Sunday, December 22, 2013

This Holiday Season Make Your Home Guest Ready

Christmas and New Year are just round the corner. It's holiday season are you having guests over? Is your home guest ready? If your answer is 'no' then no need to worry at all. Here are some quick ideas to make your home guest ready:

As entrance is the first place that creates first impression that lasts long. So entrance to home should always be welcoming and pleasing. Clear the space and make it organized. Spruce it up by cleaning and decorating. If paint is chipping then give a fresh coat of paint, put some greenery and place a doormat to welcome guests.

Make Home Guest Ready
Image Credit
Next comes the living room where guest will spend lot of time and you will entertain them. Make sure that it is clutter free, neat and tidy. Sweep, mop and dust well in advance. Clear off unwanted things from coffee table and keep it simple, open windows and curtains to let natural light in that makes space appear fresh, airy and bright. Decorate it in interesting way that shows up your personality.

Living Room Guest Ready
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Dining area is where you will going to entertain your guests. Clear off the dining table and make enough space. Decorate it by placing some tea lights and vase filled with fresh flowers or a bowl full of fruits. Set the table for guests for lunch/dinner in advance, it looks inviting.

Dining Room Guest Ready
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Guest bedroom is the most important area in your home where guests will going to stay. Don't over decorate it. Make this room a comfy zone for your guests. Clean windows, clear cobwebs and dust bunnies. Clean the clutter from closet and under the bed. Wash curtains and linens and spray some nice scent on them. Keep extra pillow and draw sheet/blanket. Clear as much space as possible to provide guests enough space to unpack their stuff. Clearing closet will ensure that guests have enough space to hang their cloths. Replace burnt out bulbs. A lamp on night stand will be thoughtful help in case guest wake up in night. Keep some magazines or good books on night stand.

Guestroom Guest Ready
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In guest bath room clear cabinets and counters for guest to keep their toiletries. Clean mirror, basin and toilet. Clean shower, tub and faucet also. Clear your personal stuff from the cabinets. Put some extra towels and toiletries in easy reach.

These are few easy, simple but thoughtful tips that can make your guest's stay a pleasant and memorable one.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Evenings On 3D

I am enjoying my favorite time of the year....winters!!!  
Mornings are grey and foggy and evenings are gently kissed by Sun.
Nothing can beat the hot cuppa with some freshly baked cake in the winter evening :)

Calling my dear readers and fan of 3D to join me for a cup of tea.

Did you notice that Tea Cup...well it's a gift from FabFurnish and I am totally loving it. It has beautiful intricate design of elephant on both outside and inside wall.

How weather is treating you in your part of the world.  Are you enjoying winters as much as I am.
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Wish you good Luck!!
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Save Energy...Save Earth!!

Growing demand of power consumption every year in our country is the national concern and saving or conserving energy should always be in our mind. Here are some tips to save energy.

Conserve Energy
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  • Unplug electronics and chargers as these devices use power even when they are off.
  • Using CFL(Compact Fluorescent Lighting) is always a good option to save electricity as it uses only 2/3 rd of electricity than regular bulbs and tube lights.
  • Put off the fans and lights when you are not around can help cut down electricity bills to large extent.
  • Use electric and electronic items that have high efficiency rating.
  • Seal all the air leaks to stop the wastage of heated air in winters and cooled air in summers. This way you can save energy and lot on your electricity bill.
  • AC with automatic temperature cut off are best to choose. Set temperature at 24 degree C as it doesn't require more electricity and is quiet comfortable temperature. Place AC unit in shade as it consumes less energy. Don't put TV or lamps near AC thermostat as it senses heat and runs longer to cool the place.
  • Lower water heater's temperature from 130 degree F to 120 degree F to save energy to a greater extent.
  • Using solar water heater instead of electrical one is better option to save energy.
  • Washing cloths in top load washing machine with cold water is a good idea to save energy.
  • Prefer natural drying of clothes instead of using dryer. Always wash with full loads.
  • Do not iron wet cloths as it consumes more electricity. Use iron with automatic temperature cutoff.
  • In the kitchen boiling or cooking food in a pan with lid on can save lot of energy. If possible cook food in pressure cooker. Always remember to turn off the regulator of gas cylinder when not in use.
  • If flames have turned red or yellow then check for any blockage in burner, Flame should be blue.
  • Keep refrigerator few inch away from wall so that there is proper circulation of air. Always keep food covered in refrigerator as uncovered food releases moisture and in turn make compressor work harder.
  • Avoid keeping hot and warm food inside fridge rather wait for it to cool down to room temperature.
  • Install exhaust fan at higher level than ceiling fan.
  • Choose microwave oven over conventional or electric oven as it consumes only 50% of energy.
  • Turn off your computer or laptop when not in use as leaving them on stand by mode is a wastage of energy. Keeping CPU on and turning of monitor it self can save 40% energy. Set your electronic devices to sleep mode when they are not in use.

