Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just After Rain!!!

After short spell of shower I stepped out onto the terrace and went on clicking. It was fun and I enjoyed everything around ...............
Smell and the rhyme of the falling rain
sparkling rain drops on soft petals of flowers
cool breeze and fragrance of various flowers
wet leaves that tickled my hand.
beautiful shades of flower as if they are dipped in rainbow.

If more I'll write on this topic I'll become poetess :)

Here's a visual tour of my rain soaked garden.

Rain drenched hibiscus smiling at me..........

Yellow Gerbera spreading some warmth........

Conch and shell adorning pots..........

Palm, jasmine even aloe vera looks happy and lush in rains.........

Jade and Syngonium thriving beautifully and are perfect combination to add character to a garden!!

How do you like this visual tour and how weather is treating you in your part of the world!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Doodling Around.......!!

 Sometime back I found little time in my hand and I didn't miss the opportunity. Just pen and a page what I wanted and here's what I ended up making. A butterfly............

 Here's a full view.

Stay tuned to meet one more inspiring eminent artist this week.........!!
Have a lovely week ahead :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vastu Gyan: Living Room Vastu

Vastu creates a harmonious balance and linkage with nature to attract favorable effects of Sun and other planets. Vastu balances the various energies in environment to ensure good and stable mental & physical health. The size and cost of the house doesn't matter in vastu rather impact of various energy fields and natural forces from different directions is more important.
Living room is the heart of a house. Its the place where you spend time with your family and entertain your guests. Best direction for living room should be north-east or east but it depends on the direction house faces. For north or east facing house living room should be in north-east. For a south facing house it can be in south-east. For west facing house living room can be in north-west direction.

Color of the walls in living room should be light. White, cream, yellow, orange, green, blue all in lighter shade can be a good option. Light colors brighten up the space and make it appear larger as well. 

Placement of furniture in living room should be in south-west and west direction. Owner of the house should always sit in south-west or west direction facing either north-east or east. Reason is that sun rays and fresh air from east and north direction ensures positivity. Furniture should be rectangular or square and there is always some space left between wall and furniture to ensure the free flow of air. Placement of furniture should be done in a way that it should appear uncluttered and allows free movement of the dwellers. Avoid seating area under a beam as it can increase your stress. Better idea is to conceal the beam with false ceiling. 

All the electronic and electrical gadgets should draw power from socket placed in east or south-east direction. T.V should be placed in a direction in such a way that viewer should face east or north direction. AC, cooler should be placed in west direction as west of the house becomes hot during the day. Fireplace all  things related to fire or heat should be placed in south-east direction as this direction represents Agni or Fire element.

As they say 'We become what we behold'. Paintings we put up in living room evoke strong sentiments. Thus keep in mind that paintings should always be calming, positive and uplifting. Picture of Sun or nature should be hung on east wall, painting of waterfall on the north wall and painting that denotes strength like horses, mountain or elephants should be hung on south or west wall. Always avoid paintings that depict war, sadness, violence, death or has negative impact on our life.

Make your living room a stress free zone and relaxing space by following these simple rules of vastu. With a little care in the relative positioning of different things in a room one could expect to live a peaceful, happy and prosperous life.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Inspiring Eminent Artist: Priyanshu Thakur

Featuring today a cute, little, very talented, inspiring and youngest Artist here on my blog. Readers big round of applause for Priyanshu Thankur. 

A little artist at work
A big warm welcome Priyanshu on Design Decor & Disha. Please let us know something about yourself. Over to Priyanshu:-

I am a 13 year old child artist and I make sculptures out of stoneware clay and also paint acrylic on canvas. I am 9th Std. Student of St. Annes High school Mumbai.
When I was 5 year old playing with clay and made one mother saw that and she taught me how to make sculptures. 

My Parents always encouraged  my talent, and many other people who helped me gain so much success till now.

Beautiful sculpture created by Priyanshu

Their are many eminent personality who encouraged  my talent and give me an opportunity to participate in various shows.

Priyanshu exhibiting his artwork.
My sculptures are often abstract figures of tribal people, and I even sculpt ceramic shoes and tea pots. The sculptures that I make are Raku fired which gives them a shiny effect.


 My paintings are of villagers and farmers whom I see from train while I go to my hometown.

Many famous people who have collections of my art work are  Film Director Amol Gupte, Music Director Leslie Lewis, Actress Anushka Sharma, Actor Ranbir Singh, Mrs.B R Chopra, Industrialist Mr. Jay Raghoonanthan from South Africa and many more.

Priyanshu with Ranveer & Anushka

Film Director Amol Gupte interacting with Priyanshu

Ah I am totally bowled over by amazing creation of this wonderful artist. 
Here are some feathers in this little boy's cap. 

