Monday, October 21, 2013

Online Store: Style Ashram

If you love contemporary decor and planning to buy some modern furniture 
this store can be a big help for you.

Style Ashram is on a mission to make world class modern furniture affordable, by removing middlemen and expensive showrooms. Thus their motto, "no unnecessary expenses, just pure happiness."

The idea was born when co-founders Arti and Lalit went furniture shopping. Contemporary designs were hard to find, and incredibly expensive. So they put their entrepreneurial minds together to create a solution.

According to Arti, "we strongly believe in creating spaces that bring peace and allow you to decompress. For us, that means minimalist designs combined with comfort."

From sharing design ideas over coffee, to customizing sofas in a leather or fabric of their choice, it's quickly become a hub for creativity. "People come with some great visions, and we're thrilled when we can help their ideas come to life. Whether they buy from us or not, its great to be a part of that process."

For Design Decor and Disha readers, Style Ashram is offering a special promotion until November 10. Just enter code DDD10 to get Rs 10,000 off any purchase above Rs 75,000.

Happy shopping friends!!

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