Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Shopping Experience With India Circus

I am a big fan of all things Indian. Whenever I look for some decor accessories for my home
I try to find out a piece that reflects India. One such store that draws inspiration from
rich heritage of India is: India Circus

About Company:
A design label that offers affordable, Indo-centric, and sophisticated designs by renowned designer Krsna Mehta, Design Director of India Circus. The collections offer various life-style products, ranging from home decor to personal accessories. India Circus designs seek to introduce modern sensibilities to Indian aesthetic traditions. With an All-Indian palette, India Circus draws inspiration from the flora & fauna as well as the rich heritage of India. The brand is a curation of diverse and distinct moods and tones that Mr.Mehta identifies as his vision of contemporary India. The vibrancy of colors and modern sensibility, combined with the nuanced heritage of the designs, makes each piece created at India Circus exceptional & makes it a truly flamboyant act.

India Circus
Image Credit: Yourstory
They offer distinct and diverse array of moods and tones that represents India. Their wide range of products offer everything from home decor to dining, furnishings to fashion and lot more. Designs are so unique and eye pleasing that you will love to shop from India Circus again and again.

India Circus Products
Image Credit: India Circus
My Shopping Experience: 
I found the web site well designed and  easy to navigate. They have categorized all the products in few main categories like Home Decor, Dining, Accessories, Rugs, Fashion and more. Choose the product and place your order, it is that simple. They have multiple and secured payment option. 
I browsed through different categories and found that choosing only one product from such beautiful collection is a big deal. I stared at every product and wanted each one of them. Designs are such exquisite and Indian that I was spoiled for choice. Then being a decor enthusiast I chose cushion covers for my home. Have a look.....

India Circus
Image : Mine
Liked it!!! I liked it a lot. Though I was worried about material and color but before placing my order I read the complete description of product that is available on their site for every product like dimensions, material and availability. So I got to know material of cushion covers was velvet and color at the back of covers was maroon. Without any delay I placed my order and I received it within 8 days in good condition. Though I placed order for two covers and got only one (only one was in stock) but their customer care services are so good and prompt that they resolved my issue in no time. I received the second one within two days. 

India Circus
Image: Mine
My overall shopping experience with India Circus was excellent. You can check out their exquisite collection right here.
Now I am leaving you with some images of my living room  that has got new cushion covers after so long :) 

India Circus

India Circus

India Circus

India Circus

India Circus

Signing off now....all you lovely readers just let me know through your comments how do you find my choice of cushion covers from India Circus and what you will going to shop from their store!!

P.S. : Complementary voucher was provided by India Circus but all the views expressed here are purely mine :) 

Friday, April 25, 2014

DIY: Newspaper Wind Chime

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Today I am posting DIY after a long time. It's again my favorite newspaper craft. 
This time, I made a wind chime from newspaper. 

Lets start:
First step of making newspaper sticks/rolls you can find by clicking here. Make 20-22 sticks.
1. Now that you are ready with a fair amount of sticks with you, take one stick and make a tight coil of it. Make one coil with one paper stick and make a total of 12 coils of approx. 1" diameter. Make one larger coil of approx. 4" diameter. Now you have 12 small and one larger coil.
2. Now apply glue on all the sides of the coil with the help of a brush. 
3. Before the glue dries completely place your thumb in the center of the coil and then slowly and gently press it outwards as shown in the image. 
4. Repeat step 3 for all the coils. They will be bell shaped now (no. 4) Apply glue once more, let it dry and then prime it. You can paint them in your choice of color at this stage or can do so later. 

Newspaper craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

5. Now take out some old magazines and make paper beads in 2-3 different sizes and shapes. You can find the tutorial here. I made 1" and 1/2" paper beads. Red, yellow and orange in colour. You will need some jewelry making tools too like flat nose pliers, cutter, scissors, nylon cord and ghungroo (jingelling bells).

Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

 6. Now make a knot at one end of the nylon cord and thread a ghungroo and then long bead.
7. Now thread a small bell.
8. Thread more beads so that it is not more than 2".
9. Now with the help of needle attach this string to the larger bell.

Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial
10. Now make another string. Repeat steps 6 and 7. Repeat step 8 but keep in mind every time you need to increase the length of a string by 2". make a total of 12 such strings and attach them to the large bell at equal distance. It will look like this....

Newspaper craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial
If you want to keep it like this then you can give a coat of varnish at this stage too. But I love it when my hands are smeared with colours so I went ahead and coloured it with acrylic colours. I chose red, orange and yellow. As these colours go well with the paper beads I have used in strings. Let it dry for 4-5 hrs and then give a coat of varnish to make it water proof.
This is how it looks :))) I am super happy with the result.

Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial
I went crazy and tried to click it from every possible angle, up, down, right and left.

Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial
You must be thinking whether it makes a sound or not. Yes, it does. Whenever gentle breeze passes through, it makes very relaxing and soothing sound. As ghungroos are attached at the end of few strings :)
Have you ever made something like this before, please do share here I would love to see it!! If you are seeing it for the first time, I will suggest you try to make one. it's super easy but yes needs a lot of patience.

See you soon with a review of my favorite store on my blog.
Till then Reuse, Recycle and Stay Creative!!Happy Weekend!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Decorate Your Child's Room With a Fun Country Theme

Whether you live on a idyllic farm or in New York City, a barn theme is a wonderful way to spark up a nursery or kid's bedroom. Both boys and girls, especially those who love animals, will enjoy a room that has a barn theme and is the place of cows, tractors, fences, horses, donkeys, pigs and a down-home country look. From nursery age and upward, a barn and farm can be the place to call home for the little ones. Red with white trim can be the dominant look, reflecting a happy country barn, filled with animals, especially the stuffed kind. Isn't it time to give a home to your child's menagerie of bears, donkeys, horses and other animals?
You might try your hand at painting a barn and sky mural. If you're not great at painting a puffy cloud-filled blue sky, green grass and apple trees, red barn and farm animals, you can buy a printed mural that will be the focal point of the room. A variety of fun murals that will enhance the theme can be found by searching online. You might add a cornstalk, pig or rooster sticker or decal to add a bit of whimsy and decorate an additional wall.

Kid's Room Decor Ideas
Image Credit : Click Here
You can also commission a tromp l'oeil painted mural of a farm scene looking out the door of the barn. Calming as well as beautiful, a painting of the countryside will add pastoral serenity to the room.

One can find a variety of beds for sale that include themes of tractors, red barns and more. Or if you are familiar with woodworking, build a barn bed yourself.

Kid's Room Decor Ideas
Image Credit: Click Here

Add a toy box made of metal, a real bin used to feed animals. Or make one out of wood and decorate with the red and white barn theme. A cow chair, there are a few on etsy.com, adds a delightful and whimsical, though useful prop, to your barn theme. Go all out with a wine barrel vanity or add fun for the little one with a cow rocker; there is much out there to inspire you in your farm or barn theme.

Kid's Room Decor Ideas
Image Credit: Click Here
Wall Decor
There are many fine and inexpensive canvas and wood decorative items that would be suitable for your barn-themed room. From cow painting prints to country whimsical, posters and prints are ideal to enliven the room and add to your theme. You can even have your child paint his or her favorite farm animal and have a canvas print made to adorn the wall. Signs with simple sayings and country fun can also enhance the theme of the room.

Kid's Room Decor Ideas
Image Credit: Click Here

Building It Yourself
If you decide to build an enclosed barn bed with a sliding door painted in red and white, you can begin by buying the right sliding door hardware, red and white paint and any other building supplies that might be needed for this fun project. Add a cute sign to the sliding door and gingham or black and white unique "cow" bedding, and you will have a bed to delight any child as well as make sleepy-time more fun.

You should be able to find lots of inspiration on the Internet as well as places to buy building materials, murals, props, pictures, signs and more. With a bit of creativity and a sense of humor, you can decorate your child's room in a barn theme and make it a place they will enjoy for play as well as sleep and relaxation. Whether the outside of your home overlooks a traffic jam or the countryside, a barn theme is easy to carry out and will provide fun, relaxation, whimsy and charm to your home decor.

Author's Bio: Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in interior design, DIY, and welness. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.                                       

Friday, April 11, 2014

Inspiring Eminent Artist: Shilpa Singh

                                    It's time again to meet one more inspiring artist here on 3D. I met her during one exhibition, the stall that caught all my attention and I got lost looking at her fabulously done paintings was the stall of this wonderful artist who amazed each and every visitor by her excellent artwork. Please welcome Shilpa Singh, a woman of many talent. Over to Shilpa:
My name is Mrs. Shilpa Singh a homemaker and I do have interest in making Paintings and sketches. I make various kinds of paintings like:
Pencil Sketches where you sketch n shade with the help of pencils. This can be a portrait or any natural scene. Just black and white. 

Art And Artists

Madhubani  painting is a style of Indian painting, practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar state. Madhubani paintings mostly depict the men & its association with nature and the scenes & deity from the ancient epic.

