Monday, May 30, 2016

DIY Kitchen Artwork

This coming month I will be focusing on Kitchen decor.
You will get to know about thrifty kitchen decor ideas, how to get the modular kitchen done without a hassle that fits your budget, some kitchen renovation ideas and ways to customise your kitchen. So first let's start with the thrifty kitchen decor idea. 

A few days ago I recycled some old serving trays and made kitchen artwork out of them. This DIY kitchen artwork is what I would like to call my first failed DIY idea. As I didn't like the outcome. It didn't turn out the way I had expected and I am planning to do something else again with the same trays.

Kitchen Decor

As of now let me show you how I was itching to do something with the set of these three plastic old trays that had lost their charm over the period of time. These trays were versatile and I used them in many ways. Because of excessive use, the shine of the trays was gone and the paint was chipped. Instead of throwing them I thought to put them to some good use. The idea was to fill empty backsplash of my kitchen and add the pop of colour at the same time.

Kitchen Decor

I had some beautiful cards that I liked a lot and hence used them on trays. I cut and glued the cards on each tray and painted a part of the tray in matching colours. 

Kitchen Decor

There was no need to use decoupage glue as the cards were shiny and glossy already. One more hack I used here is very interesting. Instead of drilling the backsplash to hang the artwork, I used double sided adhesive tape. This way I can try different orientations effortlessly. 

Kitchen Decor

I wrote "eat, drink & be merry" on the trays to make the artwork look perfect for the kitchen. Though this DIY kitchen artwork sure has added a pop of colour in my kitchen but somehow I didn't like the overall look. 

Kitchen Decor

Maybe the colour combination isn't working well together. These trays will stay there for a while until I have something really nice on my mind.

Kitchen Decor

Giving company to these trays here are my homegrown mustard blooms. I really like the colour and delicate look of these flowers. 

Kitchen Decor

Blue, pink & yellow on orange backsplash aren't creating a cohesive look and I think this is the reason why I am not finding it to my liking. But I wouldn't mind looking at those bright colours and cheerful blooms every day while I cook for my family. 

Kitchen Decor

Here is one last look at what trays were then and now after this DIY. Quirky and kitschy!!

Kitchen Decor

You can watch a video of this kitchen artwork on my Instagram Feed here
I hope you all are having a good start to the new week. Stay glued to expect something unexpected!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rising Star Of Indian Interior Designing Frat: Sagar Datta

This week 3D speaks to a young, energetic, confident, optimistic, full of attitude and a rising star of Indian interior designing industry. Sagar Datta, who is already creating a buzz in interior designing fraternity began his career as an interior designer at very young age and is an inspiration for the young generation. Here is an exclusive interview with Sagar where he tells us about his career, latest design trends and what he feels is important in designing a home. 

Interior Designer India

3D: When did you step into the world of interior designing and what was the driving factor?

Sagar: This field and I are almost like any unswerving couple when it comes to our association. As melodramatic as this sounds, it was almost like love at first sight for me followed by more assignments offering me an opportunity to enjoy my time being spent in this craft, the creative challenges it offered and the variety that came along. Also, an aspiration of creating your own identity and leaving an impression or impact of me that will be there in someone’s living space was what enforced me to be in it.

3D: It's inspiring that you are a successful interior designer who doesn't possess any formal education in interior designing. But what do you do when you feel stuck while designing spaces?

Sagar: Lack of formal qualification doesn’t become an issue as much as a lack of knowing technical 
software does in today’s time. People today do not want high proficient designers but ones that they can trust and creatively connect to. In my case, I very honestly explain them my limitations much before the projects, use my past works as a trust reinforcement factor, articulate my envisioned concepts along with doing extensive research on my references and inspirations from the Internet to have them imagine and visualize ideas. I ensure my client accepts and respects my limitations by looking at my virtues than flaws and I’m also very selective of my design offers that come.

Interior Designer India

3D: What is your design philosophy?

Sagar: My design philosophy is to create any space based upon its practical restraints and gains along with trying to not resell my prior done works and continually be inspired by prevailing designs around the globe but never imitate any. I always believe in creating something that is trending in its design prodigy, but with a twist that makes it exclusive.

3D: Designing spaces with POP installations is your forte. What do you like the best about working with these materials?

Sagar: The fact that I can mold and mend any creation made out of it more quickly, comfortably, affordably and beautifully is what makes me enjoy working with these materials. It’s an art form that if well noticed, can give you inspirational thoughts and lessons to follow in life, literally. I realized that wall art is very vital and is beyond paints and wallpapers that made me come up with a concept of 3D POP installations. Also, false ceiling designs play an equally vital role in decorating any space so I choose to work on these design areas to be different as a space enhancer.

Interior Designer India

3D: Has it ever happened with you that client was upset with your design choice? How do you handle such situation?

