Monday, January 18, 2016

Thrifty Decor Idea

You don't have to spend a fortune to style and decorate your space! Do you agree? Well if not then you are at right place. Today I am sharing an idea to style your space in an easy and inexpensive way. Well, I share many ideas on my Instagram gallery too, click and get connected.  So here is a thrifty way to add charm and a right dose of drama to your decor. 

Stained Glass Bottles

Before shelling out for anything expensive, I always ask myself, is it really necessary for me to decorate my home with that particular stuff and if the answer is no I will never buy that stuff. I would rather love to make handmade decor pieces that will not only add the desired charm to my space but will also tell a story. But if the piece is extraordinary then it definitely comes home with me. You must have seen many thrifty decor ideas on my blog earlier too for an instance:
Pitcher turned into a beautiful planter.
Dried branch turned into a blooming branch.
Mineral water can turned into a planter.
Newspaper turned into a decorative tray and the list goes on.
My love (or call it obsession) for thrifty decor has been growing by the day. Today I will share how you can turn glass bottles and jars into an eye pleasing decor accents and you need not be an artist to stain the glass bottles. It's easy, it's fun and it's quick DIY.

Stained Glass Bottles


My son likes to have flavored milk whenever he gets a chance to wish for something on family outings and that gives me an opportunity to collect tiny, simple but very cute glass bottles. Not to mention I hoard many other glass bottles and jars too and turn them into a treasure. So today I am showing how you can decorate and style your home with mundane objects. I stained all those glass bottles and jars in lovely hues and turned them into a piece of decor.

Stained Glass Bottles

Placed a bunch of fresh flowers (Bougainvillea here) and paired it with knick-knacks. You can pair it with any decor accessory that compliments the color of the glass bottle. The Idea here is to create a cohesive look.

Stained Glass Bottles

Teal always looks wonderful with pink hence paired my pink glass bottle with teal cage.

Stained Glass Bottles

You can find the tutorial on how to stain a glass jar/bottle here. I stained bottles in green, red, yellow and pink.

Stained Glass Bottles

Green is a color of nature and it can be paired with almost every color without worrying about the result. Here I have paired it with pink and burnt sienna.  
                                    Stained Glass Bottles           Stained Glass Bottles

Now the final picture where I clubbed together all the stained glass bottles and jars and the result was heartwarming and mesmerizing. I love how sunlight makes these stained bottles gleam and glow. It has added luminous warmth to my living room. If you have textured glass bottles then the result will be even more gorgeous. Stain the bottle and to make an eye-pleasing display place it where it gets maximum light.

Stained Glass Bottles

 So did I indulge in splurge? NO. Isn't the result as satisfying and beautiful as it would have been when decorated with expensive stuff. You can have a stylish and beautifully decorated home without spending a lot of money. All you need to do is find beauty in every object around you and put it to a good use before it goes into a trash can and increase the environmental pollution.

I will be sharing my steaming cuppa in next blog, come join me for a cup of tea on a cold winter day :)

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Video Tour Of My Balcony Garden

Gardening has always been a therapy for me. Though I find very less time these days to indulge in serious gardening but I never miss a chance to get a glimpse of what my garden offers me every day.

Small Balcony Garden

Sometimes I just turn my camera on and try to capture the beauty of nature. You must have seen makeover of my balcony garden, DIY bottles hanging planters in my garden, hanging baskets in my garden and how did I beautify my garden in a quick way. I have shared many pictures of my balcony garden but today I am sharing not only images but also a video tour of my winter garden. Hope you will like it. 

And here are some images of my winter garden. I had planted Lily two years back and since then it was just growing in size. But, as dawn broke on the new year I saw a sweet surprise in my garden, my lily bloomed and there were four blooms to wish me Happy New Year!! 

Small Balcony Garden

Small Balcony Garden

Other than that I have few more colors in my garden bougainvillea, gerbera, jasmine and hibiscus. 

Small Balcony Garden

Small Balcony Garden

And these little creatures along with parrots, sparrows, mynah and sometimes sunbirds keep visiting my garden and to my surprise they don't spoil it, they just play around, perch on branches and flowers, eat insects and go back to their homes!

Small Balcony Garden

If you are not doing something great this weekend, try to get your hands dirty in the garden. Believe me, it would be therapeutic and you will feel relaxed and reinvigorated. 

Coming up next is a rising star of the interior designing industry, who is going to share his recent works with us and that's not all you will get to know more about him. Stay tuned!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Yes It's Made For Me!!

Have you ever been in a situation when you struggle hard to find the fantasy home decor object that has been on your mind but you find it difficult to get it in either desired shape and size or desired color and you just don't want to settle with the second best option. It happens with me all the time. I just can't find that fantasy home decor object anywhere and how I wish to find a producer/maker who could bring my vision to life.

