Friday, October 5, 2012

Table Vignette

Lovely Zinnias are blooming in garden. So I couldn't resist and got them indoors. These flowers are kept in re-cycled stained glass jar and given company of a beautifully carved wooden elephant from Indyakaleidoscope. The arrangement is looking so beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend ahead and stay creative friends!!!

P.S : A new series called 'Go Green' is coming soon. So stay tuned........


  1. Elephant is so elegant and a beautiful decor piece !!

  2. ur zinias are simply superb with the vase and ofcourse the cute elle...the pics are eyecandy...

  3. I love the Elephant Disha! The flowers, the vase the colors it is all so festive and pretty in color. Perfect for Diwali!


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