Thursday, August 8, 2013

Online Store: Knot n Stitch

Introducing on my blog today a new venture 'Knot n Stitch' started by a good friend of mine 'Vandana' and her team. This is what Vandana says about Knot n Stitch:

We are a small startup in the home furnishing niche currently working with creating beautiful designer cushion covers in varied colours, hues, textures and works. Each of our pieces is carefully designed and created right from the stage of design to the finished product by us and aims at providing an experience beyond par. 
Here is a look of what they have in their store:

Beautiful cushions to add charm to your space.

Sunshine yellow to brighten up your room.

Added some texture too......


Knot n Stitch is a venture by three women:
Vandana Rajesh
Anju Athmarao Rajiv
Vinita Hari Govind
To know more about Knot n Stich team, read their story here.
Hurry up visit their site, make a choice and place your order :)

All images are provided by 'Knot n Stitch and are subject to copyright!!

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