Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Diwali Craft & Home Decor Inspiration- I

Do you have those plain white tea lights and wanted to make them a bit more interesting. Here are some easy and interesting ideas to add some drama to your decor and I am sure you all will going to love it. I made these tealight candles (in the picture below) in different colors but wasn't happy with the way they turned out. So I decided to spice them up. There are few ideas I am sharing though you can go wild with your imaginations and creativity.

1. Stick designer stones around the tea light let them dry and then glitter them. This is the simplest thing to transform plain tea light candles into glamorous one and looks fabulous.

2. Make a motif or design of your choice with different colors, stick stones and then add some glitter. That's it your tea lights have turned into elegant piece of decor.

3. One more simple idea is to paint the tea light in linear gradient color and mark the color separation with glitter.

4. We all love satin ribbons don't we. Stick one lovely satin ribbon around the tea light and it's done. You can add glitter on tea light's rim to give it a festive look.

Now let's talk about how to decorate your home with tea lights:
1. To make a table centerpiece: take any tray put some pebbles with flowers or petals then put tea lights in any fashion linear, circular or random then put some pearls around each tea light. You are ready to greet your guests :)

2. For decorating walkways or entrance: Place the tea lights on entrance or on walkways put petals around each of them and then make rangoli around petals.

3. Floating tea lights: Float them in water with flower/ petals, shells, pebbles or glittered thermocol balls. You can use wine glass also to float them.

4. Make a cluster of pillar candles and tea lights put one decorative mirror behind the arrangement. This setting will double up the charm and glow of your space.

Hope you liked the inspirations and please do share your ideas and inspirations also. I would love to showcase your work here on my blog.
Stay tuned for more on Diwali crafts and home decor inspirations.

Word of caution: After lighting diyas and candles treat them with great caution don't leave them unattended, keep them out of reach of children.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Indian Art: Pattachitra (Odisha Art)

Pattachitra is an age old  traditional painting of Odisha, India. Paintings depict Hindu mythology and are inspired by Lord Jagannath. It is one of the oldest art form of Odisha. Pattachitra is a Sanskrit name, patta -cloth and chitra- painting. Thus its a painting on silk or cotton cloth filled with rich color that portrays Hindu mythology.

Image Source: Click Here
Origin: It is said that these paintings were substitute for worship on days when the temple doors were shut for the 'ritual bath' of the deity. This form of art still survives in places like Puri, Raghurajpur and Sonepur in Odisha. Artists also called 'Chitrakars' who mastered this art are Mohapatra and Maharna

Image Source: Click Here

Style: The style is mix of folk and traditional elements. Mainly depicting stories of Lord Jagannath. Paintings have very intricate designs and lines are bold and sharp. Background on which figures are painted is always filled with floral motifs. Mainly red, yellow, black & white colors are used for filling in. Borders mainly in red is an essential part of every painting. Colors used are all natural.
Image Source: Click Here
Process: Painting is done on canvas. Canvas is prepared by applying glue (dried and powdered Tamarind seeds and chalk powder) then it is dried in sun. Canvas is then rubbed with the khaddar stone to make it smooth and then rubbed with chikna stone to make it shine. Then the motif or figure is drawn on canvas directly with the brush by chitrakars who have mastered this art. Then natural colors obtained from vegetables and various stones are filled in. Brushes used are very fine and made of mouse hairs. Final coat of lacquer is applied to protect it from weather and to make it last long.

Image Source: Click Here
Hope you enjoyed reading about Pattachitra. Want to say something leave your comment, love to hear from you :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Table Vignette

Lovely Zinnias are blooming in garden. So I couldn't resist and got them indoors. These flowers are kept in re-cycled stained glass jar and given company of a beautifully carved wooden elephant from Indyakaleidoscope. The arrangement is looking so beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend ahead and stay creative friends!!!

P.S : A new series called 'Go Green' is coming soon. So stay tuned........

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