Thursday, October 30, 2014

Inspiring Eminent Artist: Yulia Brodskaya

 Dear readers I am back after a short vacation. Hope you all had wonderful Diwali, mine was great too. 
Today I am featuring a Paper artist who is joining us all the way from Russia. She is blessed, enjoys doing paper quilling in her own unique and innovative way and her work is mind blowing. You must have seen lot of paper quilling work earlier but, this is something extra ordinary and very innovative. Dear readers sit back, relax and enjoy reading about this wonderful artist-  

Yulia Brodskaya, is a Russian paper artist and illustrator. She uses simple materials like paper, scissor and glue and turn them into something mesmerizing and out of the world creations. She started working as a graphic designer and illustrator in 2006, however she left her job to follow her heart, her passion for paper art: "Paper always held a special fascination for me. I've tried many different methods and techniques of working with it, until I found the way that has turned out to be 'the one' for me: now I draw with paper instead of on it".

Her work reflects hard work, passion and dedication. Have a look of her wonderful art work below. How carefully and neatly she places the paper stripes to create a masterpiece. I loved the intricacy of her work. 

Yulia Brodskaya

Isn't this something extra ordinary and beyond imagination.

Yulia Brodskaya

She has earned international reputation and has worked with many big names. Below is one more beautiful creation by Yulia. She has a vast collection of  Quilling typography too.

Yulia Brodskaya

I loved the way she places different kind of quilling patterns and pulls off everything so beautifully. Look at this quilling bird, such brilliant use of vibrant colours and unique patterns. 

Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia's artwork is outstanding and one of its kind. She creates unique pieces and has distinct style. I was in awe when I saw this tropical fish. The swirls and twirls are so eye catching.

Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya

 Yulia's each and every creation speaks a thousand words. She is such a passionate and dedicated artist. She is invited at various design conferences and design schools around the world to speak about design and art.

Yulia Brodskaya

Her artwork is owned by Oprah Winfrey too and why I am not surprised!! Her clients list has many big names. Her work has been featured in many books.  

Yulia Brodskaya

She has created theme for Google chrome too. Recognize this Google Chrome bird!!

Yulia Brodskaya

Here is a surfing-themed cover art for the FahThai, an in-flight magazine she designed for Bangkok Airways.

Yulia Brodskaya

Cover art for Pure Magazine.

Yulia Brodskaya

She has many feathers in her cap. Go on and read more about her here on her website ArtYulia. She also keeps updating her fans on her Facebook page PaperDesignArt. I am completely in love with whatever she creates and I admire all her artwork. Thanks Yulia for this wonderful treat. I wish you a great success ahead!!

So how do you like meeting this artist my dear readers......enjoyed thoroughly....I know!! Stay tuned and I have some more things to share.

P.S. All images are provided by Yulia Brodskaya and subject to copyright. Please don't use any image without her permission.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Diwali Decor Ideas- Part II

Thank you so much dear readers for overwhelming response to Diwali Decor Ideas-  Part I
With your encouragement and support here I am bringing to you some more video tutorials on how to make Paper Flowers for Diwali in an easy-peasy way. You must have seen my Diwali Wall Hanging video tutorial, if not then click here.
Sorry for the delay in publishing this post. As I tried several times to upload video on Youtube using my laptop and every time something wrong happened and it failed to upload, then I picked up my Venue tab and believe me it was quick and easy to do it using Venue. Now lets start.............

See this picture collage I made using my venue tab.
Diwali Craft Ideas
Diwali Decor Ideas
In this post we'll learn to make some easy flowers that can enhance the beauty of your space and definitely your Diwali will be special and memorable one. 

Tissue Paper Marigold Flower:  

Tissue Paper Marigold Flower
Tissue Paper Marigold 
This is the easiest paper flower that anyone can make, even small kids too. My Mum taught me this flower when I was around 8 yr old. I Enjoyed making it so much that I made a bouquet of it and I still enjoy making it. Below is the Tissue Paper Marigold Flower video tutorial. Sorry I used white tissue paper and not yellow as I was running short of time and used whatever I had with me. You please use yellow tissue paper for making perfect marigold flower. 

