Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pentas In My Garden

Two years back Pentas was a beautiful addition in my balcony garden and then last year 
I don't know what went wrong and it died.
This year I saw few saplings in different pots and  I was super excited to see them back in my garden so I let them grow. When they bloomed I was totally surprised because earlier I had only hot pink Pentas but now they are blooming in three colors.
Hot pink, soft pink and white Pentas.....triple bonanza yay!!! All thanks to butterflies and tiny birds who keep visiting my garden. Here is the hot pink one........

and here is soft pink Pentas a lovely surprise :)

and here is combo of pink..........adding beauty to my garden that has unintentionally turned into an almost  pink garden with pink Bougainvillea, pink Allamanda, pink Petunia and of-course pink Pentas.

and who said white is boring. Look at this looks like stars are making their presence in my garden :) Ahh at least something is other than pink in my small garden now.

and here all the three varieties of Pentas (Pentas because they have five petals). They attract butterflies and hummingbirds too. I have seen hummingbird playing with my flowers a few times in my garden. I am so happy and excited that they are back again and I'll get to see butterflies and hummingbirds again :)

Joy of gardening I must say :)

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