Sagar: Your clients will never ever be content with your creative abilities and execution on this planet and somehow over time after observing and analyzing during my work tenure I have realized 
that it’s a mentality to deal with when you’re being paid for your services and they will want the best from you and yet being a creative industry, bleed for more after seeing something better than what you created. I deal with such situations by not really expecting much feedback or praises from the party but rather set creative standards for myself and share it amongst my followers and community for honest responses.

3D: What do you love the most about being an interior designer who never saw a design school?

Sagar: I’m not very technical and bounded in my design approach. I let my mind and heart breathe, feel and just design the space the way I wish to see it and then I try to consider or mend ways as per its space limitations. Also, being from the practical side, I am much aware of ways to execute and coordinate with workers, find ways to have swift working techniques etc.

Interior Designer India

3D: What do you think your clients like the most about you and what makes you stand out from the crowd?

Sagar: I think that I am accommodating and affordable, I value my craft more than the commercial gain that I retain out of it if it gives me creative pleasure as an outcome, my love and dedication towards my work, my casual and friendly designing process and most definitely my strong PR and media presence that most designer’s lack today.

3D: How my readers can connect and get in touch with you?

Sagar: You can visit our website Casa Interio or mail us at or you can follow our Instagram feed casainterio.

3D: Where do you wish to see "Casa Interio" in coming years?

Sagar: I see my brand being collaborated with existing furniture brands or home furnishing stores 
selling my designs or having my own soft home furnishing e-selling division along with having an experience of varied and selective projects being executed as a freelance interior designer and starting a popular trend of hiring designers for home styling shopping.

3D: What is the hottest trend to follow in Indian interior designing industry right now?

Sagar: Chic and boho interiors or sustainable interior designing concepts are selling like hot cakes. Quirky wallpapers, colorful furniture, rustic décor items, ethnic and abstract upholstered prints are setting new designing trends.

3D: Why one should hire a professional interior designer to design their spaces and how they should go about it?

Sagar: To filter their creative processing and ideation, practically understand what looks good and bad for their space by creative justifications, release their mental stress of execution and have someone else perform his/her expertise to ease your creative journey of designing or refurbishing any space. One can do so by looking for recommended designers, having meetings, seeing their works, discuss their design approaches and then determine their design executor.


3D: Why did you change your brand from ‘Casa Interio’ to ‘Sagar Datta For Casa Interio’?

Sagar: When I started the brand 4 years ago, I didn’t know it would even survive in the market for more than a year. However, with its gradual progression in terms of media or client approach, I felt that my brand should become the face and I should also market myself by being acknowledged as it’s backbone. Hence, today when the label has created its niche in the market, I decided to have me embrace its market value more as a contributor to it than its maker. I always wanted the label to be the identity, not me.

3D: What would you suggest my readers to look for while hiring an interior designer?

Sagar: I would sincerely advise them to hire a designer who they can aesthetically connect with and 
who manages to understand their perspectives and design aspirations or expectations first and not splurge and force his/her designing ideas. Also, do not bother about one's past works much but try to notice and observe what he/she is offering to you for your space, as that would reflect his/her real ability.

It was quite an impressive, inspiring and informative interview, Sagar thanks for talking with us. We loved having you here on 3D and wish you great success in your future endeavors.
It's been long that I have posted a DIY, so coming up next is a quick DIY. Till then you check out some DIY ideas for the weekend here or swoon over images of beautiful Indian homes here.
Stay Tuned Peeps!

P.S. All the images in this article are Sagar's recent work and subject to copyright. Please do not use these images without his permission. Thank You!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Home Tour: Parul Chaturvedi

Delhi is known for the fact that it bridges two different worlds, 
it is a quintessential blend of historical past and effervescent present. Today's guest on my blog hails from Delhi and it goes without saying that her home is a true reflection of this beautiful city, a home that encapsulates old and new in an incredible way. Parul Chaturvedi, a multifaceted person and fauji's wife takes pride in saying that "my home is a reflection of my creativity." I met this wonderful lady virtually and with our mutual love for all things design, decor & DIY we instantly became friends. In Parul's own words, "Having married to an Army Officer, I shift cities every two years and have been staying in different types of government houses. I’ve always been very passionate about my home and interiors. Shifting houses frequently though challenging but made me more creative by experimenting at new spaces."
Let's tour this urban desi home of Parul and Manish Chaturvedi and know some wonderful tips and tricks on giving your home an urban desi feel from Parul herself

Indian Decor Ideas

3D: What's your decorating style or a theme that you find yourself gravitate towards?

Parul: My decor style is Urban Desi which is an amalgamation of Modern styling with an ethnic. I keep my style simple and clutter free since I can’t change the basic structure of the house and the wall colour. I change the curtains,rugs and cushions to give a new feel to the place.

