Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pot Full Of Happiness!!

I have a confession.
Yes, I am obsessed with recycling, lotus and Buddha  and this post is a combination of recycling and lotus obsession.
My husband had a sudden desire of drinking naturally cold water of a clay pot last summer. So we got this black pot but it had some leakage problem so was lying unused. Then one day I just picked it up and without even a proper plan in my mind I just painted it blue. Then it was lying like that for a week because I had no clue about what to do on it. 

Then my obsession with lotus came to rescue and I painted a blue lotus on it. It was looking very beautiful and suddenly it became 'pot full of happiness' :)

Painted Pot

A bit emptiness was still there or something was missing so one pink lotus came to give it a company and it was sheer joy to see theses blooming beauties on the pot.

Pink one became my favorite. Getting dried and getting ready to get a coat of protective layer so that I can use this pot as a planter and can keep it outside as well.

Pink Lotus On A Pot

Here is a complete look. Adding cheer and pop of color to my balcony garden.

Lotus on a pot

A closer look. Looks mesmerizing whenever I look at this pot. Lotuses look so real and happy.

Pot Painting

Enjoy some more views of the pot :)

Pot Painting Ideas

Pot Painting Ideas

It looks wonderful indoors..................

Pot Painting

as well as outdoors.........

Lotus painted on pot

I have a beautiful baby pink Bougainvillea that I'll plant in this pot. That will be icing on a cake and all of you wonderful readers you just stay tuned to see whether bougainvillea will add the charm to pot or pot will enhance the beauty of bougainvillea :) Will be a fun to see that!! Till then you can suggest me a nice and appropriate name for this pot :)

Wish you a very happy and creative weekend ahead!!

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Update: I have planted bougainvillea in this pot and this is how it looks.........


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vastu Gyan: Master Bedroom Vastu

Master bedroom in a home is occupied by head of the family and is considered as most private part in the home. It is the place to unwind and relax. Sound sleep is an important factor in maintaining good health. It is also a place where you start and end your day. Therefore utmost care should be taken while doing up master bedroom as you spend one-third of the whole day in this room. Here are vastu tips:

The best direction for master bedroom is Southwest direction other option is Northwest and North. Avoid Southeast direction. Bedroom should always be away from main entrance to prevent disturbance.
Shape of the room should always be either square or rectangular. As it ensures better arrangement of furniture in a room.
Placing bed in south direction is an ideal location so that while sleeping one's head should be towards South. Sleeping with head towards east is also a good option but avoid North. Only dead bodies are placed with their head towards North and legs towards South.

Image Source: Click Here
There should not be any beam just above the bed. Always keep bed little far from the wall for proper air circulation.
Doors of the bedroom should open fully, if it's not than it can limit flow of fresh air inside the room. East, West and North are the suitable direction for door.
Windows in East an North ensure morning sunrays and proper light throughout the day.
Avoid placing mirror opposite to the bed, Idols or pictures of God in bedroom, storage under the bed (it restricts proper air circulation).
Dresser should be placed in North.
Bathroom should be in the East or Southeast. Avoid placing bed facing bathroom's door.
Ideal location for cupboard is Southwest or Northwest. Safe or valuables should be kept in Southwest facing North.
Avoid bright colored walls for bedroom. Ideal colors are green, chocolate, light blue or gray.

These are some guidelines to bring happiness, prosperity and health to the head of the family and other family members.
Read about Dining Room Vastu here

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Madubani Painted In Natural Dyes

An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.

Few days ago when I decided to paint the Madhubani art that my sister had drawn for me an idea sparked in my mind. The idea was to paint the Madhubani art in natural dyes to give it a perfect look and feel of an ancient art form of India. Here is my artwork.

Madhubani Painting in natural dyes
Sorry for the bad picture quality

Here is how I prepared natural dyes:
1 part Turmeric powder+2 part water+ boil = Yellow Color
Leaves (preferably spinach/smooth gourd/beans) + crush and squeeze = Sap Green
1 Part Beetroot + 2 Part water + boil = Red color
1 part Blueberries + 2 Part water + boil = Blue color

You can use various flowers and vegetables to get different colors. Once you are ready with your natural dyes you can get more hues by mixing colors for example mix red and yellow to get orange, mix blue and yellow to get green etc.

Madhubani Art
My palette of natural colors 
 It was really a big task to fill the colors in this art as it has very intricate design and I completed it with utmost dedication and lot of patience.  

Madhubani Painting

Closer look at the intricate work.

Madhubani Art

Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Design

Madhubani Pattern

Madhubani Fishes

I loved the painting totally. It has come out as I wanted it. Check out more about other Indian art forms here

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Online Shopping @ Pepperfry: Review

I have shopped online with numerous online shopping sites and It's always fun and super easy to shop online. Recently I was asked to review Pepperfry hence I shopped from their 'Home Decor' section. So let me take pleasure to introduce you to Pepperfry.

