Thursday, December 12, 2013

Awesome Entryway

Sharing some useful tips today to style your entryway. 
Entrance to your home is the first place to greet and welcome your guests. Your home reflects your personality and foyer is the first place that sets the tone of the rest of your abode. As they say, the first impression lasts for long. Make an entrance to your home pleasing and inviting, that creates a lasting impression. 

  •  The first thing to start decorating any place is to make it clutter free and well arranged. Cleaned, arranged & bright place needs no extra effort to make it look welcoming. 
  • Paint wall in a foyer in some warm and bright color to make it look spacious and inviting. Keep in mind that it's color should blend well with rest of the house. You can choose wallpaper also with stripes or Damask one or any pattern that connects the decor to adjacent areas in a home.
  •  Put up artwork to add some interest to the foyer. You can group the picture frames and can show your collection of artwork here.

Foyer Picture Gallery
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  •  If you have a small foyer then putting up a mirror on the wall is the best idea as it will make your foyer appear larger. Putting up mirrors in different shapes and sizes in a group is in vogue these days. Make a statement by  displaying them against a dark toned wall.

Foyer Mirror
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  • Placing a console table, a bench or a chair in the foyer is always a good idea. As you can easily keep your stuff on the table and can relax on the chair for a moment after coming back home from a busy day. 
  • Display some pleasing accessories on the table  may be some souvenirs from your trips or  any of your proud possessions.

  •  Light up space with a warm glow of table lamp, hang a lamp or light scented candle for that soothing aroma.
  •  The best way to greet visitors is placing some fresh flowers or potted plants in your foyer. Place a vase filled with fresh blooms on the console. Planters flanking front door look very inviting.

Foyer Planters
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  • Place a clean area rug or runner to draw your guests into your haven. 
  • Lastly, keep your foyer clear of unnecessary furniture and clutter. It should have the feeling of openness.
Hope after going through these tips you are inspired to transform your entryway to awesome entryway. Happy Decorating!!

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