Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Update

A garden update after a long time. It's flourishing, blooming and looks cheerful & colorful :-)

Dwarf Pink Ixora and Money Plant
I hung these l'il birds I bought from Dilli Haat few years back when I was in Delhi. 

One of the corner filled with colors and lil creatures.

One more flourishing beautiful corner during rains. 

I have rearranged all the pots and planters some times back and It looks better now.

All  my plants and colorful pots make me smile as I sip my cuppa looking at them.
Now waiting to add some more accessories in my garden that I already have in my mind.

Have a cheerful week ahead!!


  1. your garden looks really beautiful...good touch with birdies..

  2. I really like your ideas and presentation .


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