Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ZupiterG: One Stop Destination For Home Decor Products

Hola readers!! We are heading towards the most beautiful time of the year, Christmas & New Year. Whether you have made a list of your New Year resolutions or not, but I am very sure that you must be having a long list of gifts to buy for your near and dear ones. Choosing a right and perfect gift can be a mind bending task and can burn hole in your pockets too. 
What if I say that for Rs 3000/-  you can buy perfect gifts for at-least 6-8 people. Unbelievable and exciting right!! I have found something amazing for all of you. Dear friends let me introduce you to an online store that offers handcrafted and beautifully designed home decor products, jewelry, tableware & lot more: ZupiterG 

About: ZupiterG is a team of Engineers, Management Professionals, Designers and philosophers, who have come together to make home decor more interesting through their contemporary designs and crafted products. ZupiterG offers an exclusive range of hand crafted products and beauty of handcrafted product is that no two products would be exactly the same. Now that's a win win situation, unique and affordable products without compromising quality. What more one can ask for. 

Home Decor Products

Website: Website layout is quite simple and not that complicated most of the online shopping portals have these days. The products are categorized, sub categorized and grouped under different tabs, like 'Home Decor', 'Table Top', 'Jewelry' & 'Gifts'. 'Quick view' option is there to get the complete information about the product that catches your eye, without even leaving the web page. You can search, filter and sort products according to your need. Navigation is quite simple and easy.
ZupiterG is a customer friendly online store, cancellation & refund policies are liberal. So you need not to worry about it at all. Even after placing order if you want to cancel it, you can do so without any hassle within 24 hours and money will be refunded within 10 working days.
Various payment options are available, like Paypal, they accept almost all major credit cards. Security of your information is their prime concern. There is payment gateway, that means your credit card information is not getting stored, so no worries.

Online Home Decor Store

Products: Their products are handcrafted and exquisite. I was awestruck by the beauty of their handcrafted products. I have been using some of their products and let me tell you that quality of products are just too good at unbelievably affordable price range. Take a peek of some of their drool worthy and must have home decor products and jewelry.

Royal Craft Metal
Royal Craft Metal

Candle Stands & Hurricanes

Home Decor Products


Glass, Pearl, Kundan Jewelry

Now that you have seen some of their products and have already decided to buy all your gifts from ZupiterG, let me share some pros and cons of this website:
- Handcrafted products are always unique and made with love. So you have got the luxury of having unique products at affordable pricing.
- They have exquisite collection of products. They are all beautifully designed.
- Website is totally customer friendly and you need not to worry about issues like security, cancellation and refund.
- Perfect and budget gifting range is available.

- They offer beautiful and wide range of handcrafted products, so you will be spoiled for choice.
- You will have a hard time choosing a product, as you will be tempted to buy most of them.

Here's how these beauties are adorning corners in my home:
Don't you love the dangler that's enhancing the beauty of this antique vase. I totally loved it.


These beautiful glass beads necklaces are every girl's dream. They are lovely and vibrant in colour.


Here is my favorite thing, antique floral photo frame. This time I wanted to display something other than family photograph so I wrote a 'family quote' and it's looking perfect.

Lovely glass votive with beautiful dangler, vignette that I always wanted in my living room's corner.


Now please take out some time to browse through their product gallery and hurry up, as festive sale is going on and you would be lucky enough to get the gifts for your loved ones in budget less than what you might have fixed. 
Here is link: ZupiterG

Happy shopping folks!!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and I am all set to make lots of Christmas craft with my son, who has got a long Christmas vacation. Keeping him busy all the time is the biggest challenge I face during his vacations. So most of the time I involve him in creative activities. Here I am sharing some of those activities to keep your kids busy during the holiday season.

Christmas Crafts

Here I am sharing some of the Christmas crafts that we made together and some inspirations from different sources. First in this list is an easy way to make a small Christmas tree with your little ones, watch this video:

One more Christmas tree and wreath DIY that we did few years ago. Click the link below:

One more Christmas tree that we made I think last year and it is very easy to make and looks lovely. Click the link below for the tutorial.

