Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY: Sunburst Mirror

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Here is long due and promised post on Sunburst mirror tutorial. Lot of readers mailed me to know how to make this sunburst mirror, so here I'm sharing it with you all lovely and wonderful readers :)

Hardboard -2 (8 Inches diameter)
Mirror-1 (8 Inch diameter)
Skewers 32 (I used broom sticks though)
Glue gun
Embroidery mirrors in 2 sizes
Card stock
Craft glue
Acrylic color of your choice
Paint Brush
Step 1:
Get mirror of your desired size. Stick back of the mirror to the hardboard with glue.

Step 2:
Cut the card stock diameter greater (Approx. 2 Inches) than  hardboard/mirror's diameter  Now on this card stock draw a circle with diameter 4 Inches less than mirror and cut it with paper cutter/knife. Inner circle is of no use. Keep the remaining part.

Step 3:
Paste this card stock on mirror as shown.


Step 4:
Stick sequins/stone in a way so that it is half on mirror and half on card stock.

Step 5: 
Now mark the back side of the mirror i.e. on hard board side as shown in pic. Tag every mark with B for Big Skewer. M for Medium Skewer, S for Small Skewer. If you want to keep all the skewers in same size then no need to tag them.

Step 6:
Cut the skewers in three different sizes. Small, medium & big as shown in pic.  

Step 7:
Stick all the skewers accordingly. That is big skewer on tag B, medium on M & small on S. Let it dry for at least 2 hr. Refer pic below.

Step 8:
Now stick another circular hard board on this arrangement of skewers (i.e on the back side of sunburst mirror) and fix hook on it to hang it on wall.

Step 9:
Turn the mirror side up. Now start sticking embroidery mirrors on these skewers in a manner that you like. Try different orientation  and go for the one you like most.

Step 10:
Now color all the skewers in golden color or color of your choice. Let it dry.
Sunburst mirror is ready. You can go wild with your imaginations. Try making one and let me know.

Here is my sunburst mirror that looks beautiful against my mango yellow wall

Hope you will love this and will going to try this :) Happy creating!!

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