Monday, August 25, 2014

Designing With Dell Venue 8

Dell's newly launched Venue 8 tab is what I am using for blogging these days.
 I must admit that I loved its features. Being a design blogger I need lot of images and work on several design projects at a time. Venue has made it real simple and easy for me to click fine images with this tab and then directly insert it in my post without any hassle.

For design projects earlier I used to draw so many sketches to conceptualize the design and then tried to visualize them that how it will going to look once the design is complete and believe me I hated the overall process but with Venue it has become much easier. I click the image of object/place with the tab that I am going to design and then with the help of some image editing software online, I am done. Voila!! I never had so many images to conceptualize my designs in such less time that too without any hassle.

For an instance I was doing a balcony designing project recently and for that I needed to conceptualize the design. I clicked the image of the wall with Venue tab and then I went berserk with my imaginations and then after a while I had good number of designs to show my client and she happily and easily chose one out of them according to her taste.
Let me show you a video of everything that I am doing with this Venue 8 tab. I never made video of myself not even for DIY tutorials on my blog but  all thanks to Dell for giving me this opportunity to make one. Here is my first video where I am showing some best features of Venue those are really helpful for design blogger like me.

Now my dear readers let me know two things that I am desperately waiting to know from you:
1. What do you think of Venue 8 tab and its mind blowing features.
2. How do you find my first ever video :)

More about Venue 8 will be coming soon on my blog. So stay tuned!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Handmade With Love

First let me thank you all who participated in GoodHomes Colour Contest!! Got lot of entries will share them all in a post soon and I ensure you that you will get to see lot of eye candies!!
Now about today's guest post that is contributed by Reena Bino of KnitnPurlocean.
Today we are talking about handmade.

Image Source: Click Here

“When Life gives you
Just plain walls and empty living rooms are not appealing to the eyes. Every nook and corner of the house can have its own elegance, its own beauty and its own charm with just a little addition of handmade items. Someone rightly said “When design and craft meet they create a wonderful combination called Handmade”
A  warm welcome to the world of handmade.  ‘HANDMADE’ as the name suggests is a piece of art done with human hands with great effort, care, lot of passion, creativity and minute detailing in every product. You cannot compare handmade products to mass produced products.
An artisan uses imagination, creativity and the skill to create a product. Some are purely handmade. Artisans put in all their effort in creating every single piece which consumes lot of time, patience and energy. The creativity flow in these items is beyond imagination.
Artisans can’t escape the urge of creating things and they put in all their feelings in the paper, glue, clay and all sorts of things. They leave their mark in the works they create. This applies not just to one type of handcrafted item but to all types of handcrafted items. In any Handmade product the raw materials are of the best quality since they are personally selected by the artisan, the workman ship involved in creating the product is of much superior quality  and the final ready product is something that one can treasure for his life time, something that brings a smile on everyone’s face. Something that makes one wonder “How beautiful is this”. One can consider himself to be a proud owner of this truly magnificent piece.

Each individual item has its own persona, creativity at its best, enormous ideas, imagination and a identity of its own. These sort of elements cannot be replicated in mass produced items.

Some Artisans can use their creativity, skill and knowledge to create a custom made item for you as per your requirements for a particular occasion. The one of its kind and uniquely personalized just for you.  It can be a special gift to someone or just a home decor piece in that special corner of the house. It takes  a lot of time, the best of raw materials and you have to well appreciate the finished product.

Image: Pinterest
Sometimes we get to see some really breathtaking designs which are created after long hours and days of hard work and dedication. Every Artisan’s imagination is Unique and this can be very well seen in the items created.
More and more people should buy handmade items and support small business and this in turn, can be a boost to our economy as a whole.  Small business can help everyone to prosper in their own field, be in in the local markets or their own small organisation. In today’s world of online technology there are various online market places where buying and selling are both very easy and comfortable. It’s a One Stop Shop for all your needs.  Paying the right price is what you can do.
There are numerous opportunities for sellers to reach new customers and to display their products as
Well as for buyers who want to purchase handmade for the house or as gifts for those special occasions.

When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself. - J. Donald Waters

Image: Pinterest

Happiness is handmade!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Beautiful Balcony Garden!!

First let me share some exciting news for all my lovely readers. I know you all love decorating your homes, so here is a chance to win gift voucher worth Rs.3000/- for more information click here.

