (Flow of energy/prana into your home. There should be no door exactly opposite the main door. There should be no obstruction in front of the main door. The shutters of the door should always open up inside of the house. Main entrance door should be the largest door of the house.

Vastu recommends clean, free of extraneous material and uncluttered entryway. Keep entrance of your house always welcoming, well maintained and decorated to welcome divine. Keeping pot of healthy plants either side of the main door is a good practice. You can keep potpourri, good pictures, fresh flowers, candles/lamps, plants and urns in your foyer to welcome your guest and to bring in lot of positiveness. 
So entrance of your house is like mouth, keep it clean, brushed and flossed in the same manner.

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  1. this is wonderful info but frankly speaking Disha..I hardly research or read in to this area...only reason is our houses are not built accordingly vastu(mostly) and if something doesn't accordingly vastu, I don't want mind to be thinking negative know how mind tricks us :) I agree about keeping the entrance clean, uncluttered to welcome divine.....


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