Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIY: Mineral Water Can Planter

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How was your weekend friends. Mine was very busy and creative one. Here I am with this month's DIY project. I had this mineral water can lying unused since ages and if you know me well then you must be aware that I love hoarding junk. 
This water can had grown algae inside it and was in very bad shape. I would have thrown it in a trash but then an idea sparked and I turned it into a pretty planter. Wanna see how....lets check out...

Here is an ugly, almost gone water can.

Then I cut open its upper part. At first, I thought I should have thrown it but then I washed it thoroughly and felt like I can do something to it.

I drew some patterns on it with marker and then traced the pattern with hot glue.

The pattern on the water can looks like it is embossed. 

Here is a different view of the can. Then I painted it in green and Voila!!!!

Here it is.............. sitting  beautifully in my garden.

Then bringing it inside the home was even better. So here is its new place. Next to my dresser.

Giving it company is my Madhubani pot.  Pretty isn't it. I like it. I am glad how it turned out.

Closer look at pattern. I could have hot glued more patterns but then I became desperate to finish the project.

What do you think. Will you try this. If yes then do share your images.

Stay tuned to know about some unusual uses of things. Have a fabulous week!!
Keep creating! Keep recycling!

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