Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just After Rain!!!

After short spell of shower I stepped out onto the terrace and went on clicking. It was fun and I enjoyed everything around ...............
Smell and the rhyme of the falling rain
sparkling rain drops on soft petals of flowers
cool breeze and fragrance of various flowers
wet leaves that tickled my hand.
beautiful shades of flower as if they are dipped in rainbow.

If more I'll write on this topic I'll become poetess :)

Here's a visual tour of my rain soaked garden.

Rain drenched hibiscus smiling at me..........

Yellow Gerbera spreading some warmth........

Conch and shell adorning pots..........

Palm, jasmine even aloe vera looks happy and lush in rains.........

Jade and Syngonium thriving beautifully and are perfect combination to add character to a garden!!

How do you like this visual tour and how weather is treating you in your part of the world!!

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