3D: You are a multi-talented lady. Please tell us something about the Ganesha painting collage that is now adorning your foyer.

Parul: I have always been a devout follower of Lord Ganesha. I am an avid collector of Lord Ganesha in all forms and he adorns all corners of my Home. I like to see him in all forms so I have painted singing and dancing Ganeshas.

Indian Decor Ideas

3D: Where do you get the inspiration from.

Parul: My mother has been my inspiration. Right from childhood she inculcated in me and my sisters, a design sensibility and a habit of maintaining the home, be it a habit of gardening, painting or keeping the entire house decorated.

Brass Decor

3D: You have a great sense of styling. Please share some tips with us.

Indian Decor Ideas

Parul: My furniture is basically light as I have not invested in heavy furniture due to frequent shifting.My décor keeps changing though basic style remains the same, small items keep moving places. I am extremely fond of plants and maintain green space wherever possible.I truly believe that "Home is where the heart is". Your home reflects your personality.

Indian Decor Ideas

Some tips that I follow are -
- Keep the stuff minimum and clutter free.
- Keep changing the runners, rugs, cushion covers, curtains as per the seasons and festivals to maintain the freshness.
- Keep changing coffee table decor and corners/pockets of your home to give a new look. 
- Maintain greenery by keeping indoor plants. Fresh flowers are essential, they give an immediate face-lift to your home. 
- Go in for monthly cleaning. Buy only what you can maintain.

3D: Paintings in your home are quite pleasing to the senses. How do you select them and is there any particular destination from where you get most of your delightful home accents.

Indian Decor Ideas

Parul: There is no particular shop or place that I can mention here. Since I am a fauji's wife, we live a transient life. I keep collecting things from different parts of the country which I feel will gel well in my home decor. My décor pieces are the collection of various places we have stayed/visited across the country. I like traditional items with modern furnishings to keep the balance. 

Indian Decor Ideas

3D: Which is the favorite corner of your home where you love to hang out?

Parul: The balcony is my favorite corner. My hubby refers to it as our own private "Lovers Point", where we enjoy our daily morning tea as it makes us feel close to mother nature.

Now who wouldn't love to have daily morning tea with better half that too in a personal and such beautiful lovers point!!

Indian Decor Ideas

3D: You have a cornucopia of artifacts. Be it brass, wood, silver or crystal, you have them all. What do you keep in mind when you pick them, bring them home and give them a place where they look the most enticing.

Indian Decor Ideas

Parul: Mix and match is my decor style. I am a compulsive buyer and whenever I travel I am on the lookout for the traditional handicraft from that place which is eye catching. At times, I buy things first and then figure out where to place them in my home.

Indian Decor Ideas

I have an obsession for metal, especially brass.
Take a look at her astonishing collection of brass......

Indian Decor Ideas

an impressive collection of wooden figurines...

Indian Decor Ideas

a breathtaking collection of crystal artifacts...

Indian Decor Ideas

and stunning collection of glassware!! 

Indian Decor Ideas

3D: We loved having you here on 3D. Do you have something to say to my dear readers.

Parul: Creating a beautiful home is not about buying fancy items but it is about creating memories of every house we stayed. I am blessed to have a house with plenty of sunshine and space. I truly believe in the saying “Home is where the heart is”. 

Indian Decor Ideas

She has a keen eye for details and pockets of her home reflects the same. Who could have thought that ceramics, copper, wood and steel can create such a beautiful vignette.

Indian Decor Ideas

Indian Decor Ideas

An intricately carved wooden crockery cabinet in her dining is a show stealer. It can enhance the look of any space with great ease. Seen here are eye-pleasing tablescape and vignette created by Parul in below image. 
Ethnic Indian Decor
I am sure that after taking a tour of Parul's heavenly adobe you are craving for more. No worries!! I have more for you. You haven't seen Parul's garden yet and I promise you wouldn't be disappointed as her garden is dreamlike and can be given a term of "fairy garden". For a dose of more such eye candy images of beautiful homes click here.

I hope you must have enjoyed this home tour and our conversation as well. Coming up next is an interview with rising star in the interior design industry. Stay tuned!!


Sunday, May 8, 2016

MAA: An Ode To My Mother

  माँ  वैसे  तो  मैंने  हमेशा  तुम्हें  'आप'  कहकर  पुकारा  है  
पर  ना  जाने  क्यूँ जब  अपने  हृदयोद्गार  पंक्तिबद्ध  करने  बैठी  हूँ  तो  तुम्हे  'तुम'  कहकर  पुकारना  मुझे  सहज  लग  रहा  है! तुमसे  मैँ  जब  जब  मिलती  हूँ  बहुत  कुछ  कह  जाना  चाहती  हूँ  किन्तु  मेरा  अंतर्मुखी  व्यक्तित्व  मुझे  सदैव  रोक  लेता  है! पर आज  मैँ  वो  सब  कुछ कह  देना  चाहती  हूँ  इस  कविता  के  माध्यम  से  जिसके  शब्द  मेरे  अंतर्मन  की  भूमि  पर  अंकुरित  हो  अब  पुष्पित  पल्लवित  होने  लगे  हैं  और  मैँ  यह  श्रद्धा  सुमन  तुम्हे  अर्पित  करना  चाहती  हूँ!!