Christmas Tree DIY

Christmas means holidays and lots of guests visit you. So here is an idea to make your home guest ready. 

Holiday Decor Ideas

Now let's have a look of the whole bunch of ideas and inspirations I found on the internet. Click the link below        

Hope you will enjoy making these crafts as much as I did. Have a wonderful holiday season!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Quick Way To Beautify A Garden!!

How was your weekend dear friends, mine was super hectic with lots of work assignments in hand and son's studies, I didn't even realized and it's Monday again. I did so many things in past few months, some DIY projects, paintings and few more exciting things. I added some elements in my balcony garden last month and post about it was lying in draft since then. My husband is a great support, because of him I was able to meet all the deadlines and got time to publish this post. 
Sharing some tips and images of my garden with you. A corner in my garden was looking a little dull and I wanted to cheer it up without spending much time.
First have a look how it was before. Since long time the arrangement had been like this and I got bored of looking at it. I wanted to rearrange and add something.

Small Balcony Garden

This is what I did..

Small Balcony Garden

I am quite happy with the look (at least for a few months). Now if you want to create this look in your garden, follow these easy and simple steps:


1. Take a clay/plastic plate. Plate because you will place Buddha on it.
2. Put soil and manure in the plate.
3. Sow seeds or if you have saplings you can plant them (I did both). Plant only on one side of the plate, as on the other side you will place Buddha. 
4. Place Buddha figure on the plate. Club together pots of the same size and place the plate on the center (where you see the void).
5. You can place small colourful pots on the edges of two adjoining pots, like I did. I placed orange watering can and coconut planter too. 
6. Arrange the pots in a way that all the taller plants should be on the back side and smaller ones and creepers should be in front.  

Here is closer look of the corner....
Small Balcony Garden

Plants I planted in the plate are very lovely. They are almost in five shades. I don't know the name of this plant, if anyone of you are aware what this plant is called, please tell me the name.  

Small Balcony Garden

I always wanted a Zen corner in my garden, so that I can spend my evenings there doing some creative work or writing a blog post. Now I love looking at this corner, it's serene!! Sometimes I place different flowers on Buddha figure I enjoy peaceful moments that I spend there :)

Small Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas

Take a tour of some beautiful gardens and read more about gardening (Click here).
Hope you liked this quick and easy way to beautify a garden. Stay tuned for more such ideas!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Inspiring Eminent Artist: Hari Krishna

Today the art form that I am going to showcase here on my blog is very interesting and unusual. Let me ask you a question, how do you express your feelings and emotions? Maybe by crying when you are sad, laughing when you are happy, dancing when you are joyful or yelling when you are in pain. Let me introduce you to an artist who expresses his feelings and emotions by running his fingers in the sand and giving it a shape that tells a story and conveys his emotions. Readers bring your hands together for world renowned sand artist Hari Krishna.
Hari Krishna is a sand artist. He has done B.F.A from Hyderabad. Hari belongs to Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Here is how he shares some of his cherished moments with us.

Sand Artist Hari Krishna

My Sand Art got national recognition when I expressed my grief for Nirbhaya case through my sand art. I felt very sad and helpless and I wanted to stand against such heinous crime, so through my sand art I expressed my emotions and feelings about the importance of women in our lives as a sister, daughter, wife, mother. After the sad demise of Nirbhaya my this particular sand art video went viral on Facebook and I was approached by Zee Networks to perform at Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa grand finale to dedicate that work to Nirbhaya.
Watch this video and I am sure you will be in tears. 

I got national award in YouTube global video challenge 2012 which was sponsored by Indian external affairs of ministry, Google, YouTube & Incredible India. In this contest the concept was to show the greatness of India in 5 min video, it was a tough job to show the greatness of India in 5 min. I pondered over and over again, finally I came up with the idea of depicting our Indian culture, customs, folk dances, instruments and different famous places in India through my sand art. 