This way you can conserve lot of energy and can do your bit in progress of our country as it's growth depends on success of industries and industries need energy. So now you know how to save energy, lets start conserving energy for our nation's growth.
Make this one of your New Year Resolution!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Awesome Entryway

Sharing some useful tips today to style your entryway. 
Entrance to your home is the first place to greet and welcome your guests. Your home reflects your personality and foyer is the first place that sets the tone of the rest of your abode. As they say, the first impression lasts for long. Make an entrance to your home pleasing and inviting, that creates a lasting impression. 

  •  The first thing to start decorating any place is to make it clutter free and well arranged. Cleaned, arranged & bright place needs no extra effort to make it look welcoming. 
  • Paint wall in a foyer in some warm and bright color to make it look spacious and inviting. Keep in mind that it's color should blend well with rest of the house. You can choose wallpaper also with stripes or Damask one or any pattern that connects the decor to adjacent areas in a home.
  •  Put up artwork to add some interest to the foyer. You can group the picture frames and can show your collection of artwork here.

Foyer Picture Gallery
Image Credit

  •  If you have a small foyer then putting up a mirror on the wall is the best idea as it will make your foyer appear larger. Putting up mirrors in different shapes and sizes in a group is in vogue these days. Make a statement by  displaying them against a dark toned wall.

Foyer Mirror
Image Credit

  • Placing a console table, a bench or a chair in the foyer is always a good idea. As you can easily keep your stuff on the table and can relax on the chair for a moment after coming back home from a busy day. 
  • Display some pleasing accessories on the table  may be some souvenirs from your trips or  any of your proud possessions.

  •  Light up space with a warm glow of table lamp, hang a lamp or light scented candle for that soothing aroma.
  •  The best way to greet visitors is placing some fresh flowers or potted plants in your foyer. Place a vase filled with fresh blooms on the console. Planters flanking front door look very inviting.

Foyer Planters
Image Credit

  • Place a clean area rug or runner to draw your guests into your haven. 
  • Lastly, keep your foyer clear of unnecessary furniture and clutter. It should have the feeling of openness.
Hope after going through these tips you are inspired to transform your entryway to awesome entryway. Happy Decorating!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lets Talk About Mirror

Hola readers!! Today's post on my blog is guest post written by Sravani. More about her at the end of this post. She is sharing some wonderful tips on ..
What are the best places to place a mirror at home?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest them of all.” This mirror on the wall is not a mere object of reflection. It plays such an important role in Cinderella's life that it can be considered to be one of the main characters in the story. The same is with our homes.
This seemingly unassuming object finds a place in almost every room of our house and quietly performs a range of functions. Performing its main function of showing a person what he looks like, the mirror has an undisputed place in bathrooms, above wash basins and at dressing/make-up corners of the house. Inside the bedroom and guestrooms, mirrors should be placed so as not to invade the privacy of a person. “Vaastu Shastra suggests that the mirror should not reflect the bed. Similarly, it should not be placed in front of the study table.”
Narrow passageways or rooms will appear to be more spacious if mirrors are placed lengthwise to give an appearance of increased space.