About Pepperfry:
Founded in July 2011 by Ambareesh Murty and Ashish Shah, both ex eBay employees who decided to set up their own company. opened for business on the 3rd of January 2012 to give customers a wide selection of amazingly priced Furniture, Home and Living products and a consistently great shopping experience.
Pepperfry is today India’s No. 1 online Furniture, Home and Living destination, offering products across categories like Furniture, Home D├ęcor, Furnishings, Kitchen & Dining, Housekeeping, Fitness, Leisure and Pet Supplies.

My Shopping Experience With Pepperfry:
I was asked to choose a product from their 'Home Decor' section. I opened their site and found some very striking features like it is very well designed, easy to browse, vast variety of products, hassle free, time saving and most importantly there are multiple and secured payment options available. Take a look of their well designed portal.

I browsed through 'Home Decor' section and found very interesting and ample number of decor items. To narrow down my search I selected 'Clock' option from the many other available there. That means many products are available there and narrowing your search is just a click away. You can sort the items by their price and  shipping time.
I clicked on the product that I liked and there full description of the product was available with dimensions, colors, price, availability and shipping time. I rolled over the image of the product available there and got a bigger and nicer view of the product. Truly amazing isn't it and I'm very well satisfied now.
You can take their online help at any moment if you have any query or doubt.
Then comes the trickiest part of making payment, but here it seemed the easiest part of the shopping. I took a whole 3 days to choose my product but made payment just in 3 that's wonderful. You can pay through Credit Card/ Debit card, net banking, most popular in India COD (Cash On Delivery) and Paypal. 
After placing my order I got confirmation through mail and on the phone also. I placed order on 29th Aug and received it on  4th Sep. Now here I would like to share some pictures that will tell you about their excellent shipping services and well packed products. 

Yes I purchased this 'Vintage clock'. More about it in next post. It reached me safely and as you can see it has a glass panel on both the sides so I was much worried about its safe arrival but when I opened the package I was totally amazed to see the excellent packing and I received my clock without any damage. Thank you Pepperfry for your excellent services.

Stay tuned to see my Painted Madhubani and I have something to share too :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Some Pink Beauties

Some pink beauties from my archive.
Tell me aren't these beautiful!!

Images: Homeklonedike

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quick Update!!

It's a quick update on what I am upto. 
This is Madhubani that my younger sister drew for me. 

Something very special and amazing that I would like to share here is that my sister never heard of Madhubanhi paintings, didn't even know how to make it and then too when I asked her to make one for me she just said yes. You must be wondering here that if she doesn't know Madhubani then why did I asked her to make.
Because I know she can draw very well she is a good painter too, she is an artist at heart who doesn't know much about different art forms but is an excellent artist.

She just googled, stared at some Madhubani paintings, stayed awake till 3:00 AM and next morning I was just surprised and amazed to see what she had come up with. My jaw dropped and eyes popped out when I saw her work.

She made such beautiful Madhubani, I am awestruck to see such intricate work....every detail she gave is beyond excellence. Not sharing complete artwork here as I want to paint it first.

You lovely just stay tuned and I'll be coming up with painted and complete piece of this artwork. Till then you just tell me how do you find the sneak peek of my sister's artwork.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Weekend!!

Here in my part of the world we are heading towards a long weekend & I'm super excited about it.
No I haven't planned any weekend getaway, I just want want to be home...........

Image: Click Here

Image: Click Here
Image: Click Here
Image: Click Here

Image: Click Here

Aren't these spaces screaming......... come and relax........have a relaxed weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some Eye Candies!!

Sharing images of some rooms that instantly caught my attention and stole my heart.

Quirky artwork and lighting is what that giving this room a retro appeal.
Image: Click Here
Cane wood coffee table, chair and some house plants are a nice way to make your living room extension of outdoors.
Image: Click Here
Look at this bedroom, so bright and airy. 
Image: Click Here
Everything is so appealing in this cottage style kitchen. Blue hand painted cabinets are what I found something unique.
Image: Click Here
Ceiling in this image remind me of my grandpa's home :) It's a prominent feature of Tuscan interior.  

Image: Click Here
Room in white and bucket full of blooms and that vintage armoire is a true heart stealer.
Image: Click Here
These gorgeous cushions grabbed my attention in this colorful country living room.

Image: Click Here
Liked the way colors are blended beautifully.

Image: Click Here
White and off white highlighted with colorful oil painting and a treasure of books, perfect place to get lost in your own world. 
Image: Click Here
Combination of white and pale aqua is setting calming effect in this French style living room. My favorite is that paper chandelier.

Image: Click Here
Set ocean theme by bringing a large piece of thrift wood inside. Wicker chest and rope seat (Khaat) are setting ethnic appeal on the other hand.
Image: Click Here
I am drooling over all these images. Which one you liked most.........tell me I'm all ears!!

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