माँ तुम यशोदा हो,
तुम्हारे  स्नेहसिक्त  आँचल  में  मैंने  अपने  जीवन  के  स्वर्णिम  पल  व्यतीत  किये  हैं!
और  जाना  है  कि  इससे  सुन्दरतम  और  शांतिदायक  इस  धरा  पर  कोई  और  जगह  नहीं  है!
मैँ आज  भी  गुनगुनाती  हूँ  तुम्हारी  गाई हुई  लोरियां,
तुम  करुणा का, स्नेह  का  सागर  हो!!
माँ  तुम  कौशल्या  हो,
तुम्हारे  हाथों को  पकड़कर  मैंने  बड़ी  बड़ी  कठिनाइयां  मुस्कुरा  कर  पार  की हैं!
इन्ही  हाथों  के  सहारे  से  तुमने  मेरे  जीवन  को  आकार  दिया  इसे  संवारा  है!
मुझे  याद  हैं  तुम्हारी  शिक्षाप्रद  कहानियां  जिनमे  मैँ  आज  भी  अपनी  समस्याओं  के  हल  आसानी  से खोज  लेती  हूँ,
तुम  मेरी  पथप्रदर्शक, मार्गदर्शक  हो!!
माँ  तुम  गायत्री  हो,
तुम  मेरी  प्रथम  और  सर्वश्रेष्ठ  गुरु  हो,  मेरी  हर  परीक्षा  की  घड़ी  तुम्हारे  लिए  जगराता  थी!
तुमने  मुझे  भीड़  से  अलग  चलना  सिखाया  और  समय  से  मूलयवान  कुछ  नहीं  यह  बताया!
तुमने  मेरे  व्यक्तित्व  को  निखारा  और  मुझे  अपने  मूल्य  का  ज्ञान  कराया!
मुझे  याद  है  तुम्हारी  दी  हुई  एक  एक  शिक्षा  कि जीवन  सिर्फ  यूँही  जी  लेने  के  लिए  नहीं  किन्तु  कुछ ऐसा  कर  गुजरने  के  लिए  मिला  है  कि  मैँ  अपनी  छाप छोड़कर जा  सकूँ,
तुम  ज्ञान  का, प्रेरणा  का  स्रोत  हो!!
माँ  तुम  दुर्गा  हो,
तुम्हारे  स्नेह  से  सिंचित  परिवार  पर  जब  भी  कोई  आपदा  आई  तुमने  उस  विपत्ति  पर  वार  किया  है!
जब  कभी  परिजनों  पर  बुराई  का  भस्मासुर  हावी  हुआ  तुमने  देवी  बन  उसका  संहार  किया  है!
मैंने  तुम्ही  से  सीखा  है  मुश्किलों  में  साहस  बटोरना  और  अनैतिकता  का  डटकर  मुकाबला  करना,
तुम  शक्ति  का, तेज  का  पुंज  हो!!
माँ  तुम  सीता  हो,
तुमने  अपने  प्रेम, त्याग  और  तपस्या  से  अपना  गृहस्थ  जीवन  सींचा  है!
और  मेरे  लिए  उदाहरण  प्रस्तुत  किया  है!
तुमने  मुझे  सिखाया  कि  विवाह  के  वस्त्र, आभूषण, साज, सामान और तस्वीरों  का  सुन्दर  और अद्वितीय होना  महत्वपूर्ण  नहीं,
महत्वपूर्ण  है  वैवाहिक  जीवन  के  एक  एक  पल  का  सुन्दर  और  प्रेमपूर्ण  होना,
जीवन  की  हर  परीक्षा  में  एक  दूसरे  के  साथ  होना, एक  दूसरे  के  लिए  त्याग कि भावना का होना!
तुम  प्रेम  की, त्याग  की  परिभाषा  हो!!
माँ तुम महान हो,
तुम  देवी  हो,  तुम  पूर्ण  हो,  तुम  मेरा  मान  सम्मान  और  अभिमान  हो  माँ!!
मुझे गर्व हैं कि मैँ तुम्हारा एक हिस्सा हूँ, जीवन सफल मानूंगी अपना जो किंचित भी बन पायी मैँ तुम्हारी तरह माँ!!

......तुम्हारी दिशा

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!!

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