I have a wonderful guest today on my blog, Smita Srivastava. A food blogger who is equally enthusiastic about gardening. When I stumbled across some beautiful images of her small balcony garden, I couldn't help and asked her to send some more lovely images.

Smita Srivastava is the food blogger behind the fun food blog Little Food Junction . She started her career as a graphic designer after completing her masters in advertising design but fun foods, cooking & photography was where her true calling was. Struggling to interest her daughter in eating, she began to transform plates of food into colorful animals , people and pictures to liven up mealtimes. Her designs worked so well that she started her blog, Little Food Junction .
Simplicity , healthy and easy to make has always been her mantra for all her recipes and food designs. Her works have been featured on several newspapers and sites of great repute Her book – Fun food for Fussy Little Eaters ( published by Ryland Peters & Small, London) is available worldwide ( on Amazon, Flipkart, Barnes & noble etc )
As I said she loves gardening too.....
 So here some eye candies for you from Smita Srivastava's balcony garden

Well that's a nice way to add pop of colour and so much character in a small balcony garden. Beautiful accessories and lovely planters, is what that can change look of garden.

Indian Balcony Garden

Balcony garden that is filled with lot of character. Don't you love that cute tiny ceramic hut.

Indian Balcony Garden

Look at those lovely mushrooms.... gorgeous isn't it.

Indian Balcony Garden

I just loved her collection of beautiful  ceramic planters in different shapes and colours.

Indian Balcony Garden

And here's a wonderful zen corner in her Indian balcony garden. A perfect place to unwind.

Indianl Balcony Garden

Smita inspired me to do so many things in my garden, I am all set to add some character in my garden. Tell me what do you think of her beautiful garden.
Check out more gardening ideas on my blog click here

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Contest: My Favorite Colour!!

Welcome dear readers!! It's been long that I have held any contest here on my blog and I know you all were waiting desperately for one. So here is one just for you.
Let me tell you the contest is quite easy and lot of fun to take part in, there is no specific rule or regulation and the best thing is you need not to worry about getting maximum Facebook likes...yes contest will not be judged on the basis of Facebook likes. We have jury who will going to judge the contest. So here's little about contest:
This contest is being held in association with GoodHomes. In upcoming monthly issue it focuses on two aspects- Colours and Flooring. The issue highlights some wonderful ideas on how to make your floor marry your décor scheme! Some experts like Andy Munro, Eleonore Cavalli and Krsna Mehta have shared some insightful information on décor. Further the issue also does a deep dive into the runway styles of the season that can be implemented in one’s home. Lastly, they have played with colour in this issue and have displayed 55 ways to make an impression with it! So I would suggest go and grab your copy today and get inspired.

GoodHomes Blogger Contest

Colours are an integral part of one’s home. By adding colour to your home, you can add colour to your life! Keeping with the theme of 'colour', I would like you to share images of corner/nook in your home or vignette on coffee table/side table or anywhere around your home that has been done in your Favorite Colour yes your favorite colour and you love to spend time there. It is that simple. 
Here are the steps how you can do it:
1. Click the image of place (where you unwind and love to spend lot of time) in your home that has been done in your favorite color. It can be your living room, bedroom, library, studio, backyard, front yard, balcony, garden, terrace, vignette, corner/nook or any decor piece. (Basically I want to see colours, that's it).
2. Send the image to

DURATION: Contest is open for 10 days. From 8th August to 18th August.

REWARD: Contest will be judged by experts and the winner will get gift hamper worth Rs 3000/-
 (Hamper courtesy: Printed Noise and Tangerine)
Don't miss any updates from this blog, lot of exciting things are coming your way like my Facebook Page to stay connected.
Happy decorating folks and Good Luck to all of you!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tech Talk: Dell Venue 8

So this post is something different from what I usually write about on my blog. Yes I am talking about technology today. You all are aware of the fact that my blog is design and lifestyle blog but writing a blog wouldn't have been possible without technology and saying that I admit that I am technology freak.
I have used so many gadgets and devices for blogging from desktop to tab, laptop to mobile but, my all time favorite was my Dell laptop that helped me achieve my dreams and in past 4 years I didn't keep it away from me even for a day though sometimes I found that it's not that handy and can't be easy to use on the go.
Then one fine day I got something very handy and designed for life on the go. It's Dell's newly launched Venue 8 tab. The day I got it and explored its features I became a fan of it. Lets have a look what I am talking about:

