Friday, March 7, 2014

Contest Alert!!

Hello dear readers!!!
I have few news to share....
I am running a Facebook Holi Contest. If you are interested in participating then click here. There is nothing much to do to participate. Just click a colorful picture of your creation, your artwork or it can be a beautiful nook in your home where you have used lot of colors and post that pic here. To win the contest try to get maximum likes on your picture.
Below are the images of my hand painted and hand crafted products that you can win. (Any one of these).

Secondly I would like to share that I have created Google+ page of this blog. See it here, follow it and stay tuned as you can win something BIG. When I say big it really is very BIG. 
Want to know what I am talking about......well you can win this:

  • A WEEK of designer wear with outfits from 3 big designers
  • A full makeover by the Absolut Studio
  • Complete access to the venue
  • Celeb status on LFW social handles
  • Cameras and VIP passes to shows and lounges

What you have to do:

Just click a selfie (A photo that you have clicked of yourself) and share it on G+ with hash tag #styleselfie and #Lakmefashionweek.

Are you ready.. then just go!!

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