Image Credit
Mirrors can be used intelligently to show or reflect beautiful views. A mirror may be placed opposite to a window that opens to a beautiful view. Similarly, mirrors can be used to reflect sunlight inside the house while taking care to prevent the glare. Mirrors reflecting the dining table are believed to symbolize food abundance by reflecting food on the table. Whichever room that they are placed, mirrors should not distract or disturb normal activities and privacy. E.g. Mirror reflecting the sofa set would catch the attention of the person sitting on the coach and distract him during the conversation.

Image: Mine
One of the most ingenious uses of mirrors I have seen is the one in Shiva temples. The sanctum sanctorum where the Shiva ling is placed is almost always at a lower level which has to be reached by going down a staircase. So a huge mirror is placed behind the Shivalingam in such a manner that the lingam is visible from the main podium of the temple which is at a higher level. This principal can be used to view a lower hall from an upper hall or balcony in big houses and duplex flats. Mirrors can be strategically placed to view an unseen spot to help secure the home. Typically, mirrors are placed to show the visitor standing outside the door to people inside the house. This is exactly what CCTV cameras do.
Apart from showing peoples images and good views, the scientific properties of the mirror come handy for home d├ęcor. Multiple reflection and refraction can be used to create brilliant, starry items to increase the “wow” rating of your home. This includes chandeliers, lamp holders adorned with mirrors, clocks and wall pieces made of glass and mirrors. Remember the glass and mirror works of Rajasthani and Moghul style?

So, go ahead and employ this mirror to create a splendid image of the home of your dreams.

Author’s BIO:
This article was written by Sravani Padmanabhuni from Bonito Designs. Bonito designs are the buddy growing Interior designers in Bangalore. You can check out their projects in moving motion on You Tube. To have a glance of their entire projects check out portfolio.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF 2013)

Have you ever heard of Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF).......No
 then you are at right place. Let me introduce you to this term that is only an year old. 

GOSF is Great Online Shopping Festival  started by Google India in 2012 to benefit customers following the immense popularity of the Monday sale and Black Friday initiated by the giant shopping portals in the US. 

Last year customers were immensely benefited with huge discounts while shopping online on 12 December’12. It’s a crazy shopping festival bursting with great offers, deals and discounts.
The good news is, this time the Great Online Shopping Festival is likely to happen again for 3 days (11th, 12th, 13thof Dec) in India.
I am so happy to let all my readers know that Jabong is also participating in GOSF India. So don’t forget to check GOSF during this time. Assuring the most lucrative discounts and deals this time than ever before. 
Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Artwork That I Love

Today I am sharing some of my artwork that I totally love. Some of these I had done long ago
and some I did recently, some are still with me and some are sold. 
Jewelry below is paper jewelry. Beads are made out of colorful magazine pages. Butterfly pendant is quilling work. Not sold but has been gifted to dear ones.

Quilled Jewelry

Quilled Jewelry

This is the first time I made heena on candles though I've made it on hands many a times. Surprisingly it turned out very well and praised by all and sundry. They are with me and adorning my coffee table.

Aroma Candles

I love to do newspaper craft. These newspaper coasters turned out unexpectedly beautiful and liked by one and all. They are sold and I got few more orders.

Paper Craft

Paper Craft

Last year I made lot of tea light candles. To beautify them a little more I made pistachio shell lotus around them. It is with me and it also gets attention of every guest. 
Pistachio Shell craft

Well that's not all, I love everything that I have made till date. You can see My Artwork & DIY projects here.
Tell me, among all these which one is your favorite and why :) 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Steelcase Launches Gesture

Inspired By Steelcase Global Study On New Postures Driven By Mobile Technology Company’s flagship Gesture Seating to Address Pain Caused by New, Unsupported Postures.

Steelcase, the global leader in office furniture industry, unveiled Gesture world’s first ergonomic office chair designed to support one’s interactions with today’s technologies. Gesture was inspired by studying movements of the human body and created for the ways people work today. India is part of Steelcase’s global launch of Gesture.

