Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monthly Roundup

This month was action packed. I did lot of things, from rearranging to recycling it had been a super creative month.
First post was on my living room that I rearranged and it looks bigger and better now.

Living Room Decor

Next we met a very talented artist Ritu Dua. Her inspiring interview you can read under 'Inspiring Eminent Bloggers' series.

Painting by Ritu Dua

Then we learnt about Indian Art: Madhubani Paintings this time. You can find everything about Madhubani art like origin, style, theme and process in this post. More about other Indian art forms under 'Indian Art' series.

Madhubani Art by Bharti Dayal
Then comes my upcycling project of making Decorative Tray out of old newspapers. You can find out some more exciting DIY projects here.

Decorative Tray: DIY

Spring is here with its magic in air. Check out my 'Spring Garden' and do let me know how spring is treating you.

Spring is showing up in my garden

Here comes second DIY of this month 'Plastic Bottles Hanging Planter'. Are you hoarding junk, have some soft drink bottles then you have to read this post and make something useful.

DIY: Plastic Bottles Hanging Planter

And it's not over here I have one more DIY for you in my bag this month. A 'Birdhouse' made of plastic container. Summers will be arriving shortly and to save lovely birds make a bird house and hang it in your garden.

Birdhouse: DIY
First time I tried my hands on Warli Art. Check out my First Warli Painting and let me know your views.

Warli Painting

Wish you all a very happy Easter and  very happy and creative weekend!!


  1. Simply brilliant so nice to see so much interest and creativity and have started waiting to see the monthly roundup:)

    1. You are so generous Vandana, Thanks for all the appreciation. Hugs!!

  2. I really love your warli painting beautiful. Did you frame it?

    1. I am also very happy with it Nayana. I didn't frame it yet. Will paint two more then I will get them framed :)

  3. That's lovely Disha :)


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