Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Diwali Decor Ideas

Before I share Diwali decor ideas, I would like to thank all my readers and friends for showering
so much love on my blog. It's because of your love and support my blog has been nominated  for
'The Most Informative Blog' on GoodHomes Awards 2013.

Diwali, the most beautiful and the brightest festival in our culture is 
just around the corner. I know a lot of my readers were waiting for the post on Diwali Decor Ideas.
Your wait ends here.

Rangoli at entrance make it cheerful and inviting. Make one with colors or with petals, put some diyas or candles and see the mesmerizing effect. 



Toran made of marigold flower strings and mango leaves add perfect festive cheer.

Bright and vibrant color walls add to festive glow. Give a fresh coat of bright color to your walls and you are all set to welcome festivity. 

Bright Wall

Bring in greens and don't forget the flower power. Strings of marigold on walls give a festive look to the home.




Take out all the lanterns, candles, tea light candles, diyas and lamps. It's time to display those beauties all around the home.

Apart from this there are lot of things that you can do to make your home look pleasing and inviting. Cushions specially silk or brocade with bling look perfect, use some nice matching throw and rug for a cozy look. 
Make a cluster of pillar candles and tea lights put one decorative mirror behind the arrangement. This setting will double up the charm and glow of your space.
To make a table centerpiece: take any tray put some pebbles with flowers or petals then put tea lights in any fashion linear, circular or random then put some pearls around each tea light. You are ready to greet your guests :)
Hope you will find these tips interesting and will try out some to make your home ready for the biggest festival.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Online Store: Style Ashram

If you love contemporary decor and planning to buy some modern furniture 
this store can be a big help for you.

Style Ashram is on a mission to make world class modern furniture affordable, by removing middlemen and expensive showrooms. Thus their motto, "no unnecessary expenses, just pure happiness."

The idea was born when co-founders Arti and Lalit went furniture shopping. Contemporary designs were hard to find, and incredibly expensive. So they put their entrepreneurial minds together to create a solution.

According to Arti, "we strongly believe in creating spaces that bring peace and allow you to decompress. For us, that means minimalist designs combined with comfort."

From sharing design ideas over coffee, to customizing sofas in a leather or fabric of their choice, it's quickly become a hub for creativity. "People come with some great visions, and we're thrilled when we can help their ideas come to life. Whether they buy from us or not, its great to be a part of that process."

For Design Decor and Disha readers, Style Ashram is offering a special promotion until November 10. Just enter code DDD10 to get Rs 10,000 off any purchase above Rs 75,000.

Happy shopping friends!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bringing Festivity!!

Past few weeks had been super busy. Festival of light 'Diwali' is just 
around the corner and I am gearing up to showcase some easy-peasy Diwali DIY & decor ideas.
Here are few clicks of my home during Navratri :)

Did you notice my London railway station clock in above image....scroll down....have a closer look :)

Now what say.... isn't it amazing!! I just love it. The best part is it is two-faced clock and no matter where in my home I'm standing I have view of it :) I got it from Pepperfry.

Here is another view.........

I totally loved the vintage look of this clock.  Moroccan lamp is new addition gifted by dear sister :)

Next post will be an easy DIY for Diwali so stay tuned!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pentas In My Garden

Two years back Pentas was a beautiful addition in my balcony garden and then last year 
I don't know what went wrong and it died.
This year I saw few saplings in different pots and  I was super excited to see them back in my garden so I let them grow. When they bloomed I was totally surprised because earlier I had only hot pink Pentas but now they are blooming in three colors.
Hot pink, soft pink and white Pentas.....triple bonanza yay!!! All thanks to butterflies and tiny birds who keep visiting my garden. Here is the hot pink one........

and here is soft pink Pentas a lovely surprise :)

and here is combo of pink..........adding beauty to my garden that has unintentionally turned into an almost  pink garden with pink Bougainvillea, pink Allamanda, pink Petunia and of-course pink Pentas.

and who said white is boring. Look at this looks like stars are making their presence in my garden :) Ahh at least something is other than pink in my small garden now.

and here all the three varieties of Pentas (Pentas because they have five petals). They attract butterflies and hummingbirds too. I have seen hummingbird playing with my flowers a few times in my garden. I am so happy and excited that they are back again and I'll get to see butterflies and hummingbirds again :)

Joy of gardening I must say :)

Linking it to Today's Flower

Monday, October 7, 2013

Home Tour: Shalu Prasad

Home tours have always been a great way to get inspired by people around the world and at the same time it quenches our thirst for images of lovely interiors, isn't it. You can get connected with me on Instagram (click here) to check out some random images that I share every now and then. 

Today on my blog I am sharing such lovely images of a home filled with character, vibrancy and is a visual treat. Shalu Prasad who blogs over at Temple Bells has done up her home aesthetically and has an equally beautiful blog. For more lovely and drool-worthy images of her home head over to her blog. 
Here is her ever evolving living room, as she says.

Lovely knick-knacks all around the home and warmth added by placing lamps and diyas perfectly.
More about Shalu and her home in her own words:

A  self-taught artist and a homemaker, with a keen eye for fine, ethnic art and have the intrinsic ability to convert a plain house into a tasteful warm, earthy place to call a “home”. This has earned me the title ”idea box” from people around me. I am passionate about my Tanjore art which I imbibed from experts in this field & I have done innumerable paintings in this art form.
My other passion is my home d├ęcor. My home is a reflection of my creativity and a huge palette, where all colors and media are laid down to experiment and thus cherish the outcome

A very beautiful, warm, bright and lively corner in a living room.

Let's have a look of some vignettes in her home. Everything in her home speaks about her impressive and outstanding decor style.

Come and have a look of her very beautiful garden. What else can be so relaxing and serene other than this gorgeous garden.

A peek into her sunny bright kitchen.

Now let's head over to her own studio where she creates magic. Yes, she is a self-taught artist and has done a lot of Tanjore paintings.

I absolutely enjoyed Shalu's home tour. What about you....do you want to say a word or two to her. Let's leave a comment and make us happy :)
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P.S. All images are provided by Shalu Prasad and subject to copyright.Please don't copy without her permission.

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