Friday, June 1, 2012

Budhha Painting Revealed

I wanted to make a Buddha painting since ages. Reason that kept me away from this was some laziness and of-course lack of confidence. I had a fear of it wouldn't turn out the way I had thought. Would I be able to give proper shade and brush strokes??? endless questions...........
So I decided to polish my hands before starting this buddha painting. I made few painting using different mediums, effects and styles. One you can see here and some I'll show you later. 

 I was afraid of using oil colors so I chose water colors. It took me 2 days (approx. 8-9 hrs)  to complete this painting. As you can see the head part of Buddha was the most difficult thing and it took 2 hrs to be completed. Making curls was very interesting and fun part and when I was done with this particular part it was wonderful feeling looking at it. 

Shaping, coloring and shading eyes was not that tough, though gradual change in shading from eyebrows to nose was a little tricky.

I am not completely satisfied with the upper lip part. It was almost spoilt but somehow I managed to correct it. 

Then I wanted a peaceful smile on Buddha's face and some shading on either sides of the lips worked wonder. Painting complete background with water color was not a good idea so I opted for soft pastels. Though I'm not very happy with the final look but it gave me great satisfaction that my own artwork will going to be hung in my living room........don't you feel the same after doing some DIY projects or after some before and after projects or after making some art-piece  with your own creative hands.

Wishing you very happy and creative weekend!!

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