Friday, November 16, 2012

Festive Glow This Year

Sharing with all my wonderful blog readers and friends festive joy and happiness in and around my home this Diwali. As 67% of my audiences are from other countries I have provided links to some words to make them understand the meaning and significance of the words I used.
 Lets enter  my haven...............

Rangoli made in haste but making entrance to my home cheerful and inviting.

My l'il sister also tried her hand and I must say she'd done a good job.

Placed diya(earthen lamp) at night on rangoli.

My hubby taught me to make Mango leaves Toran (decorative door hanging) without using any needle the way people do in South India  and I love to adorn entrance with these leaves on each festival.

Festive glow inside..........

and outside..............

Some goodies for loved ones..........

Some  lovely corners........

Filled with colors and festive glow

Lit diyas up and placed them everywhere around the home.

Floating candles and petals spreading festive magic.

These earthen pots I made specially for Diwali and ambiance they created was heart warming.

Warm glow and beauty, a perfect combination to uplift festive spirit.

Marigold adding beauty to decor.........

A very Happy Diwali to all of you :)

Last but not the least, all these images are mine and are subject to copyright. Copying or reusing them without my permission is illegal.


  1. oh wow such festive photos :)!! belated diwali wishes my friend!

  2. Hello Disha,
    Hospitality and atmosphere that is what you photos tell. It is lovely to look at them!

  3. wow nice festive look. Like reading a poem.
    so nice.

  4. Your home looks amazing. I love all the colourful flowers and decorations, just beautiful:)

  5. love the lotus art on ur wall nd ahhh 4r the chocs..

  6. Hi Disha!
    Nice to be on your blog today! I am exploring your posts one by one..the fabulous festive pictures caught an extra attention.. the spirit of the festival is felt through your decorations. I loved your mango leaf thoran and the entrance to your lovely home!
    Thanks for your visit and liking my Venice painting!Truly appreciate it.

  7. Just saw this Disha and it was spellbinding. So pretty and elegant it all looked. Belated happy diwali and I hope you had a lovely time.

  8. How beautiful your house looks all decked up for Diwali.

    Dr Sonia


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