Monday, January 19, 2015

Lippan Work Wooden Panels

Lippan work or mud mirror work is an exquisite art form of western India, 
mainly Kutch in Gujarat. I love its ethnic look. Mirrors in different shapes and sizes give it a glittery look while curvy patterns in white make it elegant and pleasing. I like all Indian art forms and I had promised myself that I will create a gallery wall in my living room exclusively with all kinds of Indian art forms. 
I am reaching towards my goal. I have painted Madhubani painting, Warli painting, my blogger friend gifted me Kalamkari painting (though I have to fill colour in it) and last year my sister and I made these Lippan work wooden panels. 

Mud Mirror Work

Here is a closer look. I made the patterns those are very close to authentic Lippan work and my sister chose a contemporary design.

Mud Mirror Work

I am not sure whether I am going to put them as they are or I'll get them framed. Though I think framed ones will look better. What do you suggest?

Mud Mirror Work

I have one more idea bubbling in my mind, soon I am going to make one Lippan work tray too. What say?

Mud Mirror Work

You may want to check the intricacy of my artwork :) joking!!! It was super easy to make these panels. 

Mud Mirror Work

Gearing up to create a gallery wall full of all Indian art forms. Mural painting, Miniature painting, Tanjore and many more paintings are left to try my hands on. Though walls in my home are in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. So first thing first. 

See you all with images of some corners of my home, clicked with ZenFone 6
Hope you liked my Lippan work wooden panels.

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