Sunday, December 22, 2013

This Holiday Season Make Your Home Guest Ready

Christmas and New Year are just round the corner. It's holiday season are you having guests over? Is your home guest ready? If your answer is 'no' then no need to worry at all. Here are some quick ideas to make your home guest ready:

As entrance is the first place that creates first impression that lasts long. So entrance to home should always be welcoming and pleasing. Clear the space and make it organized. Spruce it up by cleaning and decorating. If paint is chipping then give a fresh coat of paint, put some greenery and place a doormat to welcome guests.

Make Home Guest Ready
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Next comes the living room where guest will spend lot of time and you will entertain them. Make sure that it is clutter free, neat and tidy. Sweep, mop and dust well in advance. Clear off unwanted things from coffee table and keep it simple, open windows and curtains to let natural light in that makes space appear fresh, airy and bright. Decorate it in interesting way that shows up your personality.

Living Room Guest Ready
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Dining area is where you will going to entertain your guests. Clear off the dining table and make enough space. Decorate it by placing some tea lights and vase filled with fresh flowers or a bowl full of fruits. Set the table for guests for lunch/dinner in advance, it looks inviting.

Dining Room Guest Ready
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Guest bedroom is the most important area in your home where guests will going to stay. Don't over decorate it. Make this room a comfy zone for your guests. Clean windows, clear cobwebs and dust bunnies. Clean the clutter from closet and under the bed. Wash curtains and linens and spray some nice scent on them. Keep extra pillow and draw sheet/blanket. Clear as much space as possible to provide guests enough space to unpack their stuff. Clearing closet will ensure that guests have enough space to hang their cloths. Replace burnt out bulbs. A lamp on night stand will be thoughtful help in case guest wake up in night. Keep some magazines or good books on night stand.

Guestroom Guest Ready
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In guest bath room clear cabinets and counters for guest to keep their toiletries. Clean mirror, basin and toilet. Clean shower, tub and faucet also. Clear your personal stuff from the cabinets. Put some extra towels and toiletries in easy reach.

These are few easy, simple but thoughtful tips that can make your guest's stay a pleasant and memorable one.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Evenings On 3D

I am enjoying my favorite time of the year....winters!!!  
Mornings are grey and foggy and evenings are gently kissed by Sun.
Nothing can beat the hot cuppa with some freshly baked cake in the winter evening :)

Calling my dear readers and fan of 3D to join me for a cup of tea.

Did you notice that Tea Cup...well it's a gift from FabFurnish and I am totally loving it. It has beautiful intricate design of elephant on both outside and inside wall.

How weather is treating you in your part of the world.  Are you enjoying winters as much as I am.
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Wish you good Luck!!
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Save Energy...Save Earth!!

Growing demand of power consumption every year in our country is the national concern and saving or conserving energy should always be in our mind. Here are some tips to save energy.

Conserve Energy
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  • Unplug electronics and chargers as these devices use power even when they are off.
  • Using CFL(Compact Fluorescent Lighting) is always a good option to save electricity as it uses only 2/3 rd of electricity than regular bulbs and tube lights.
  • Put off the fans and lights when you are not around can help cut down electricity bills to large extent.
  • Use electric and electronic items that have high efficiency rating.
  • Seal all the air leaks to stop the wastage of heated air in winters and cooled air in summers. This way you can save energy and lot on your electricity bill.
  • AC with automatic temperature cut off are best to choose. Set temperature at 24 degree C as it doesn't require more electricity and is quiet comfortable temperature. Place AC unit in shade as it consumes less energy. Don't put TV or lamps near AC thermostat as it senses heat and runs longer to cool the place.
  • Lower water heater's temperature from 130 degree F to 120 degree F to save energy to a greater extent.
  • Using solar water heater instead of electrical one is better option to save energy.
  • Washing cloths in top load washing machine with cold water is a good idea to save energy.
  • Prefer natural drying of clothes instead of using dryer. Always wash with full loads.
  • Do not iron wet cloths as it consumes more electricity. Use iron with automatic temperature cutoff.
  • In the kitchen boiling or cooking food in a pan with lid on can save lot of energy. If possible cook food in pressure cooker. Always remember to turn off the regulator of gas cylinder when not in use.
  • If flames have turned red or yellow then check for any blockage in burner, Flame should be blue.
  • Keep refrigerator few inch away from wall so that there is proper circulation of air. Always keep food covered in refrigerator as uncovered food releases moisture and in turn make compressor work harder.
  • Avoid keeping hot and warm food inside fridge rather wait for it to cool down to room temperature.
  • Install exhaust fan at higher level than ceiling fan.
  • Choose microwave oven over conventional or electric oven as it consumes only 50% of energy.
  • Turn off your computer or laptop when not in use as leaving them on stand by mode is a wastage of energy. Keeping CPU on and turning of monitor it self can save 40% energy. Set your electronic devices to sleep mode when they are not in use.

This way you can conserve lot of energy and can do your bit in progress of our country as it's growth depends on success of industries and industries need energy. So now you know how to save energy, lets start conserving energy for our nation's growth.
Make this one of your New Year Resolution!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Awesome Entryway

Sharing some useful tips today to style your entryway. 
Entrance to your home is the first place to greet and welcome your guests. Your home reflects your personality and foyer is the first place that sets the tone of the rest of your abode. As they say, the first impression lasts for long. Make an entrance to your home pleasing and inviting, that creates a lasting impression. 

  •  The first thing to start decorating any place is to make it clutter free and well arranged. Cleaned, arranged & bright place needs no extra effort to make it look welcoming. 
  • Paint wall in a foyer in some warm and bright color to make it look spacious and inviting. Keep in mind that it's color should blend well with rest of the house. You can choose wallpaper also with stripes or Damask one or any pattern that connects the decor to adjacent areas in a home.
  •  Put up artwork to add some interest to the foyer. You can group the picture frames and can show your collection of artwork here.

Foyer Picture Gallery
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  •  If you have a small foyer then putting up a mirror on the wall is the best idea as it will make your foyer appear larger. Putting up mirrors in different shapes and sizes in a group is in vogue these days. Make a statement by  displaying them against a dark toned wall.

Foyer Mirror
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  • Placing a console table, a bench or a chair in the foyer is always a good idea. As you can easily keep your stuff on the table and can relax on the chair for a moment after coming back home from a busy day. 
  • Display some pleasing accessories on the table  may be some souvenirs from your trips or  any of your proud possessions.

  •  Light up space with a warm glow of table lamp, hang a lamp or light scented candle for that soothing aroma.
  •  The best way to greet visitors is placing some fresh flowers or potted plants in your foyer. Place a vase filled with fresh blooms on the console. Planters flanking front door look very inviting.

Foyer Planters
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  • Place a clean area rug or runner to draw your guests into your haven. 
  • Lastly, keep your foyer clear of unnecessary furniture and clutter. It should have the feeling of openness.
Hope after going through these tips you are inspired to transform your entryway to awesome entryway. Happy Decorating!!

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