Sand Artist Hari Krishna

I made a video and got first prize. Which was awarded to me by Salman Khurshid, (then Indian external affairs minister) and Anurag Kashyap (Film Director) and some foreign embassies from different countries, in Delhi.
I got an opportunity to work with Shankar Mahadevan (music director) for ZEE Sa Re Ga Ma Pa grand finale, when I performed my sand art at stage Shankar Mahadevan sang for my act which was dedicated to Nirbhaya.

Sand Artist Hari Krishna

Now I perform sand art for social causes like child labor, terrorism and natural disasters like Amarnath flood and create awareness through my art. I feel blessed when I receive a heartwarming response from millions of people around the world. I get all the encouragement from my father and my fans. 

Sand Artist Hari Krishna

Drawing with sand is not that easy, it takes lot of patience and I need to practice a lot before every performance. Each performance requires lots of preparation. First, I draw the story board, then I experiment on sand table, time is the major factor as I have to change the creation one after another according to the story. 

My ultimate objective is to create awareness about our environment and planet, say no to plastic, I created 7 feet Eco friendly Vinayaka statue in my colony and made approx. 500 small Ganesha statues and gave away them to people during Vinakaya festival. I have planted around 600 plants in my area and encourage people to do so. 
Sand is not the only medium, I have used tea also to draw a portrait of our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. 
Watch this video and you will be stunned!!

Art is present everywhere in nature, you just need to open your mind and observe the nature, you will find lots of inspiration. That's where I get my inspiration from. In the last I would like to say, please don't pollute our planet keep it clean, conserve energy and grow more and more plants!!

Thank you so much Hari for inspiring all of us. You are a blessed artist and your send art is truly mesmerizing. I could not look away or even blink when I watch you performing sand art. I wish you a great success ahead!!
Dear readers how do you like this art and did you enjoy watching videos...let me know your views. 
Want to get inspired more, check out this link: Inspiring Eminent Artists

Coming up next, quick and easy way to beautify your small garden. Stay tuned!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Online Art Gallery AnYahh and Giveaway

"Art washes away from soul the dust of everyday life."
                                                                                      - Pablo Picasso
An artist can relate to this statement very well. But I think even if you aren't an artist or painter, Art does affect the mind and brain of viewers too. Art has a powerful and positive effect on our mind and soul, it awakens and activates the senses, it stimulates the brain. 
Visual arts are like a feast for the eyes.
 Today on my blog, I am featuring an art gallery that is a feast for the eyes in the true sense. Dear readers introducing AnYahh art gallery,  an art gallery that aspires to give each person the privilege to own and appreciate real art. Now if I tell that you too can have an art or painting on very affordable rates, I know you will dance in joy :) Lets have a look of what they have in store for you.

AnYaah Art Gallery

In their own words, "Our goal is to unravel the realms of art to all who desire to aesthetically enhance their lives with art. We assist art lovers in the acquisition of affordable art collectibles and cater to collectors, corporate organizations and clients who require customized work".

AnYaah Art Gallery

AnYahh showcases a diverse selection of contemporary works by emerging artists. You can browse through their gallery and can pick a piece that reflects you.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Choose the Art that fits your home, your style and enhances the look and feel of your abode. A painting not only adds color in the home, but it also boosts the artistic taste. AnYahh offers you the best, whether you are looking for a traditional artwork or a contemporary style painting, or even seeking to customize a piece of art. 

AnYaah Art Gallery

Other than the paintings they have a beautiful collection of home decor and personal accessories. Browse through their 'Art Collectibles' section and you will be tempted to buy all of their collections. 


Now let me share a piece of news. I have recently got featured on the Hindustan Times Estate in a list of top Indian interior design bloggers and I have over 1555 fans on Facebook page now. That calls for celebration isn't it. So in association with AnYahh I would like to give away one of my lucky readers something from AnYahh's mesmerizing collection. 
What you have to do, to enter this giveaway:
Go ahead and check out their entire collection and let me know what you like the most. I will pick the lucky winner randomly. 
Now have a look what I have picked for you. One lucky winner will get any one of these:
1). Jewelry Box


2). Serving Tray

3) Set of Two Mugs & 2 Coasters

                                              With one more art mug 

Hurry readers, giveaway offer will end on 15th Dec. 

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