Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pot Full Of Happiness!!

I have a confession.
Yes, I am obsessed with recycling, lotus and Buddha  and this post is a combination of recycling and lotus obsession.
My husband had a sudden desire of drinking naturally cold water of a clay pot last summer. So we got this black pot but it had some leakage problem so was lying unused. Then one day I just picked it up and without even a proper plan in my mind I just painted it blue. Then it was lying like that for a week because I had no clue about what to do on it. 

Then my obsession with lotus came to rescue and I painted a blue lotus on it. It was looking very beautiful and suddenly it became 'pot full of happiness' :)

Painted Pot

A bit emptiness was still there or something was missing so one pink lotus came to give it a company and it was sheer joy to see theses blooming beauties on the pot.

Pink one became my favorite. Getting dried and getting ready to get a coat of protective layer so that I can use this pot as a planter and can keep it outside as well.

Pink Lotus On A Pot

Here is a complete look. Adding cheer and pop of color to my balcony garden.

Lotus on a pot

A closer look. Looks mesmerizing whenever I look at this pot. Lotuses look so real and happy.

Pot Painting

Enjoy some more views of the pot :)

Pot Painting Ideas

Pot Painting Ideas

It looks wonderful indoors..................

Pot Painting

as well as outdoors.........

Lotus painted on pot

I have a beautiful baby pink Bougainvillea that I'll plant in this pot. That will be icing on a cake and all of you wonderful readers you just stay tuned to see whether bougainvillea will add the charm to pot or pot will enhance the beauty of bougainvillea :) Will be a fun to see that!! Till then you can suggest me a nice and appropriate name for this pot :)

Wish you a very happy and creative weekend ahead!!

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Update: I have planted bougainvillea in this pot and this is how it looks.........


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