Tissue Paper China Rose Flower: 

Tissue Paper Flower
Tissue Paper Flower
One more quickest and easiest way to add charm to your space this Diwali is decorate your home with these tissue paper China Rose Flowers. Making them is not a hassle at all. Just two steps and you are done. One tip from my side- use different colour of tissue papers and make lots of colorful flowers. You can use two shades of same colour for making a flower and put them around rangoli or around any decor piece. Below is a video tutorial:

Diwali Hanging: 

Diwali Flower Crafts
Diwali Flower Hanging
This can be little tricky but not difficult at all. It looks beautiful if you make it large. You can use craft paper/ chart paper/ handmade paper to make this flower. First make petals and then stick them. Stick 3 petals or 4 petals or may be you can stick different colour petals in a single flower. Below is a video tutorial:

All thanks to Venue tab that I could publish this post in time, before leaving for Diwali celebration at my in-laws place. Yes dear readers now I'll be on short vacation and wouldn't be able to reply your mails and queries. Please be patient and after coming back I'll answer each one of you.

Now lets have a look of some gorgeous pictures that one of my dear reader Vipula Bhagtani has sent me. She has done up her space very beautifully!! She has a lovely Facebook page too "Kundan Rangolis & Diya". Like her page to stay updated about her amazing work.

Diwali Decor Inspiration

Diwali Decor Inspiration

Diwali Decor Inspiration

Some more Diwali inspirations you can find on my blog. Click the links below:
Diwali Decor: My Home
Diwali Decor Ideas Part-I
Diwali Craft Tutorial: Lantern DIY
Diwali Wall Hanging Tutorial
Diwali Gifting Ideas
Diwali DIY Tea Lights
Diwali Decor Inspiration
Diwali DIY: Silver Plant
Diwali Decor Inspiration: My Home

I wish you all wonderful readers a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Diwali Decor Inspiration With Venue

Past few months have been very busy and sometimes I didn't even get time to have breakfast. Poor me :( I have got so many things to do and I am trying my best to accomplish them. As far as  blogging is concerned Dell's Venue has been a great help for me. I get few minutes when I go to pick up my son from school and wait for him to come out, so I just inserted micro SIM card in Venue tab, connected to the internet and drafted this post. 
As Diwali is approaching fast, what I can see on various websites is lots of beautiful, easy and doable Diwali decor ideas. Some of my dear friends and fellow bloggers have shared really wonderful ideas and tips for Diwali decoration. Here I am sharing some of them. Let me add here that sharing is so easy with Venue. I just browsed their pages, saved images directly on my Venue tab and linked with this post. It's that easy. Lets have a look of all those beautiful blogs:
Diwali Decoration

She has a lovely blog. In her own words "we LOVE our house and LOVE creating memories in it, its all about Cherishing yesterday, Dream about tomorrow and Live for today.
Check out her recent post "Five Tips To Create Inviting Home". 

Diwali Decor tips
Image Source: Cherish Dream Live

Sharon aptly gave her blog a name 'The KeyBunch' and I loved that name. She says "I blog for myself - I am passionate about certain decor styles and ideas - I am passionate about antiques and old houses - I like a certain blend of the old and the new, and when I see that in a space, I get all excited about it, and blog about it.

Diwali Decor Tips
Image Source: The KeyBunch

Sruthi has an awesome blog, loaded with beautiful images and inspirations. This is what she has to say about her blog "I'm passionate about my home and everything relating to decor. I'd be sharing my style, snapshots from my home, along with the plethora of  global decor inspiration waiting to be explored".
Go and get inspired, check out her recent post "A Medley Of Influences (Diwali Tablescape)".

Diwali Tablescape
Image Source: The East Coast Desi

Reshma is a very warm person, beautiful inside and out. All her posts are very well written. In her own words "My blog is a space where I share my dreams with you. They may or may not be your dreams but I would be happy if every person who visits me here leaves with a smile so join me as I share snippets of my home, kids, decor and garden and at times I'll bore you with some photography too, so brace yourself :) 
Read her previous year's post "The Countdown To Festival Of Lights".

Diwali Decor Inspiration
Image Source: Dreams Are Made Of These

Vandana Of Seasons In The Sun: 
Vandana has just started the blogging. She has got great aesthetic sense and I am sure she will share some wonderful home decor ideas, so stay tuned!! This is what she has to say about her blog " Colours turn me on to express myself,as do beautiful flowers and melodious music.Through this blog of mine,I shall share with my readers all things that appeal to me,all things pretty and colourful.I would put it this way,all things under the sun:-)
Check out her first post "A New Beginning".

