Thursday, May 7, 2015

Some Happy Corners Of My Home

I am in holiday mood and hence blogging has taken back seat. But I miss my lovely readers a lot so decided that I'll post sporadically just to keep in touch with you all.

Here I am sharing some happy corners of my home. Take a look and let pictures do all the talking!!

My Home Decor

A peek into my living room.

My Home Decor

Hand carved wooden coasters. I just love them. 

My Home Decor

Figurines with happy Gazania blooms.

My Home Decor

My hand painted bucket that is serving as a planter. It has Salvia growing in it.

My Home Decor

I am making myself a bunch of tulip flowers as I don't get them here where I live. Yes the same one that you have seen in first image. If you too want to make some then stay tuned. Tutorial coming soon!!

P.S All images are mine and subject to copyright. Please seek permission before using them.

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