Saturday, April 4, 2015

DIY Ideas For The Weekend

Here are some DIY ideas for you to give your garden a makeover this weekend. Go through the links for a complete post.

A very quick way to create a zen corner in your garden, click here to know how you can do that.

Zen Corner

Paint hanging baskets:
Paint all those hanging baskets in some vibrant colour to add charm in your garden. Click here to know how I did it.

Hanging baskets

Make a pot full of happiness:
Paint a pot (any kind of pot) and place it in your garden. It will sure add some drama there. Click here to see how I made one for my garden.

Painted pots

Summers are already here and it would be great if you could give a home to some birds, and please don't forget to keep bird bath in your garden. Click here to learn how you can make bird house at home. 

Bird House

To give your balcony garden a face-lift, you can paint one of the walls of your balcony. You can choose Madhubani, warli or any other Indian art form to give personal touch to your garden. Click here to know how I painted my client's balcony walls. 

Warli Painting on Balcony wall

You can make some garden accessories by your own like mushrooms, duck and ducklings, turtles, butterflies and bird nest too. Don't you believe that, then click here and here

Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories

Hope now you have a fair idea to give a complete makeover to your garden. Choose any of these DIY ideas as your weekend project and don't forget to share your work here :)
Have a creative weekend folks!!

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