Dell Venue 8 Review
Image Source: Dell

Its sleek look and perfect design is what make it stand out from other tablets. Venue 8 tablet is strong, sturdy, light weight and thin ( less than 9.5 mm), screen size is 20.3 cm(8"), tactile rubber finish on the back offers excellent grip and less chances of picking up scratch. It has high definition screen so you can enjoy your videos and images. There is Micro-SD card reader that supports upto 128GB storage that is pretty good. One Micro-AB USB2.0 slot for charging. One headphone and microphone combo jack and one 3FF micro-SIM slot
Dimensions: Thickness: 9.5 mm (0.37)
                    Width: 130 mm (5.11)
                     Length: 212 mm (8.35)
Weight : 350 g

Now lets have a look on its fantastic features :
Processor   :  Intel Atom (Dual Core)
OS             :  Android Jelly Bean 4.2
Screen Size : 20.3 cm (8)
Display       : 1280 x 800
Memory     : 2GB
Hard Drive : 16 GB/32 GB
Video Card: Intel HD Graphics
Audio & Speaker: Single mic and speaker with 3.55 mm stereo jack
Camera      : Front- 2MP Back- 5MP
Power        : 10 Watt AC Adapter
Battery       : Integrated 15.5Whr (4100mAh), 1-Cell Battery
Color         : Black
Warranty    : 1Year accidental damage services

For me while blogging it works pretty awesome. It's handy and I can operate it anywhere as it has micro sim slot too. So even if I don't have access to Wi-Fi and can connect to internet and start blogging and that too in a hassle free way. Its dimensions make my work easier, can be held easily without any stress in your hand and I can read in a wide screen and can enjoy my videos and images in landscape view. Its weight is comparatively very less than other tablet thus I can carry it along everywhere and can easily start working on it. Since the day I got this tab I have been exploring it and found it pretty handy and easy to operate. Stay tuned to know more about it and how this wonderful tablet is helping me in blogging. Till then please let me know how do you find Venue 8.

And I have got a news for my lovely readers, wonderful contest is coming your way. Stay tuned!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Creative Fan Of 3D: Reena Bino

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a very creative reader of 3D
She wrote, "I want to make people aware of Handmade products and the time and effort it takes to create any handmade item" and she struck a chord. She wears many caps, let me introduce you to an expert knitter Reena Bino. More about her in her own words. Over to Reena now:


I am a working woman, wife and  a mother to a 8 year old mischievous son.  I have done my B.Sc (Graduation in Science), with Post Graduate Diploma in Computers and then  a few certificates to enhance my computer knowledge. Currently I am working for a Pharma Company in Goa.

My hobbies are reading, I write short stories and articles on whatever inspires me, I do Metal Embossing on Aluminum Foil, Artificial paper and Stocking flowers, Glass painting in my free time, I love photography and have won some prizes for my photography, I love to learn new art everytime, and currently the latest on my learning list is paper quilling, but my passion and something very dear to my heart is KNITTING. Its enjoyable, fun and relives all my day’s stress. Whenever I am sitting I am knitting, Whenever I am traveling in the Car I am Knitting . I knit and I Knit. 


Now how beautiful those booties are. Such neat work!!


I learnt this art from my Mom at the age of 8 and after that it has been a continuous journey , trying to self learn more difficult patterns and more difficult knitting stitches. I knit with a set of five or eight double pointed needles (Aluminum, Bamboo, Wood or plastic needles). My knitting is basically for Home Decor, they can be used as table mats, center pieces and something unique for the unique wooden and glass furniture. I also knit with two and three needles i.e. baby booties, bay hats, baby blankets, scarves, bookmarks, mobile cases.. etc.

Now Check out her fabulous work:
Look at those fabulously done table mats. 

Crochet Table Cover
Lovely patterns, It reminded me of my Mom's work. She used to crochet many things but, now she has developed hypermetropia and can't do such fine work. 

Crochet Table Cover

Hobby that Reena enjoys a lot..........
You will be amazed to see how she knits. Look at this.............Isn't that wonderful!!

Some beautiful clicks..........




Reena is a working woman and wants to follow her heart by taking her passion for knitting seriously and making it a full time job. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page. Spread some love by liking her page and stay updated about whatever magic she creates!!

Stay Tuned for some tech talks first time on my blog!!

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