Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's Coffee Painting This Time

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Let me tell you I am a true tea lover. So coffee just sits unused in my kitchen shelf and get a chance to come out only when some coffee lover guest pays visit :)
Few days ago when it was raining heavily I wanted to brew coffee for me and when I opened the coffee bottle I realized that coffee has gone bad :( I was about to throw it but suddenly my creative side woke up and told me to put it to some use. 
I had heard a few times about coffee painting, so decided to give it a try!!

Coffee painting in making........

I kept drawing few figures on drawing sheet until I got the result exactly the way I wanted. I drew meditating Buddha. Then I diluted coffee and started the mission :)
Here is a result. It turned out beautifully.

Then I used some effects..........

It's looking even more beautiful with all the effects.
 This below one is my favorite!!

Here I would like to give one advice to my blog readers that before considering anything trash just think once. It's quite possible that you can put it to some good use :)
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Have a beautiful and creative weekend!!
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