Made For Me
Image Credit: MadeForMe

My wishlist of fantasy home decor objects consists of various things, for instance, planters in animal shape like a fish planter, elephant planter, camel planter and I want a custom made cabinet for an alcove in my bedroom because I couldn't find anything to my liking that fits perfectly in that space, specific furniture for my kid's room and so on. So what exactly I want to say here is that we all want to decorate our home with statement pieces that are not only functional but also reflect our tastes and personalities. But the biggest question is, is there anyone who can turn our creative imaginations into reality? And the good news is YES! Yes, there is someone a team that is working hard day in and day out to turn our dreams into reality in a hassle free way. Who they are? Well, they are a team of young, hardworking, enthusiastic and energetic entrepreneurs who are founders of MadeForMe.
Dear readers today I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the founders of MadeForMe to you. Read on to know more about MadeForMe in their own words.

Introducing MadeforMe

We humans are a curious lot. We are the species that inherently require more than just food and fresh air to thrive. That means we are wired to desire things that mirror our sensibilities. Our homes are no different. Whether small or sprawling, humble or flamboyant, they hold within them, endless cues into our personalities. Little wonder that we yearn for customized products that not only decorate our living spaces but also tell our stories. Our surroundings dictate who we are and that's reason enough for investing our time and efforts in making it our own. There is something special and sentimental about pieces of furniture or home decor, that are made with just one person in mind - you. This celebration of individuality is the idea behind MadeforMe.

Custom Cafe Corner made by MadeForMe

Who We Are
Anchored in Bangalore, MadeforMe is the bridge that connects customers with the best makers and designers to create bespoke, handcrafted home decor and furniture. It is the brainchild of a dynamic team whose roots run deep in the Indian design industry: Kabir Bhasin (Co-founder of Furlenco and Director of East Furniture), Puja Rao (Founder of Songs of Summer) and Raghavendra Badaskar (Formerly with Intellecap Advisory). Though the team comes from diverse backgrounds, their common passion for finely crafted, timeless products brought them together.

Custom Made Products
       Puja Rao                                      Kabir Bhasin                                     Raghavendra Badaskar

"As consumers ourselves, we struggled to find craftspeople that made impeccably designed bespoke furniture and decor. Unlike the generations gone by, machine-made products on the shelves of a store spelled the end to our creativity. Unfortunately, we are quickly turning into a generation that settles for generic products for the home, as opposed to one that embraces individuality. This realization motivated us to find a way to bring back to the home, the bygone era of bespoke handcrafted products. Through our array of thoughtfully handpicked makers, we want to shake off the complacent mindset that good is good enough. Because it can be so much more", reminisces Kabir, on the genesis of the venture that took off in his own backyard.

Meet Our Guild of Makers
During the co-founders' travels across India, they were astounded by the wellspring of untapped craftsmanship that they discovered in little-known locales. Each one of the makers they met and brought on board are experts in their craft. These craftspeople and their unparalleled skill deserved a niche and this inspired MadeforMe to create and foster this ever-expanding guild.  While honing their time-honoured craft, the makers of this guild have imbibed a deep knowledge on raw material, design, and aesthetics that manifests in every product that leaves their stables. They may measure with their eyes, but they build with their hearts - a capability that even the best machine can never master. MadeforMe strives to further the pursuit of design and craftsmanship through the creation of this new-age guild.

Custom made home decor Products

How We Work
MadeforMe prides itself on getting that dream project from your imagination into your home without pesky supply chain roadblocks. All it takes is five simple steps:

  • Send a brief and photograph of your project. Alternatively, browse the existing repertoire on the company website to ignite your inspiration
  • MadeforMe will map your vision with the best artisans to make it come alive. Together with the makers, you will explore a world of possibilities and zero in on the specifications you fancy and approve
  • Confirm your order and make the payment
  • The makers will pour their skill and commitment into creating your custom work of art. The team will ensure that you are updated on the progress, every step of the way
  • The completed product will be packaged and delivered to your doorstep.
Custom Bar Cabinet Whisky Cask (Made by MadeForMe)

MadeforMe helps clients from a plethora of backgrounds to express their personalities through one-of-a-kind statement pieces for their homes, by making them matches with the best makers in the business. "I was very pleased with my experience with MadeforMe during the creation of my sideboard. All I had to do was give them an idea of what I had in mind - they did the rest and brought it to life. When I saw the finished product I was thrilled -the workmanship was impeccable! I could really get used to all the compliments I get for that sideboard, from visitors who drop by.", says Gunjan Mohanka, Director, Scarlet Tiger Brand Designs and one of the earliest patrons of MadeforMe.


Let's talk!
Do you share our passion for all things dainty and handcrafted? Connect with us on and experience the joys of getting custom made products that speak to you.