Image Source: Seasons In The Sun
Hope you enjoyed going through all these lovely and inspiring blogs. These are the places I love to visit :)
Stay tuned dear readers I am coming up with Diwali Decor Ideas-Part II :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Diwali Decor Ideas: Part-I

Dear friends and readers here ends your wait for Diwali Decor Ideas. Sorry for the delay in publishing this post and let me thank you all who kept asking about this post and waited patiently. Now let me tell you this is a picture heavy post and I have collected images from various sources and have given due credit to the source. Because there were lots of images so I decided to do this post in few parts, this one is part I. Lets start with the stuff that you can do before Diwali. Once you are ready with all these beautiful stuff, it will be easy for you to decorate your home in your own style.
Don't forget to like my Facebook page, as lots of Diwali inspirations are coming soon!!

Lamps/Lanterns/Diyas: Learn how to make a different kind of lamps, lanterns and diyas. Choose the one that suits your style and start making it, you still have a lot of time. I bet you will get a lot of praise from your guests. Take out all the empty glass jars and bottle and transform them into Moroccan delight. For procedure click here. You can put fairy lights inside wine/beer bottles and hang these bottles using twine/rope in your balcony or garden and add festive sparkle to your place.

Diwali Lanterns
Image1:FabFurnish, Image2 Frommoontomoon, Image 3,4: Etsy
Now, what if you don't have empty glass jars and bottles, no worries I have something for everyone. You can make paper lanterns. Here you go:
Click on the picture for a better view and for complete tutorial click here.

Diwali Paper Lamp

Make some beautiful paper lamps to keep on side table/coffee table. For complete tutorial click here.

Diwali Paper Lamp

Use some simple plain brown/white paper bags, stick doilies or lace inside it and keep LED light inside it. Your paper lamp is ready in just a few steps. 

Diwali Paper Lamps
Image: Pinterest
If you want to make something extraordinary then this craft idea is for you. Check out complete tutorial on A Piece Of Rainbow.

Diwali Paper Lamps
Image Source: Click Here
And you will love this,  make this glowing beauty to add charm to your decor. Put tealight or candle inside glass votive and wrap decorated acetate paper around it. You can decorate the paper using sharpie pen or permanent markers.

Diwali Paper Lamps
Image: Pinterest
Now the one that you can hang anywhere in your home. Make this simple and lovely lantern with your kids to keep them busy, while you can do other preparations. Complete tutorial on Design Sponge.

Diwali Paper Lantern

Something very different and beautiful is what I will call this Lotus lantern. Check out complete tutorial on Wake Up And Dance.

Diwali Lotus Lantern

Without Diya (earthen lamp) Diwali is incomplete. Get your diyas ready, Soak them in water for 2-3 hrs, prim them if you wish, beautify them using acrylic/pearl/shimmer colors, 3D outliners, glitters, mirrors and acrylic stones. 

Diwali Diya Decoration Ideas

Glam up your tea lights in an easy-peasy way. Check out my earlier post click here for more inspiration. 

Diwali tea lights Decoration

Give your candles a makeover. Make some heena design on them and then give a coat of mod podge.

Diwali Candle Decoration
Image: Click Here
You can check out some more inspirations here. Wrapping up this post now. See you all soon with part II of this post. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Diwali DIY Made Easy With Venue: Wall Hanging DIY

This month I will be focusing on Diwali craft and decor ideas only. In previous post you learnt how to make a Diwali Lamp. In today's tutorial you will learn how to make beautiful wall hanging using mundane objects. These hangings add charm to your walls for sure. The best part is that it's very easy to make these hangings. It took me only an hour to complete the project.

Diwali Wall Hanging

Dell's venue tab has made my work easy. I clicked all the images of this DIY with Venue tab and then I made a video using its wonderful application called 'Movie studio' in no time.

Diwali Craft Ideas Using Dell Venue

Here my movie is in progress..........

Diwali Craft Ideas Using Dell Venue

Below is the complete video tutorial on how to make wall hanging. Enjoy!!

Stay tuned for some more Diwali Decor ideas in my next post!! 

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