Thursday, March 31, 2016

Home Tour: Preethi Prabhu

Today's guest on my blog is a person who inspires me in many ways, 
a girl after my own heart, the one whom I admire the most in this entire blogging world and reasons to admire her are endless. She is the one who never ceases to amaze me with her styling, unique aesthetic sense and passion for her work. I still remember the day when I participated in a blogging contest and won the most beautiful gift ever "Mr. Gajraj" from her one of a kind store "Indyakaleidoscope". I am an ardent follower of her blog 

Preethi Prabhu is a well-known name in Indian design and decor world and needs no introduction.
Here's a tête-à-tête with Preethi along with a peek inside her tastefully done up ethnic Indian home.

3D: What's your design style?
P: It's very difficult to put a personal style in one particular category. My style is a mix of Eclectic and boho with a big dollop of Indian Ethnic.

3D: I am always amazed to see the way you mix and match patterns. Do you have any mantra for that?

Ethnic Indian Bedroom

P: This can be turned into a post series, coz so much can be said and done about it. I don't think there are any rules to it, even if there are, they can be broken. 

The safest bet is having an accent color and repeating shades and textures throughout in tiny bits. ( if you have a solid color accent wall, use a little of that color in your cushion cover pattern, decoratives, etc.)

3D: Can you please share some tips on giving home an ethnic look?
P: I think Indian ethnic is all about colours, patterns,  arts and crafts. Use block prints on your curtains and other soft furnishings. If you want a larger impact, upholster a sofa in an ethnic fabric (let it make a statement alone, don't crowd it will throw pillows). Use crafts for function and aesthetic. (A brass bowl to hold your fruits, exposed light bulbs covered with leather shades.) The possibilities are endless :)

3D: I have seen eye candy images of your home and office walls. They look unique and extraordinary. How do you dress up the walls?

Indian Gallery wall

P: My house is a "work in progress" at all times. I am never finished. When we decided to repaint, I went for white everywhere in the house. That was my blank canvas to start with. I looked at everything that I had collected and grouped them together to make gallery walls at different places. I had a collection of art posters, masks from Asia and Africa and artwork that has doors or windows in them. Even having a lamp that throws interesting shadows on the wall is better than bare walls. Life is too short to live with bare walls. 

Her design sensibilities showcase an eclectic mix of custom and selective pieces

Don't you find the idea of frameless pictures visually appealing. I would love to give it a try.

Who could have thought an inclusion of a 'home quote' in such a different and beautiful way.

Preethi is a pro when it comes to decorating with different elements. She puts together wood, brass and stone in the most beautiful way that is pleasing to the eye. The wooden mirror in below image works as a statement piece, Brass diyas in varied height are clubbed together and stone sculptures add the old world charm.

And here is a wall full of masks, a real treat to the eyes. Masks in the most exciting shapes and colours to entice the visitors. Which one is your favorite :)

Ethnic Indian Home

I can't get enough of Preethi's home and wish to visit her in person someday. I am sure you all must have enjoyed this home tour. Below are the links where you can connect with Preethi and enjoy her beautiful posts every day:
Are you tempted to see more such beautiful and ethnic Indian home then here is a list
Home Tour: Shalu Prasad
Home Tour: Ruma Ghosh
Home Tour: Windya Wardhani

Signing off for the weekend. See you all lovely people in new week with something new on the blog. 
Have a happy weekend!!

P.S. All the images are Preethi's property and subject to copyright. Please do not use without her permission.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Power Of Words: WordsPalette Of Monika Gupta

Ever since the inception of Design Decor & Disha, it has been my endeavour to give a global platform to women entrepreneurs, women artists and women-led startups to tell their stories, exchange their ideas, get connected and help them to grow their businesses. Now I'll be doing this more seriously, more frequently and with bigger vision in mind. Soon I am launching an online marketplace exclusively for women entrepreneurs on 3D.

But for now, I am starting a new series called "Women Power".  This series will be a spotlight on women who are talented, have some hidden potential, work hard, try to create work-life balance, struggle at every step of life and come out as a winner and stronger than ever. We all have a wonder woman inside us and what we need is a support from women like us. Women should empower each other instead of being so jealous, hateful and envious of one another. So come join hands to support each other and to grow each other. To support women entrepreneurs I am doing my bit by slashing my rates 50% to feature them in my blog. Now that's a good news!! isn't it. So if you are a woman entrepreneur and need support and a global platform to grow your business then you can write to me and I'll be glad to help you. 

