Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and I am all set to make lots of Christmas craft with my son, who has got a long Christmas vacation. Keeping him busy all the time is the biggest challenge I face during his vacations. So most of the time I involve him in creative activities. Here I am sharing some of those activities to keep your kids busy during the holiday season.

Christmas Crafts

Here I am sharing some of the Christmas crafts that we made together and some inspirations from different sources. First in this list is an easy way to make a small Christmas tree with your little ones, watch this video:

One more Christmas tree and wreath DIY that we did few years ago. Click the link below:

One more Christmas tree that we made I think last year and it is very easy to make and looks lovely. Click the link below for the tutorial.

Christmas Tree DIY

Christmas means holidays and lots of guests visit you. So here is an idea to make your home guest ready. 

Holiday Decor Ideas

Now let's have a look of the whole bunch of ideas and inspirations I found on the internet. Click the link below        

Hope you will enjoy making these crafts as much as I did. Have a wonderful holiday season!!

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