Friday, May 29, 2015

Make Money With

I am calling out to all the artists, creative and talented people out there, this post is exclusively for you. Are you struggling to sell your products, artworks or creations and is it difficult for you to find a right platform and buyers online. Then do not worry any more, Design Decor & Disha brings you an opportunity to earn money while you follow your passion. Introducing you to a huge online marketplace where you can sell your products and services free of cost: is an online marketplace to sell your products anywhere and a platform to promote your small business to a world wide audience. Now let's have a look how you can start selling your products. I will categorize the website into two main categories: 1) Buy & 2) Sell.
Ezebee buy sell products

Click on the orange icon that says "marketplace" and you can see the varied variety of products available for you to select, compare and buy. Below is a screeshot of the marketplace.

Ezebee Marketplace

You will see the different categories on the left side panel like- Gift ideas, Women Fashion, Bags, Jewelry, Baby & Kids, Home & Living and many more to narrow your search to find out the perfect gift or product that you are looking for. That's not all there are variety of filters to narrow your search like:
Property (whether product is new, old, handmade, recycled or vintage), 
Occasion (birthdays, anniversary, carnivals etc) or 
Here are some Indian products that I found on ezebee marketplace and liked them a lot. 

Ezebee marketplace

And in case you are looking for all the art and craft materials and supplies then ezebee. com is a right place. While sitting in a comfort of your home you can shop for all your craft supplies from around the world. Whether you are into jewelry making, knitting, sewing, scrapbooking or decoupaging at ezebee. com you will find vast selection of craft supplies. If you are looking for some tutorials and PDF manuals, they have for you.

If you are interested in turning your passion and talent of making one-of-a-kind gifts into a business venture, then hurry and logon to ezebee. com to open your showroom. On their home page click the option 'Open your showroom now' and then follow the steps. That way you will create a showroom for your business where you can open number of different shops for different kind of products. Opening shop on ezebee. com is hassle free with no commissions and fees. 
There are different payment methods available for everyone's convenience. You can choose any of these payment method:
Bank transfer 
COD (Cash on delivery) or
'EZBs - the internal swapping points for ezebee. com where you can buy and sell without using real money and avoiding transaction fees'
It is as simple as that. So don't wait any more and start making money with ezebee. com 
You must be wondering did I open my showroom there! Yes I did and here is the link: ezebee Design Decor & Disha. Though I haven't added all the products yet, but slowly I will as and when I get some spare time.


Try to complete your profile on ezebee. com to improve your visibility on Google and other search engines. You can also write a blog there to tell your visitors about your newest projects, products, how you work, and what you are up to. You can post about your next event to invite your friends and followers and you can upload albums too.
I have found some Indian showrooms on ezebee. com, have a look:

Hope now you have got a good idea about how to open showroom on ezebee. com and start earning money. I have already opened my showroom and lots of visitors are paying visit. I am super excited.
Good luck and I wish you all a great success in your online business. See you there on ezebee. com :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer Decorating With Engrave

Let's talk more about Indian summers. Are you making the most of this season, well I am!
From relishing Alphonso mangoes to sitting out on the terrace in the evening and sipping my cuppa, from traveling to some exotic places to spending quality time with family and not to mention, decorating my home for summers which is of course my favorite activity, I am enjoying every bit of this season.  
First let me tell you something more about Engrave. Engrave is now promoting various artists and craftsmen to showcase their talent and make a living out of it. 
They have some amazing and very skilled artisans. You can read more about them on their website Engrave. Now let's have a look of products I have chosen for my home.
I chose this metal cage dome from elan, the world of metallic home decor products started by a very talented Vidushi Gupta Agrawal. You can read more about her and can see her beautiful products on Engrave. I chose turquoise colour as it looks soothing in summers and accented it with yellow, orange and green. 

Decorating With Cage

Isn't it making a perfect summer setting. I loved the finish of this cage dome and colour is oh so summery. This is the another way I am using this cage dome for summer decorating. Few candles and lot of shells & conch, a perfect vignette for summer evenings. I have few more ideas to try with this cage, will definitely share them later. 