Art And Artists

Orissa Paintings which depicts inspiration behind the Pattachitra Paintings is the beautiful ancient murals painted on the walls of temples.

Kangra Paintings finest art work from Himanchal Pradesh themes of eternal love between Radha and Krishna. Also, Kangra paintings depict the feminine charm in a very graceful manner. Beauty of female with sharp features and colorful dresses with pearl ornaments is the defined beautifully. 

Art And Artists

Lastly, Canvas Paintings showing great combinations of color with different figures relating mood and atmosphere. 

Art And Artists

Thank you so much Shilpa for sharing with us about your passion. I have seen all her paintings and I must say she is very talented artist on a multitude of levels and truly has an eye for detail. 
Do you like her artwork then leave your comment below or shoot a mail at [shilpa_vimal_singh@yahoo.co.in] and she would be happy to answer your queries. She can create a piece of work especially for you. If you have something in mind just let her know and she will be ready to shape your dreams.
Have you met some more inspiring artists on my blog earlier...no then click here. Enjoy reading about artists and get inspired :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Creative Headboard Ideas For Kid's Bedroom

Kids – The ultimate fun factor in your home all the time. 
Dressing your kids bed will be a daunting task if you fail to pick the perfect rope.

Creative headboard ideas for kid's bedroom
Image Source: Click Here

A kid’s bedroom is a space where your child can unwind after a hectic day at school or relax after a daylong of playing. It is imperative to design your kid’s room with accompaniments that interest him and which slides his imagination to a fantasy world.
There are lot of ways to get creative with a kid’s bedroom however, your best bet would be to provide your child with a comfortable bed with a creative headboard on it. You can be confused with varied choices. Some of the best and most creative ideas are as below:

• Educational headboards
Your child can loosen up from his hectic school routine and revive some of the problematic monsters, while he is in his pajamas. Provide them a headboard with writing boards, maps, abacus tools and other informative and captivating articles. 

Educational Headboard
Image Source: Click Here
• Craftsmen headboards
Let the creative side of your child be exposed to himself at his comfort. After all the studying he does, help him develop a creative arena. Lot of colors, chart papers, coloring canvas and display threads can help awaken the creative angel he is.

• For him or her headboards
Boys are always boys and girls are always in their colorful fantasy world. Enhance it by providing articles that interest them. Hanging footballs, car shaped headboards, super hero posters etc in case of boys and elaborate princess theme headboards, hanging dolls, doll house headboard etc for a girl. 
Make them feel special by gifting them what they want…!!

Headboard for girls/boys
Image Source: Click Here

• Theme based headboards
Each individual has different choices, so do kids. They have different choices on super heroes, dolls, automobiles etc. Know your child's choice before designing their bedrooms. 
Maybe he wants superman instead of batman or she wants Barbie instead of Minnie mouse. Let your child feel that their parent know them more than anyone else.

Theme based headboards
Image Source: Click Here
• Simple and techy headboards
Keep the colors simple and exhibit a chic effect to the room. Instill a sophisticated and technologically enabled bed with headboards with remote control beds and headboard video games and other gadgets merged on to their headboards. Let them live on to be tech savvy when they grow up.

• Color theme headboards
Right before the baby is born the bifurcation of color happens i.e. blue for boys and pink for girls. Then why not give them a choice of colors when they set up their room..??
Coordinate their bed headboards with colors of their bedroom walls and cupboards. Even some of us do not prefer a wood color on our beds, so spoil them with choices.

Color theme headboards
Image Source: Click Here

• Organizer headboards
Teach your child to organize his belongings right from the initial stages. Give him a headboard where he can shelf up his toys, stock his scrapbooks and get organized with every article which otherwise would be lying around the room.

Organizer Headboard Ideas
Image Source: Click Here

• Blank-it-out headboards
Your child grows mentally in a flip of a second. His choices change between his visits from one toy shop to the other. Give him a blank headboard space, where he can experiment his thoughts with his current favorites. 

Blank Headboard Ideas
Image Source: Click Here

Infuse different kinds of designs as per your kids cup of tea..!! Thrill them and let them feel the difference.

About the author: Sravani P
Sravani, an official blogger at Bonito designs who always been interested in writing at her happiest when she got pen and paper in her hand. She joined her hands with Bonito designs as they are the skillet of buddy growing young blooded minds as interior designers in Bangalore. Their innovative home interiors can be seen at their You tube channel where they marked the spot in the hearts of their 5 lakh fans.

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