Office Furniture

“We love our technology – it’s become a ubiquitous extension of ourselves,” states James Ludwig, Vice President of Global Design for Steelcase. “The user interface is intuitive and responds to various gestures. But what about gesture recognition for the human body? The way technology impacts our bodies as we work has been largely ignored.”
Steelcase recently conducted a global study in 11 countries including emerging markets like China observing over 2000 people in a wide range of environments and postures. The study reveals how new technologies and new workplace behaviors have led to nine new postures -- not supported by current office chairs -- which frequently cause pain and long-term injuries, disrupting concentration and creativity. Gesture is designed in response to Steelcase’s global research about changing postures in the workplace. “Tablets were introduced just three years ago. But many people are using chairs that were designed well before these new devices became pervasive at work. Back then, chairs were created to help people hold one pose in front of a computer all day. Now we know that people need to move and change positions regularly, especially as they engage with new technologies. We observed people in pain -- they need a sitting experience designed for the ways we work today,” continued Ludwig.

Office Furniture

Gesture: A Revolution in Sitting Experience for Workplaces
Steelcase researchers studied how the physiology of work has changed, how the human body interacts with new technologies and how it transitions as people shift from one device to another. Researchers noted a more extreme range of human sizes around the world, which impacts postures. The company also studied the changing sociology of work and how people rapidly shift between individual, focused tasks and creative collaboration. Each new activity caused people to change postures.
Based on this research, Steelcase designed Gesture’s three key interfaces – the core interface, upper limb interface and seat interface -- to support new postures driven by new technology and more casual behaviors in the workplace.
For example:
 Gesture encourages motion rather than forcing the body to hold a single posture.
 The upper limb interface allows people to draw closer to a work surface to avoid hunching over a screen and easily move close to the body to support texting postures.
 Unlike conventional chairs, Gesture’s core interface hugs the lower back when people recline to scroll on a tablet screen.
 The seat interface adjusts rapidly to help users avoid perching on the edge of their chair.
 Gesture embraces a broad range of body sizes and easily adapts to meet the needs of each individual user, which is critical in an increasingly global business environment that has to support diverse workers than ever before.
 Gesture is a system of interconnected parts – inspired by the human body – designed to support every movement.
“Today’s workers are driven by their vision – small technologies have a gravitational force to pull
the body down,” explained Carol Stuart Buttle, CPE, Principal at Stuart-Buttle Ergonomics.
“If the chair doesn’t move with the user, people slouch to make up for it, or flop on the desk to
overcompensate for what is uncomfortable. Workers today are moving from bad posture, to bad
posture, to bad posture. Gesture helps you be where you need to be – it helps workers find
support in smarter ways so they can use their devices in safer ways.”
Office Furniture

9 Tech Driven Postures which inspired Gesture
As part of its global posture study, Steelcase identified nine new postures based entirely on the result of new technologies. For example:
The Draw
Technology (small and mobile) allows people to pull back from their desks while they use it. They recline, signaling they’re contemplating or absorbing information and draw the device closer to their body to maintain an optimal focal length.
The Multi-Device
This posture is representative of how people adapt to multitasking on multiple-devices. One hand holding a phone to the ear, the other tasking on a laptop. The result is a forward lean that is a symbol of concentration
and an orientation to the smaller screen of a laptop
The Text
Smartphones are small compared to other forms of technology and, therefore, require unique postures. Workers bring arms in close as keying and gesturing are performed
The Cocoon
People recline, bring up their feet onto the seat, and draw their smartphone or tablet close, resting on their thighs. The result is a cocoon – small mobile technology allows people to remain productive in this posture
The Swipe 
This posture results when the device is used on a work surface in “surfing mode”, in which people operate the device with one hand, typically with swiping gestures. Because it’s on a work surface, a person must keep their head a certain distance above the tablet in order to see it, and position their head to look down at it.
The Smart Lean
This posture is the result of mobile devices that create the desire for people to temporarily “pull away” from others without leaving a meeting or collaborative environment. This is typically a temporary posture and used for glancing at incoming texts or e-mails.
The Trance
This posture was observed when people were focused on the screen and either mousing or using a touchpad to navigate on the screen for extended periods of time. This is a long duration posture.
The Take It In
In this posture, people recline to view content on the large display and/or sit back to contemplate. This posture is about “taking in” information rather than generating it.
The Strunch
The “strunch” (stretched-out hunch) is a very common posture with laptops. As people become fatigued, they gradually push their laptop further from the edge of the work surface, resting their weight on the surface. This causes them to reach forward to work. Since the back and neck cannot sustain the reach and hunch posture for a long time, the person begins to prop themselves up with their non- tasking arm.