First in this series is Monika Gupta, who isn't a new name on 3D. If you have missed reading about her in my earlier blog then read it here (Inspiring Eminent Artist: Monika Gupta). She has discontinued her fist business "Earthenstyle" when she had her second baby and started a new initiative in personalized digital arts by the name 'Wordspalatte'. She graciously sent me a wordy that captures a true essence of 3D beautifully. I can't get enough of it and it is a perfect addition to my home office. 

Personalized Gifts

Now, let's Monika share all the details about her new venture "WordsPalette".

How ‘WordsPalette’ was born?
‘WordsPalette’ was born after my second child took away all the luxury of having paints and terracotta pots around me. The little one wouldn’t let me paint, and so ‘Earthenstyle’ was discontinued. But my love for designing helped me to get into digital art space when I partnered with a Singaporean company and took up some of their designing work. Launched my designs in India under ‘Wordspalette’.

Personalized Gifts

What is ‘Wordspalette’?
We are passionate about personalized gifts.
In today’s busy world of off the shelf gifts, remember the warm fuzzy feeling when you receive a gift that’s made just for you… feel so special …. so cared for….how about gifting that special feeling to your loved ones.

Personalized Gifts
We are doing three types of products currently and aiming to add at least 2 more within 3 months.
Our Products:
  1. “Wordy – your words made into personalized art” – This is by far the most popular of all the products we do. The “WORDY” ….a unique gift where we capture your thoughts about the recipient, encompass them into a shape of your choice, to create a customised keepsake/memoir. It's sure to find a place straight into their heart and on their wall/table. All shapes, colours and fonts can be customised. All creations come professionally printed and framed in a frame of your choice.

Personalized Gifts

This is a perfect gift for all age groups and for all occasions. Suitable for corporate gifts too!

Perfect gift for newborn ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, farewells, appreciations - whatever the occasion, you are sure to be remembered for getting this really special gift. 

Personalized Gifts

“Its only words…and words are all I have, to take your heart away….:) “

  1. “Personalized Children Name Pictures” Gift a child a really special and unique gift…..his/her name made into a work of art with his favourite characters. 
    Each artwork is individually illustrated so no two names will ever look the same. You can choose your favourite theme from our collection and we will then create your picture just for you. The personalised name pictures in a beautiful frame are perfectly sized to be a focal point on the wall of a child’s nursery or bedroom.

Personalized Gifts

Your child’s name picture can further be personalised by adding a short and sweet message(up to 10 words or so) at the bottom of the illustration. This message could be special wishes or birth date etc.  

  1. Rules posters – Setting up rules is really not that bad after all. You give us rules for your children, kitchen, bedroom, library, bathroom, canteen etc. and we will design a unique creative for you. These posters are caught in beautiful frames to look perfect on the walls.

Personalized Gifts
I am mighty impressed by Monika's creative work and found the idea of gifting such personized gifts an interesting one.
If you have something in mind and want Monika to personalize something for you then you can write to her here:
I wish and pray that you always succeed in whatever you do Monika!!

Dear readers, coming up next is a home that is "Made With Love". Stay Tuned!!

P.S. All the images in this article are Monika's property and subject to copyright. Please seek her permission before using them. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Holi!!

Holi, the most colorful and joyous festival in India. It is celebrated on the full-moon day in the month of Falgun ( mid-March in Gregorian calendar). This fun and frolic festival is celebrated  with great enthusiasm and gaiety. The festivities usher in spring in India. 

Indian Festival Holi

Holi is just not a festival of colors but also a festival that celebrates love. You would be amazed to know that in Braj (UP) Holi is celebrated for 16 days to commemorate the divine love of Radha Krishna. The sixteenth day is celebrated as Rangpanchami

Indian Festival Holi

Keeping the colors and divine love of Radha Krishna in mind here is my Holi vignette. With lots of Holi preparation and very little time in my hand, this is what I could do to.
Spring season itself is so gay that this simple and easy Holi decor is just enough to add the cheer in my home. Gloomy and dull winter days are gone and Holi marks the beginning of bright and sunny days. 

Indian Festival Holi

Vibrant colors of Gulal and Abeer set the perfect tone for Holi

Happy Holi

I prefer dry colors as it not only save lots of water but also minimizes the hassle of scrubbing the skin hard to remove the color and don't ask about allergies and harmful effects of chemicals used in those colors.

