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Indian Art: Pichwai Paintings Of Rajasthan

Posts in 'Indian Art' series on my blog is my endeavor to bring back the lost charm of various ancient Indian art forms and to let more and more people know about rich culture and heritage of India.
Pichwai painting is an art form that has its roots in Rajasthan and more precisely in Nathdwara.
Pichwai  means 'at the back' so these paintings are basically used as decorative curtain/backdrop in Shrinath ji temples and Krishna temples in Rajasthan. These cloth hangings are considered very sacred and devotees offer these cloth hangings in temples and take them back home as souvenir as well

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Pichwai born when Vallabhaichari sect created pictorial illustration of festivals and occasions as a backdrop  for Krishna temple in Nathdwara.

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These paintings are known to have more details, are more polished and pure than Phad paintings that are other form of painting in Rajasthan but is very similar to Pichwai. Figure of Shrinath ji (Krishna) is shown decked in vibrant festive costumes. Features that I like most are big eyes, sharp nose and colorful costumes with all fine details, be it sheer dupattas of Gopis(milkmaids) and Radha or jewel and gems studded in crown and other jewelry. Trees, decorated animal and beautiful birds are another eye catching features.

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As it all started with iconography for Krishna temple so main theme is Shrinath ji(Krishna) and his heroic and notable deed. Though theme varies according to the season like you will see pond and pink lotuses in summer Pichwai, full moon and dark background can be seen in Sharad Poornima Pichwai. Themes are based on festivals and occasions like Holi, Annakoot, Rasleela and janmashtmi.

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It can be painted, embroidered, printed or woven in applique. Earlier Pichwai was done on loose, rough, hand spun fabric and painted in permanent natural colors that were extracted from vegetables and minerals and that don't tend to fade with time. Outlines are always dark hued and lighter soft tones are used for filling the picture. These days quick materials like paint brushes and machine made fabric is used that obviously saves lot of time.
First a rough sketch of painting is drawn on starched fabric. Then slowly fill the color in entire painting and outline it with dark color. Painting is then adorned with gems, stones or embroidered with gold thread to enhance the beauty of it.
The more I explore about these paintings the more I am tempted to buy one for me :)
(UPDATE (04/01/2020): Now I have made one for myself)

If you too are intrigued by the beauty and intricacy of this art then you must try to make one. I have shared Pichwai Painting Tutorial on my YouTube channel. You can watch the video video below.

And below is the Pichwai template for you guys. Hope you enjoy making this art!!

Pichwai Painting Template by Disha Mishra Dubey
I would love to see your recreations. Don't forget to share them with me on my Instagram:

Stay positive & Keep creating!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fan Of The Week: Kala Chaitanya

Dear readers you all are awesome. Nothing makes me more happy than reading your encouraging mails and messages. Though I try my best to reply each and every mail I receive, but in case I don't then please don't feel bad, I will get back to you sooner or later. You just keep pouring your love:)
A new week and time to introduce you to a new creative reader: Kala Chaitanya.  
Over to kala now:-

Hey guys, I am very excited to see my blog featuring in a wonderful and inspiring blog :) Thanks Disha !!!

Welcome to Ingenious Misses Creations blog , I get inspired with every creative items around me. Love to create lot of many handmade things and feels excited to share in my space to keep my inspiration alive :) 

I am not bounded to a particular things, explore and put a hand on all things I love and inspires me.. Nail arts and jewelry making are my best ones.Take a look at my few items and don't forget to visit my little shop and IngeniousMrs my page on fb !!!

Ohhhh I always wonder  that lots of creative people are there and I am happy to have some of them here on my blog :) Thanks Kala for sharing your creative work with us.
Visit some more creative minds featured on my blog here. Have a very beautiful week ahead!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY: Sunburst Mirror

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Here is long due and promised post on Sunburst mirror tutorial. Lot of readers mailed me to know how to make this sunburst mirror, so here I'm sharing it with you all lovely and wonderful readers :)

Hardboard -2 (8 Inches diameter)
Mirror-1 (8 Inch diameter)
Skewers 32 (I used broom sticks though)
Glue gun
Embroidery mirrors in 2 sizes
Card stock
Craft glue
Acrylic color of your choice
Paint Brush
Step 1:
Get mirror of your desired size. Stick back of the mirror to the hardboard with glue.

Step 2:
Cut the card stock diameter greater (Approx. 2 Inches) than  hardboard/mirror's diameter  Now on this card stock draw a circle with diameter 4 Inches less than mirror and cut it with paper cutter/knife. Inner circle is of no use. Keep the remaining part.

Step 3:
Paste this card stock on mirror as shown.


Step 4:
Stick sequins/stone in a way so that it is half on mirror and half on card stock.

Step 5: 
Now mark the back side of the mirror i.e. on hard board side as shown in pic. Tag every mark with B for Big Skewer. M for Medium Skewer, S for Small Skewer. If you want to keep all the skewers in same size then no need to tag them.

Step 6:
Cut the skewers in three different sizes. Small, medium & big as shown in pic.  