Steelcase has established 3 WorkLife Centres in India – the company’s flagship showrooms in New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Steelcase will be soon inaugurating its 4th Worklife Centre in Mumbai. Earlier in April 2013, the company started its first manufacturing facility in India spread across 50,000 square feet at Chakkan, Pune.
To try Gesture or learn more about the Steelcase Global Posture Study and Gesture please contact:
Allan Guan
+852 9272 6861

Gesture will be available in early 2014.

About Steelcase Inc.
For 100 years, Steelcase Inc. has helped create great experiences for the world's leading organizations – wherever work happens. Steelcase and our family of brands – including Steelcase®, Coalesse®, Designtex®, Details®, Nurture®, PolyVision® and Turnstone® – offer a comprehensive portfolio of furnishings, products and services designed to unlock human promise and support social, economic and environmental sustainability. We are globally accessible through a network of channels, including approximately 650 dealers. Steelcase is a global, industry-leading and publicly traded company with fiscal 2013 revenue of $2.9 billion.

P.S All the images are provided by Steelcase and subject to copyright.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vastu Gyan: Guest Room Vastu

In Indian culture guests are always considered as God. Therefore you should follow the principles of vastu for guest room also. It ensures the happy, peaceful and short stay of the guests at home.

Best location for guest room is Northwest direction this corner represents air element that is considered as the most unstable and movable element. Guest bedroom in this direction will ensure short and happy stay of guests at home. Other option is South or Southeast direction.
Avoid Southwest direction for guest as it is reserved for master bedroom. Guest will dominate or interfere if the guest bedroom is in Southwest direction.
Color of the walls can be white, cream, soft pink or light blue.

Guest Bedroom Vastu
Image Credit
South or West is the right direction of placing a bed in guest room. Place the bed South-North so that guests should sleep with head towards South and legs towards North. There should not be any beam just above the bed. Always keep bed little far from the wall for proper air circulation. Avoid pacing bed directly in front of bathroom's door.
Windows in East and North direction is right option though it can be in West also but avoid South.
All the electric and electronic items should be in the Southeast direction, as it represents fire element.
South and West direction is ideal for cabinets and cupboards.

With a little care in the relative positioning and arrangement of the rooms one could expect to live a peaceful, happy & prosperous life.
Read about Master Bedroom Vastu here

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall-Winter Living Room Decor Ideas

As the soft morning sun rays peep into my living room I am pleasantly reminded that winters have arrived.
Everyone wants to escape from chilling winter weather outside and this is the right time of the year 
to create cozy, warm and inviting interiors. How can you achieve that look for your living room...oh let me share some very easy ideas here to welcome winters.

The key is to create cozy living room by adding some warm colors, plump cushions, woolen throws, thick rugs, soft warm lights and may be a woolen blanket to snuggle up with piping hot tea/coffee. 
Give a coat of rich color to a wall to make your living room warm and cozy instantly. Colors like yellow, terracotta, gold, purple, orange and red can do wonders. Add rich colors with accessories, furnishings and furniture too.

Winter Living Room Decor
Image Credit

Lay soft carpets and woolen, knitted, crochet or thick floor rugs to cover up cold floor. Rugs not only give warm and cozy feel but it looks elegant and add element to your decor too. Choose one in right color and texture. It enhances relaxing feel of room.

Winter Living Room Decor
Image Credit
Plump cushions & pillows scattered or lined up on sofa with matching fur or woolen throw feel as good as bear hug in frosty winter weather. Floor pillows and ottomans in warm fabric create a perfect cozy living room for winters. 

Winter Decor Ideas
Image Credit
Soft lighting is better way to add warmth and create perfect ambiance for winter. Dim and mood lights are more appealing than brighter ones and give wintry charm. Candles centerpiece and fall flower & leaves decoration not only beautifies the surrounding but glow of candles bring calming, warm and inviting effect also. 

