Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beautiful Spaces With Personal Stamp

Big thanks to all those who participated in Goodhomes 'Color Contest'.
Entries I received were amazing and I was awestruck by the beauty of all the homes. I like it how home reflects the personality of its dwellers in so many ways. So while all the entries are scrutinizing by the jury I decided to give all the participants a pleasant surprise. As you must be aware that recently I made my first video and it made me confident that yes I can make more and more and........ So now I am on video making spree :)

All the entries I received for this contest have become a part of this video and I aptly gave it a title "Yeh Mera Ghar'. Here is a video, click play, increase the volume and play it in full screen now enjoy and don't forget to tell me how do you find it.

If you liked the video then don't forget to subscribe my Youtube channel, as lot more is coming shortly. You can do so by clicking on 'subscribe' button (red color) on the left hand side, below the video screen. 

Thanks once again!! Stay tuned to check out some more beautiful homes here on 3D.

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