Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vastu Gyan: Guest Room Vastu

In Indian culture guests are always considered as God. Therefore you should follow the principles of vastu for guest room also. It ensures the happy, peaceful and short stay of the guests at home.

Best location for guest room is Northwest direction this corner represents air element that is considered as the most unstable and movable element. Guest bedroom in this direction will ensure short and happy stay of guests at home. Other option is South or Southeast direction.
Avoid Southwest direction for guest as it is reserved for master bedroom. Guest will dominate or interfere if the guest bedroom is in Southwest direction.
Color of the walls can be white, cream, soft pink or light blue.

Guest Bedroom Vastu
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South or West is the right direction of placing a bed in guest room. Place the bed South-North so that guests should sleep with head towards South and legs towards North. There should not be any beam just above the bed. Always keep bed little far from the wall for proper air circulation. Avoid pacing bed directly in front of bathroom's door.
Windows in East and North direction is right option though it can be in West also but avoid South.
All the electric and electronic items should be in the Southeast direction, as it represents fire element.
South and West direction is ideal for cabinets and cupboards.

With a little care in the relative positioning and arrangement of the rooms one could expect to live a peaceful, happy & prosperous life.
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