Dear readers, I really hope that you liked today's website feature and you have now found a destination to get all those creative things done in an easy, fun and hassle free way. Do let us know what do you think about MadeForMe. Connect with them on their Facebook page -MadeForMe

What's coming up next, any guesses? A video tour of my winter garden. Yay!! Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Home Tour: Windya Wardhani

Perks of being a blogger are endless
and to meet and interact with like-minded people across the globe and to become friends with them has been such a remarkable experience so far. Today I would like to introduce you to one such beautiful soul from the largest island nation in the world that is known for its beaches, volcanoes, tigers, elephants and textile, Indonesia. Recently I started sharing some random images actively on my Instagram gallery and that's where I found my new friend Windya Wardhani. Windya has one of the most beautiful Instagram galleries and I love to spend time looking at the images of her beautiful home and admiring her decor style.

Home Tour

Now let's take a tour of a whimsical and collected home of Inda. It's better when a homeowner herself tells the story behind each decor piece and how the house has evolved as a home. So over to Inda now!!
My name is Windya Wardhani, and you can simply call me Inda. I live in a beautiful city named Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I am a local government employee and have an educational background in environmental engineering. I have very strong passion in home decor, especially my-own-home-decor. My references are magazines and internet. I like many styles but cannot specify my style. Is it eclectic or only "Inda's style"...😂

I will seriously call it a Inda style. She mixes patterns and colors beautifully and it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Inda's passion for collecting has found expression in every corner of her home. Eye-popping patterns and bold mix of colors paired with beautiful textile is an art that Inda has mastered.
Home Tour

Inda loves mixing contemporary and traditional pieces. Her love for whimsical fabrics and bold patterns is clearly visible in her decorating style.

Home Tour

Home Tour
Home Tour

I like home decor elements such as paintings, wall-arts, textiles, furniture and some other arts. As long as the design is unique and the material is easy-to-clean, I can easily fall in love with them. I hunt them everywhere I travel. I have them from Holland, France, Belgium, Thailand, Singapore, UEA, Bali-Indonesia, Yogya-Indonesia, Lombok-Indonesia, etc.

Inda knows very well how to play with patterns, textures and colors and how to blend them well in decor. With the use of so many decor elements result is not overwhelming clutter but an interesting expression of each piece that tells a story.
Home Tour

I was surprised to see the number of followers I got in a day when I posted my home's image in my Instagram account. I was even more, surprised when magazines and tabloids featured my home in their magazines/tabloids.

Home Tour
It is clear that the homeowner is seriously passionate collector of eclectic artworks, textiles, and knick-knacks. 
Home Tour

It is impossible to ignore how beautifully Inda has utilized every inch of space in above image and not only made it functional but also an aesthetically pleasing corner. I loved how aptly all the quotes are given place around the home.

Inda has a knack for making mundane things look beautiful. Tiny colorful pots certainly grab the attention.

Home Tour

The master suite color scheme consists of calm colors with splashes of yellow, red and brown. In the master bedroom, the thing that caught my attention is how the pattern on duvet is combined with art behind the headboard and creating a cohesive look. Pillows and quotes are adding the personal touch.

Home Tour

Her son's room is a perfect example of a teen boy's room. Geometrical patterns, gray and off-white color palette with a pop of yellow creates a soothing combination.

Home Tour

Simple yet elegant that's what I will call her little girl's den. Though the stress is given on pink but Inda has added other accent colors beautifully and blended them well with different patterns and textures. 
Home Tour
This is Inda's prayer room in above image, one of my favorite rooms in her home. Inspiring quotes, beautiful hooks, colorful rosaries, wall shelf and a vibrant mirror, it's eclectic, colorful and peaceful. Next to prayer room is an eat-in kitchen, the heart of the home that allows cooks and diners the chance to chat.Though Inda's kitchen has yellow and orange color palette, she boldly introduced teal in the dining area and completed the look with pendant light in the same color. 

Home Tour

Art on the wall and the chest of drawers are creating pulled together look

Home Tour

Reading nook here is an extension of the living room. A generous size window delivers the maximum light to this space and makes it perfect for reading. Clean lines of bookshelves and soothing color on the wall make it a beautiful reading spot. 

Home Tour

Recently I realized that plants can be awesome home-decor-elements. So I placed them in the area that gets maximum sun and I placed the artificial plants/flowers in the-no-sun-area.

Home Tour

I am in awe of Inda's beautiful, incredible, gorgeous and eclectic home. This is what Inda claims:- 
 Now, my-own-home-decor is my best therapy when office loads make me crazy😂😂😂

I truly enjoyed this very first home tour of this year. I loved how vintage pieces are paired beautifully with contemporary furniture and how masterfully Inda mixes colors, patterns and textures. Thank you so much, Inda, for sharing images of your Inda style home with 3D readers. What do you think dear readers!! Don't forget to check out Inda's gorgeous Insta feed.
In case you missed going through two more ethnic Indian homes then find below:
Shalu's Home Tour
Ruma's Home Tour

Stay tuned as I bring to you the first store feature of this year!!

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