* 2012 : 8th Std. Student of St. Annes High school
 Orlem Malad (w) Mumbai-4000 64
Solo Exhibition:
*2011: Stoneware Sculpture & Painting, at Prakrit Art Gallery, Channai
Group Exhibition: (Ceramics & Painting)
* 2006: Holy Childs School of Art , Mumbai
* 2008: Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai
* 2008: Kala Ghoda Art Festival , Mumbai
* 2009: Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai
* 2010: Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai
* 2010: Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai
* 2011: “CHATAK” Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai
* 2012:Ceramic sculpture show at Artist Center, Mumbai
* 2010: Loksatta Balrang News paper Children Story Painting
* 2010: Kala Ghada “Just Fired potters” Slide Show at ICIIA Art Gallery
* 2010: Theater Workshop with Juhi & Nadira Babbar, Mumbai
* 2010: Landmark Forum Course from UK in Mumbai
* 2010: Studio Pottery & Sculpture at Lavasa Art & Culture Festival
* 2011: 21st Jan to 30th Jan. Surbhui Art Fest. CBD , New Mumbai
* 2011: 5th Feb to 13 feb. studio potters show at Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai
* 2012: 4th to 12th Feb. Studio Potters Ceramic Show at Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai
* 2012: Studio Potters Ceramic Show at Hathautee Art Festival, Mumbai
* Many prizes in Painting, Project & Poster in School & Interschool Compitition Mumbai
* Two Drawings about Mumbai Social Life Printed in Annual School Magazine, 2007
* “Spread Peace” Painting Cover Design for School Magazine 2008
* 2008: 26 Nov. terror attack painting selected by Loksatta Newspaper
* Media Coverage by Leading TV Channel, Newspaper at Mumbai & Chennai
*2012 : 2nd place for Inter School Save tiger poster compitition
* 2010: Lavasa Art & Culture Festival, Lavasa, PUNE
* 2011: “Boot Race with Foot” Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai
* 2012: 4th to 12th Feb. Installation “Wild West ” at Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai
* 2012: Installation “Wild West ” at Hathautee Art Festival, Mumbai
Ceramic Workshop :
*2008: Eco-friendly Ganesha workshop for children at Holy Childs School of Art , Mumbai
*2009-10: Ceramic Ganesha workshop for children at Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai 
*2010: Ceramic Sculpture Workshop at Lavasa Art & Culture Festival
*2010: Studio Pottery & Sculpture workshop at Nehru Center for Bal Mohan School, Mumbai.
*2011: Ceramic Sculpture Workshop on 17tht Jan. at Surbhui Press Conference, The Club, Juhu.
*2011: Ceramic Sculpture Workshop on 2nd Oct. at Prakit Art Gallery, Channai 
* 2012: Ceramic Sculpture Workshop at Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai
* 2012: Ceramic Sculpture Workshop at Hathautee Art Festival, Mumbai
Painting & Ceramics in Collections:
* Mr. Amol Gupte, Mumbai * Mrs. Neena Rege,Nehru center 
* Mr. Jay Raghoonathan , South Africa * Mrs. Tulika Gajarao, Singapore
* Mrs. Pratibha Wagh, Mumbai * Anushka Sharma, Ranvir Singh 
* Mrs. Pamela Chopra, * Sidharth Kak Mumbai
* Lesle Lewis * Prakrit art Gallery, Chennai and many more in India & abroad. 

If you are residing in Mumbai then don't miss the opportunity to have a look of Priyanshu's artwork at his studio.
Studio Address
Plot-323/ D-45 , Vishakha CHS, Near Apna Bazar, Sec- 3, Charkop , Kandivali (w) Mumbai - 400067. India.
Contact: Cell: 09820383213, 09820441619, Resi: +91 022-28681475

I know lot of readers out there are inspired and appreciating this little wonder...don't you!! OK you can express your feelings in comments below. Shower your love by saying a word or two to this young artist.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

How To Incorporate Terracotta Decorative Items In Home Decor

Terracotta is a hard semi fired waterproof ceramic clay used for making vases, pots, figurine, lanterns and lots of decor items. 
It really doesn't matter how you use them around your house they will definitely enhance the beauty of your space. Though here are some inspiring images that can give you some hints and clues about how to incorporate it well in your home decor.

Lantern and diffuser can look wonderful if placed right in home or garden. Diffuser placed near buddha statue or in a tray with some greenery looks pleasant.

Image Source: Click Here

Image: Mine

Lantern whether colorful or plain terracotta can be hung against bright colored wall and result will be mesmerizing.

Image Source: Click Here

Terracotta pots are not only meant for growing plants. Want to see what else can you do with them. 
Fill small terracotta pots with wax and use them as candles placed in group.  You will love the warmth they will create.  

Image Source: Click Here

You can place a terracotta tree in your garden to support climbing plants. Yes it can works as trellis and it certainly will enhance the beauty of your garden.

Image Source: Click Here
Aged terracotta pots placed anywhere in the garden looks elegant.
Image Source: Click Here
Vases of different height can be placed in corner in a group.

Image Source: Click Here
They can be of different shape too..........
Image Source: Click Here
Grow plants in different shape of pots and then club them.
Image Source: Click Here
Hanging a terracotta wind chime outdoor is the best way to make your outdoors gorgeous. 

Image Source: Click Here

And last but not the least a plate full of terracotta is what I want now.......... :))))
Image Source: Click Here

Do you have something to show off send in your entries at and I'll definitely going to feature it on my blog.
Have a happy weekend friends!! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gearing Up........Stay Connected!!

Dear readers I have lot to share with you but two months long vacations of my son and a short trip to home town has made me feel lethargic. Though I can't stand this sluggishness anymore. I'm doing ever possible bit to make myself active, charged and connected to you wonderful people. 

Continuous rains in my part of the world has made it even worse........
My cuppa came to rescue.
As I gulp down........

I charge up........

Believe me talking to you and sharing things here on my blog makes me feel better and it makes a huge difference :)
See yaa with some lovely posts queued up in my draft and waiting to be published................!!!

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