Holi Festival

And this is my humble request to you all to play Holi with dry colors and save precious water. So that we don't face water scarcity in summers. 

Holi Hai

Dear readers, forgive all those who had hurt you, be an ice-breaker, play colors with people from all the walks of life, tickle your taste buds with all the delicacies and enjoy the every moment of this beautiful festival. 

Holi Wishes

Stay tuned as I'm going to introduce you to an inspiring woman entrepreneur and next will be a tour to very very gorgeous and never seen before home :)

Indian Festival Holi

Wish You All A Very Happy, Colorful and Joyous Holi!!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Transform Furniture Into A Statement Piece With Asian Paints

When we talk about decorating any space, 
furniture plays a crucial part in transforming space from drab to fab. Remember if everything in a room is special then nothing is special and hence arises the need of statement furniture. Now, what is statement furniture? Simply it's a special piece of furniture in a room that stands out and can dramatically change the look of a room. Here are some characteristics that define a statement furniture: 

Statement Furniture:
  • It can be bold in colours such as bright red, lemon yellow, electric blue or even entirely gold. 
  • Can be unique in material like furniture made of wooden log, tinfoil or any fancy other fancy material. 
  • Can be oversized for a space 
  • Its design can be overemphasised
  • Its shape can be bizarre and funky such as pebble shaped coffee table or boat-shaped garden table. 
  • It can be covered in wild textures and patterns. 
Statement furniture effortlessly grabs the attention. It makes a big impact on a room no matter whether a space is small or grand. It changes the look and feel of the entire space and brings in the wow factor. Statement furniture is definitely not for you if you want to play it safe but if you are ready to take a risk with colours, patterns, textures, shape and size then go ahead and get that attention grabber piece of furniture. But wait! Buying a statement furniture isn't everyone's cup of tea and moreover few of us are so emotionally attached to our old furniture for it is either heirloom or has a story to tell and hence we really don't wish to part with it.

DIY Statement Furniture With Asian Paints:

So there are many ways we can transform our old or existing furniture into a piece of statement furniture. There is someone who can do this excellent job for you impeccably. Well, Asian Paints is that someone and here is how you can transform any furniture into a statement piece with Asian Paints. 
Asian Paints offers a wide range of wood finishes in a variety of colours that provide most luxurious glass-like sheen and all round performance. Here is how you can DIY statement furniture:

  • Choose the furniture that you want to transform and sand it with sand paper.
  • Fill the cracks and gap using wood fillers. 
  • Apply Asian Paints Woodtech polyester base and let it dry for at least 8 hours. 
  • Sand the surface again with higher grit sandpapers.
  • Mix Asian Paints woodtech polyester and your favorite pigment or wood colour and now apply 6-8 coats of this mixture using a sprayer. Let it dry for 24-48 hrs before buffing.
  • Before buffing, sand the furniture surface again to remove the waxy layer.
  • Clean dust from the surface before you start buffing process.
  • Using buffing soap and twisted wool pad buff the surface. 
  • Now buff the surface with waxing cream using a soft wool pad.
  • Lastly, rub the surface with a flannel cloth to obtain the perfect glossy sheen.
Now that's a lot of hard work. Isn't it? then why not leave it on Asian Paints. 

Asian Paints Woodtech Studio:

Asian Paints has recently launched its Woodtech Studio and Asian Paints signature stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Woodtech Studio is one-stop shop to everything wood. If you are planning to buy a new furniture or wish to get customized one or want to revive an old one Asian Paints Woodtech Studio is a place where you will find solutions to all your problems relating to furniture. 
It has in-house designers and experts who are always there to help you create a piece of statement furniture for you without any hassle and help you decorate your space in a dramatic way. 
Whether you love vintage, ethnic, contemporary, retro, European or modern furniture, whether you wish your statement furniture to be in black, yellow, red, blue, orange, gold or any other metallic colour, whether you want it in the most bizarre shape no worries at all, Asian Paints Woodtech Studio designers and experts are meant to do that. Here is a sample of shade card for you to choose your wood and wood stain for your furniture.

And here is shade card of wood finishes that Asian Paints offer. Such lovely hues. Ain't you excited!

Just visit the studio with queries in your mind and leave everything up to Asian Paints Woodtech Studio experts and designers. Go and discover the magic of wood!!
I request my readers from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata to visit Asian Paints signature stores to get a consultation with experts. 

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