Image Credit

 Now some more things that you can do to make your living room comfortable and relaxing for winters. Line curtains with thermal lining or simply swap them for heavy ones. Create cozy reading nook to add a touch of winter. An arm chair placed near book case with some floor cushions scattered around make winters more enjoyable and your home interiors more inviting and cozy. 

Winter Decor Idea
Image Credit
Hope these ideas will be helpful in transforming your abode into a warm, inviting, relaxing and cozy winter retreat. Enjoy winters!!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Indian Art: Tanjore Art Of Tamil Nadu

Posts in 'Indian Art' series on my blog is my endeavor to bring back the lost charm of various ancient Indian art forms and to let more and more people know about rich culture and heritage of India.

Tanjore or Thanjavur is an age old art form of South India and got its name from 'Thanjavur' a place in Tamil Nadu where this art form originated and it was the capital of Chola Empire. Origin of this art form dates back to 1600AD.

Tanjore Painting
Image Source: Click Here
Tanjore originated during the reign of 'Nayaks' 'Marathas' and 'Cholas'. Marathas encouraged the art form and it flourished during 16th to 17th century.

These paintings are very ancient and miniature type of paintings. Paintings mainly consist of a main figure usually deity, figure appears prominent in paintings with well rounded body and cherubic face. Main figure is enclosed in a meticulously crafted enclosure in form of arch or curtain. Paintings are bright and vibrant. 
Most striking feature of the paintings are that they are decorated using 22/24 carat gold foil, semi precious stones, cut glasses and pearls to give it a rich look. 
Tanjore Painting Krishna
Image Source: Click Here
Theme of the painting is mainly Hindu God and Goddesses, mainly Krishna, Balaji, Lakshmi & Ganesha.
Paintings are bright and faces of main figure are made divine.

Tanjore Ganesha
Image Source: Click Here

There are several steps involve in making Tanjore painting.
1. Canvas Preparation: Canvas is prepared by pasting a clean cotton/muslin cloth (that is dipped in glue+water solution) on plywood. Let it dry. Now apply a coat of chalk powder paste (Chalk powder + Water + Glue) on canvas and let it dry for a day. Now rub canvas with emery paper to make canvas surface smooth.
2. Choose and then trace the design on canvas using carbon paper.
3. Muck work or embossing: Muck or paste of chalk powder + Arabic gum + glue is then applied on the desired area of the painting using round brush. Let it dry
4. Gem setting or decorating: Now stick stones, gems and pearls on the design and let it dry for a day.
Apply one more layer of embossing paste to make painting more beautiful. use ball pen to make design on embossed areas. Then comes the most important step of the painting, pasting of gold foil on the embossed design. Apply glue on the embossed area and paste gold foil carefully on it and press gently with your thumb, cut the extra part of foil using cutter. Now remove gold foil that is pasted over stones, gems and pearls. You can use any needle like sharp object to remove foil that is over the stones.

Tanjore Painting
Image Source: Click Here
5. Last step is painting the remaining area of the painting, like body of the main figure and the background. Body is painted mainly in white color with tint of pink or blue. Slight shading is done on main figure. Background is painted in bright colors like red, green or blue. Once the painting is complete it is then framed.

I found Tanjore paintings breathtakingly beautiful and process of making these paintings make them even more special. This framed art in any place never fails to add charm and beauty. Hope you enjoyed reading about this art.
Read more about different ancient Indian Art forms here.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Some Glitters and Sparkles

Hope you all had great time with your family and friends during this festive season.
Mine was glorious one. Here are some sparkling moments that I am sharing with you.


Toran at the Entrance

Rangoli made at the entrance.......


Diwali Vignette


Diwali decor ideas

Diwali Decor Ideas

Here's bougainvillea that I planted in my 'Pot full of happiness'.  Spreading happiness all around :)

Painted pot

Diwali Decor deas

My heena candles all lit up and adding warmth and glow.

Heena Candles

Here is 'Stained glass jar' with candle inside it, to add some more cheer :)

Stained Glass Jar

Serene corner in living room.

My Home

My home bathed in light....

My Home

My Home

Hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of my home. 
Stay tuned for some DIY posts.

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