Step 7:
Stick all the skewers accordingly. That is big skewer on tag B, medium on M & small on S. Let it dry for at least 2 hr. Refer pic below.

Step 8:
Now stick another circular hard board on this arrangement of skewers (i.e on the back side of sunburst mirror) and fix hook on it to hang it on wall.

Step 9:
Turn the mirror side up. Now start sticking embroidery mirrors on these skewers in a manner that you like. Try different orientation  and go for the one you like most.

Step 10:
Now color all the skewers in golden color or color of your choice. Let it dry.
Sunburst mirror is ready. You can go wild with your imaginations. Try making one and let me know.

Here is my sunburst mirror that looks beautiful against my mango yellow wall

Hope you will love this and will going to try this :) Happy creating!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fan Of The Week: Bhumika Awasthi Chaudhary

A week ago we met a very talented and creative mind 'Shashwatee Raut' and it's time to meet new talent of the week. Dear readers joining us today is 'Bhumika Awasthi Chaudhary' of 'Paper Passion By Bhumika'She filled my heart with joy when she said that it's all your effect and humbly named it 'The D effect' :)
This is what she shares with us:

Well first of all thanks for having me here on your Blog, its not only because you invited me here but its because you have always been a great source of inspiration for me. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with other talented people around the world. I am a stay at home mom of a three and half year old son, currently I’m in US, I did my MBA, but after coming here in US I had no choice but to stay at home.
I don’t like to sit idle, so I just love to do what keeps me busy and give me inner satisfaction. I know I’m master of none but you can call me jack of all trades. I make jewelry, I do calligraphy and various craft projects.

I was desperate to do something in spare time, while surfing internet I came across a link related to quilling, instantly I felt in love with the simplicity and beauty of the art and that's when I decided that I will try my hand on this.

Here are some of her master pieces.
 I’m in love with quilling, especially jewelry, apart from that I believe in reduce, reuse and recycle, so I use all those stuff that is considered useless or trash like tissue roll, old plastic bottles, boxes etc. 
She made these beautiful Lotuses in different vibrant colors using pistachio shells :) Tell me isn't that beautiful.

Some more paper jewelry by Bhumika.

Whenever people around me appreciate and encourage me for my work, it certainly boost my spirit and keeps me going. My biggest inspiration and support is my husband who always encourages me. He is my biggest strength. I love to spend time with my lil' one, other than that I love to cook.

 She tried different quilling techniques to make these cute butterflies.
Fantastic artwork Bhumika I must say. For placing orders and to know more about her work visit her Facebook Page 'Paper Passion By Bhumika' and show some love by liking it :)

See you all with a long due post on some DIY project. Stay tuned!!

P.S All images are provided by Bhumika and are subject to copyright.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Rakshabandhan: The Bond Of Love

Rakshabandhan is a festival when sister ties a sacred thread on brother's wrist. Brother vows to protect her and sister showers her love and care on him. Tomorrow is Rakshabandhan (Rakhi) and this post is dedicated to all the sisters and brothers around the world.
"Good relationships are like needles of a clock, they only meet for sometime
but always stay connected"

I am happy that my siblings and I are like those clock needles. As kids, together we fought a lot, played a lot, enjoyed a lot, learnt a lot. Now we have grown up, live far away from each other and have our own family, but still we are connected, cherish those memories, always there for each other and that's a bliss.

Here are my quilled rakhis for my brother. You know how I love everything handmade.

I used different quilling techniques to make these rakhis.

Here is my platter full of love for my brother. Did you notice that golden lotus.....its made of pistachio shell during Diwali. I took it out just for Rakshabandhan.

Look how happy and calm my Buddha looks with this Lotus.

Wish all brothers and sisters a very happy, peaceful and memorable Rakshabandhan :)

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Uncommon Vase Ideas

There are several things around you that you can easily turn into vase. When I said several things I actually meant almost everything ;)

Don't you believe.......lets have a look....
Tea pots turned into vase look super gorgeous and certainly add style quotient to your decor.

Image Source: Click Here

Image Source: Click Here

Image Source: Click Here
Pitcher used as a flower vase in below image looks beyond perfect.

Image Source: Click Here
Tea cups serve as a beautiful vase.
Image Source: Click Here

Wooden pen stand below is working just wonderful as a vase.
Image Source: Click Here
Now comes watering can, can be found in almost every house and looks charismatic as vase.

Image Source: Click Here
Image below is a watering can made out of wood and doing wonder as a vase.
Image Source: Click Here
Look at this beauty. Its green moss teapot perfect for some beautiful flower arrangement.
Image Source: Click Here
Clever idea to use stained glass jars and bottles as flower vase.
Image Source: Click Here
Now who can think of boot as a flower vase.

Image Source: Click Here
Wine glasses look more beautiful as vase.
Image Source: Click Here
Image Source: Click Here
Basket can also serve as a vase and looks cool.
Image Source: Click Here
And this is something very uncommon....vase made out of corrugated cardboard.

Image Source: Click Here
Try out these ideas........make your own uncommon vase and don't forget to share the picture with us :)

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