Decorating With Cage

See how the turquoise cage pops against the yellow wall. 

Decorating With Cage

The second product I chose is this beautiful canvas painting done by very talented artist Abhinav Kafare. He has his own unique style. You can read more about him and can have a look of his mesmerizing creation on Engrave.

Canvas Painting

See how the colours are complementing each other. Painting is a lovely addition to my gallery wall.

Summer Decorating With Engrave

And here is one more unusual piece of art created by a skilled artist Mukesh Jain, who learned this 'Wire Art' from his father and it has become his passion now. I loved the neat work and this cycle rickshaw some how reminds me the time that spent in Delhi. It has added the charm to my decor. 

Wire Art

If you are also looking for some unusual home decor products and accessories, browse through the Engrave's 'Makers' section and check out what they are offering. I totally loved whatever I saw there.
Click here if you want to shop some amazing Engrave products. 
How you have decorated your home for summers, share with me!

Stay tuned to know about a perfect marketplace for creative people to sell their creations.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Aadab From Hyderabad

I had a wonderful and relaxing vacation in 'city of pearls'. Yes I was in Hyderabad few days ago and enjoyed my stay there to the bits. Though I didn't get a chance to visit all the tourist spots there but yes I made sure that I don't miss visiting a global icon of Hyderabad. Yes you got it right it's Charminar. Architecture of the building is splendid. Design of lotus petals at the base of each minaret is so enthralling. 


Even though I am claustrophobic, I made it through the narrow, crowded and suffocating stairways inside the tower and reached the first floor. What I saw there was spellbinding. I clicked some pictures of the beautiful designs on granite structure. Designs are mix of Indian, Islamic and Persian architecture. 


From the first floor where you see a big clock in above picture I clicked a picture of the Makkah Masjid, that is situated to the west of Charminar. 


To the right side of the minar is this Nizamia Unani Hospital, which is being renovated. It was basking in the sunshine and grabbed attention of lots of tourists.  


There is very famous Laad Bazaar to the west of the minar. Charminar area is over crowded and surrounded by some 14,000 shops. If you love jewelry especially bangles then don't miss a visit to this bazaar. 
Shilparamam, a night bazaar is an excellent place filled with variety of arts and handicrafts. It was perfect place for me to enjoy. I got a chance to meet an artist there, though there were many but due to time constraint I met only one and bought some nice baatik paintings from him. I promise I will feature his work next month

Night Market, Hyderabad

I stayed at my sisters place and we chatted a lot read endlessly. My sister knows my interests well so she introduced me to a lady who is full of life and very inspiring person. She has her own block printing business and a very beautifully done up home. I missed carrying my camera when I visited her but I am so determined that I'll definitely go to meet her once again and will feature her home as well as her wonderful block printing cushions, saree, duppattas, bed covers and lot more.

I am so obsessed with Buddha that in my leisure time I clicked lot of pictures of Buddha figurine which my sister placed in her living room. here is one for you.

Hope you all are having wonderful vacations with your loved ones. Don't forget to check out this space as I have lot to share. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Some Happy Corners Of My Home

I am in holiday mood and hence blogging has taken back seat. But I miss my lovely readers a lot so decided that I'll post sporadically just to keep in touch with you all.

Here I am sharing some happy corners of my home. Take a look and let pictures do all the talking!!

My Home Decor

A peek into my living room.

My Home Decor

Hand carved wooden coasters. I just love them. 

My Home Decor

Figurines with happy Gazania blooms.

My Home Decor

My hand painted bucket that is serving as a planter. It has Salvia growing in it.

My Home Decor

I am making myself a bunch of tulip flowers as I don't get them here where I live. Yes the same one that you have seen in first image. If you too want to make some then stay tuned. Tutorial coming soon!!

P.S All images are mine and subject to copyright. Please seek permission before using them.

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